What are the odds that Life is what happens to you while… Christine Carrier censored Baseball at the Bpi

https ://www .bpi .fr /a-lire-sur-bpi-pro/

Electric LADYRACKS and a Boob.

But First, on a day like today, but of 1821, after 11 years of bullshit, the Mexican War of Independence comes to an end, and instead of going with the Greek model (pirateado primero por los EEUU y luego por Francia) Mexico instead follows the way of the European emperors. In Mexico there was only one and his name was Agustin and that is all that I am going to say about that. Except for the curious fact that the first Mexican president, which followed an ousted Agustin was from DURANGO.

🎶 so… Hot Chili Peppers in the blistering pyre.

But seriously Volks… there used to be an “Encyclopédie of Baseball” on the racks of the 2nd floor, heck I took a few snapshots of them pages and then, well, and then the world changed. COVID-19 became a thing. Long story short, when the library opened back up, the Baseball literature was gone. Sources close to “el bicho” de Saint~Merri relay that Christine Carrier burned said Baseball “encyclopédie” to make room for yet another fucking book about rugby.

Any how, photography was not around the time that the CIA had it’s its official blessing… the Right-leaning padres mock The Church of Satan by mocking the Pentagram or “up-side down star” with a seal called theChristogram”, which looks a lot like the Argentina national seal on the albiceleste. Coincidence, don Francisco? I don’t think so.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jesuits

There has got to be an economic value to this. But one has to be French to exploit the angles like Magnum does, bunch of fags 📸.


Now the catalogue at the Bpi will return a querry with plenty of books about baseball, and yet, for the past year and a half these tomes must be ghosts of their own diamond because I have yet to see one single book that deals with baseball, there are however, 20 racks of books dedicated to rugby.

Here’s the visual formula:

Secrets in Plain Sight, re-visited, and to Just to celebrate the Just king of LOUDUN TOWN Jamboree, there will be a Joust tonight, Henry the Horse 🐴 will moonlight as Rosinante 🆚 the White Power Knights of La Canopée à Chato-Let.

The sum of all racks (nakid brestes-es-ese on the Electric LADYRACKS album + Nicole “empty rack” Wallace =’s 20) if you add the Mitch boob factor then Ewe coq suckers have a 21♠️

Over on the Abbé d’Aubignac channel:

On a THEY like today, but of 1601 nace Louis XIII, le juste, rey de Francia de 1610 à 1643. On the streets of Paris and especially around the Pont Neuf, Louie the 13 is known as the “BLACKBIRD Killer”.

Now I can [personally] understand that rugby, next to le sacre pétanque ball of course, is like the national sport for them Frogs, but considering that you have your young and now even old Frenchies wearing Major League Baseball paraphernalia on your PARIS FASHION SHOWS, should it not be the incumbent upon your racks³, to at least have the type of material that can explain to your peripheric, or rather peripheral masses that you cannot, YOU CANNOT mix a Cardinal’s cap (or casquette as you fuckers call the headgear) with a Padres jersey! It’s just sacrilege, Christine Carrier, visual blasphemy. It’s like wearing an OM shirt with the PSG shorts. It’s foul ball to right-field, mister Le Bon.

https ://www .centrepompidou .fr /fr /programme /agenda /evenement /public-service-snapshot /with-a-slight-double-screen-grab

Eye tells you Christine Carrier, it’s pre-poste°rous, ab°Zurdo and inconspicuous, to say the LIST, that your professional hit-squad of book worms would ban baseball from those racks of yours.

And here’s another thing mister Le Bon, if that is even your real name, and to paraphrase REY Bones in “get shorty”:

The reason that you have such beautiful architecture under them sunsets is because of the Pershing Baseball Field in Vincennes.

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