Dear, Marie–FRANCE: if Eye were any Dumber i would have married a Cop, instead

Coming up en la rotonda de La Villette:
Los Gerundios de doña Vilma


Las Fuentes de la maldita vecindad

No se vaya, —deteniendo… [A]l regresar, Los [y las hijas] del 5º Patio de los Amigos de México en Francia ofrecerán una “Master Class » en escapísmo sin fronteras. La cita es en el Cinito Mexicano de Georges Brassens; Paris 75014, casi esquina con El Circo del mecanico elecTriSista en Porte des Lilas, o algo así.



2011, efeméride exacta en archivo.
Sitio: rue de la clef, 75005;
en las meras narices del gabinete
Cousin De Biens et Syndics
y Gérant de Los Daubenton-es–es–esos.
Ocassion: Coloquio y/o festival urbano.
Invitado Especial: La Resistencia de Tunisia
Telonera: una profesora del IHESS; ficha
doctoral en archivo. Razón Social
para justificar la curiosidad de ir a
escuchar a la susodicha, [pues
resulta Amigo Yorch] que la muy
francesa traía noticias de tus
carnales de Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz era
el malo de la Telenovela. Luego, o
sea mas al rato, cuando migremos los
“dentiles” de hoy, con los”detallitos” de los últimos 12 años [trayectoría en curso] veremos en
dónde quedan las rhunas* d’esa Rana.

Entonces, pues, así como medio espejeando pero con la mirada entre los cuernos, [de una moto, no los de un büey, no sea usted Taurino, licenciado] te comento que el Cine [La Clef] en dónde el profesor Victor Quintana Sylveira perdío su virginidad, ya cerró sus puertas.

Allí mismo en La Clef [amigo Yorch] es en dónde comienza el ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo y el show de Rumoritos Gleason. Al rato te cuento, compa Aarón, cuando migremos esta pinche nave a otro blog con mas gadgets. Porque aquí en este espacio las cosas ya son como la rueda de una cochinita de las Indias, Hamster equis, –creo yo— que se les dice en inglés.

Small fry:7E235ED0-12C0-47E8-A164-249B41959F8D

De cualquier manera o sin importar algún Evento en Horizon, sirva esto como el primer desdoble para vaciar la primera base en la fundación o cimientos [ya por demas] afianzados por debajo del Agua gracias a la tecnología desarrollada “a la manera de Rabelais, [le] señala Jacques“, a doña Vilma en sus fuentes de Juaritos [La Jornada; ibid] en los tiempos de cuando Ciudad Juárez fue el destino favorito de Frank Sinatra para afianzar los castillos de barilla en las bases de un divorcio express [La Nota Nostra].

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… [L]ike the önë circled on the dentils below:

After the « more line » you will see a link that will hypertube you to a previous related post; por ejemplo, Raquelito, let’s take yesterday’s episode, which covers our encounter with the F.O.U.R. Star “über” service from the creators of Brontis á la préfecture, and roon room 1511 à Cité, which changed its acronym to SPQR, or something like that…

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Sunday morning, 04/06/2019
10.03 hours in:
[central] Bpi time
[at] Le Beaubourg

We [the staff] of this most inconsequential blog apologize for the delay-in-coverage, which as a non-reader of this excercise en escapistmo ∴ should understand first hand; but most important [John Oliver], and as a G.O.L.D.E.N. rhule to keep in mind from the pages of “la vie de R.O.S.E.C.R.A.N.S. Baldwin… à Paris », that when it comes to the F.R.E.N.C.H. Minister Of C.U.L.T.U.R.E. all motherfucking nodes lead to a Central Coordinating Web for the B.R.A.N.D.I.N.G., G.U.I.D.E.I.N.G., and “the” E.N.S.N.A.R.M.E.N.T. of good intentions, just like ALL’them Country African Rhodes.:


For more information on the T I M E and L I F E of Rosecrans Baldwin, please read: THE DEATH OF FRENCH CULTURE , by “the” distingushed C.O.M.P.A.Ñ.E.R.O. “Antoine” and of course some yank from “THE” SciencesPo School of Journalism, the Önë–and–Only: donnie morrison, B.I.T.C.H.E.S!

Once again, non–readers of this most inconsequential blog, our effort to continue our T.R.A.C.E.D. trajectory in an effort to bring all-Yah motherfuckers a better blog was suddenly and temporarily derailed by a Metal Detector at  le Bpi 33 G.E.O.R.G.E.S. Ponpidou 33.

And yes, doña Fuentes: IRON MAIDEN riding on top of a YUGO goes here.

… and then Mika tells the former lawmaker from the SHOW MÍ State:

Mika Brzezinzki de Scarbourough:
—”Bring Your Daughter, bring your daughter…”

Los Amigos Invisibles vs M.U.J.E.R. Policia:9E7DE944-ABB0-4F24-95C4-212D7B4024C3 •|•
RAPE, Mo_ear’dHoy! It’s Just a K.I.S.S. Ah—Güey! -•_!_•-  Yup, a storm is on display at LE BON MARCHÉ. Eye shit Ewe not; and Library boy! Welcome to the greatest f.a.r.c.e. in France.

—Claire, bring you daughter. Joe’s got Front-row thickets for that “almost sold–OUT” show.

In the Words of Stanley Kubrick…

Paranoia means understanding what’s going on.”

…in Stanley Kubrick’s Pipe Dream,
Napoleon: a French Odyssey
Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made
Editor Alison Castle
PRINTED IN CHINA… where else?

11 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day, N° 38
Valentine’s date with Marianne…

Dear, Marianne;

You and me have one more date, and i just love the way that your faceless monster [as Tocqueville referred to your Bureaucracy] likes to pick our dates, the last one, if you recall was on December the 22nd of last year, and if i recall correctly, the « recepisse » issued to me on that day was the last one for the year, a nice little British lady, by-the-way, received her legal residence permit at the same moment and the people on the other side of the interrogation desk review desk kind of celebrated that occasion before everyone in that office took off that week to enjoy Noël and Sylvestre.

I will not go through the list of requirements that your public officials asked of me, if your Great République was to let me be… let’s just say that they hit me with a CATCH-22; your people want me to register this blog as a small business… or something like that, but the first thing that the office in charge of registering said enterprises told me, is that they will not let me register this most inconsequential Blog without a «JOURNALIST CARD» or «CREDENTIALS» that vouch for my trade, which as you should recall from our first date in Los Angeles, California, [November of 2010] my trade and passion is that of a photojournalist… good or bad that’s what i do.

Needless to say, Brontis at the Préfecture revoked my Credentials because yours truly was not earning my French Taxable pay-checks from a University (doing research) or from a news outlet jerking my wee-wee off. Anyway, your people in High Places seem to have forgotten – yeah right!? – that my journey to France, was an INDEPENDENT RESEARCH about Mexican Corruption, not a Grant or Sponsored study about Frida Kahlo, per say... o dígamos.

Anyway, dearest CARYATID of Liberty turned into a bust around the World, we both know that the real REASON that my Carte de Sejour was revoked, was because the Government of France, under François Hollande WAS COMPLICIT in PROVIDING the MEXICAN PRESIDENT, Enrique Peña Nieto, with the PRESTIGE that he needed in order to make, as Jorge Ramos wrote last week on his syndicated column, MEXICO’s IMAGE PROBLEM GO AWAY.

Next Wednesday, you and i have another dance to waltz to; i ask that you please consider that after all was said an done, that yours truly warned you about how providing FRENCH MILITARY INTELLIGENCE to the Mexican Armed Forces was a very bad idea, your DEPOT Group at the Prefecture —should— at least acknowledge that the makers of this most inconsequential Blog, [Armando Segovia and Armando Serrano Prieto] at least had a very good hunch of what a fuck was going on.

That, my dear, is more than what Professor John Mill Ackerman and Pablo Gleason can vouch for; for at that very same time, when the Mexican President was having his Donald Trump Day run (on Bastille Day 2015) they were herding all of the Mexican opposition into a little movie theater where they comfortably reviewed documentaries about the Zapatistas and probably Gilberto Bosques (also) at a Cinema called Le Clef, while mind you half of France was protesting after the National Celebration –on the Streets… we [the Staff] are not going to say against who, because that’s what research libraries, and fuckinig Bing® are for.

… Foto de Archivo por: Armando Segovia / segoviaspixes (2015 — 2018).

Without anything more to add, i remain a lover of most things French.

Yours Truly,

Armando Segovia
Editor of this most inconsequential Blog.

The Bpi (Biblioteca de información pública) at the Centre Pompidou at Beaubourg… does not have the basic “paint software” found on the nodes of La Mairie de Paris Library network, so please stand-by for “imagery” until Tuesday, because public libraries don’t open on Mondays (at least in Paris) … but of course, you know that.

In the Mean Time, dear Marianne, here’s a picture of my favorite jewish person, and i hope that you can find Both the Humor and the Irony behind this Albert à l’ouest snapshot; BTW, there is no cutline for it, it just is what it is: UN USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS, that’s all.


According to Mexico’s defence ministry, about 1,383 elite soldiers deserted between 1994 and 2015.

Defectors included members of units that received training in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, interrogation and strategy from French, Israeli and US advisers, according to a 2005 FBI intelligence document.”

Mexico:’The training stays with you’: the elite Mexican soldiers recruited by cartels: