El Camino (movies) are for fags, period

… [Y] ya todo El Mundo de Le Monde sabe,

There's a special place for Lawyers

There’s a special place for Lawyers in it, just like here on Earth, so Eye gets Mr. Melber’s Hades denial.

1. Que Vicente Fox Quesada es un viejo lesbiano.

Topen eso.

Topen eso.:.9AA6CB69-9DAD-4BEF-AE8C-A4F28CDC4748… So, let’s Square this Banda, “El Chapo” goes to a Maximum Security Federal Prison in the U.S.; then Joaquin Guzmán sends note to Mexico’s Nº 1 baseball fan that HIS drug-fortune is to be distributed (now that Chayo Robles is in a Mexican unsecured Prison herself) among LA SEDESOL; then El Presidente tries to capture a “El Príncipe” de Culiacán‽ Something smells fishy here.

2. Que el Doctor (PhD) John Mill Ackerman es mas pusilánime que las panochas (o sea las variedades de PANuchos) de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

3. Wait FO’it, wait.

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Más Pierrick que la Luna? Only Vicente Fox on Morning Joe

—’pos nomas la Redundancy of las erres ese.
… responde el profesor, Víctor Quintana Silveyra, como si ese cabrón fuese pachuco en el IHEAL*.

En Guanajuato...

En Guanajuato de Los Longchamps de Ntra. Señora de Las Victorias casi esquina con Trocadero y La Bourse (Paris CEDEX) es medio día.

Galgos need not apply.

Sencillamente, seulement para perros.

Monsieur Le Renard

Ladies in Gemini: con ustedes (sus Mercedes) Monsieur “Le Rrrrrenard ». Starring Andy Garcia en el Rrrrrerol de Gael Garrrrrrrcía Berrrrrrrrrnal. •|• …[E]n París, Francia son las Once del Mañana de Hoy.

Mientras tanto en:

Jared y Bernardo

Jared’s and BRDO’s plan rueda como la Rueda de una Mississippi Norwegian Riverboat queen.

…[A]nd the 45th president of the RACIST United States says, from “the” Walter RrrrrrrEAD Library:

We don’t have a written agreement with Meckziko, but we’ve owned the RrrrrrrAW oil from their sovereign land since 1968. Plus they [MORENA] are already talking about using the TRIAD’s methods on “our” southern chiapas border.

Mean, while Donald Trump distracts Des Moines, en Taiwan no hubo noticias de París.


Little known fact about Mongo

… following the successful unification of ‘Les Deplorables’ over at Rock Ridge, Mongo became a consultant at “El Libro Vaquero,” a Mexican Westerns animated series that became a hit with wanna-be cowboys in the New Frontier, especially in a growing city we know today simply as Monterrey. After hearing a rumor that his local idol, Joaquín Murrieta, was a Chilean national trying his luck on the 49’ers roster over at ‘the’ Levi’s mining company; and not a Mexican renegade, Mongo packed his saddles and headed over to the lands of El Libertador, Simón Bolivar, to investigate.

His first stop was Brazil where he caught up with fellow foragidos Butch Cassidy y El Chavo del Baile del Sol. In Rio, Mongo met a child entertainer by the name of XuXa and picked up a little bit of Portuguese . Things didn’t work out and Mongo moved on to greener pastures in La Argentina where the ‘buzz’ over at las milongas was that he had fathered a son [some say the offspring was a daughter] from a bombshell that was only known as “La Su Giménez”… desde entonces, la leyenda cuenta que al hijo de Mongo solamente se le conoce como “El Hijo de Su“.

Rare, and we mean “Big Foot” rare footage of Mongo’s offspring was caught on camera in the latter years of the last century.  Judge for  yourself  if  the  Butthole below ↓ fits the genes of the Mighty Mighty Mongo:

[Uso justo de la última dedada del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft.

[Uso justo de la última década del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft… if you don’t then g’ahead, fold the index and ring fingers.

Gooooood Morning Busan [Our hearts and prayers are with you].
Today is Heavy Metal Tuesday over at ‘the’ FIP, and right now over at the Rockefeller Center, TRMS show is almost ready to pass ‘the’ Election 2016 medical files, to ‘the’ Last Word.
TimeStamp: 03h 45m CET… time flies, when you are having rum.

Later in the day…
En la novela de la mañana:

El Zorro que soltó a la Perra de la Granja

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Con Vicente Fox y los arribistas de la marihuana medicinal.

Señoras y señores, con ustedes:
Los Tigres del Norte cantan Let’s get it on*

One Step Beyond… Madness follows, when little Katy Tur runs a red light at a babysitters’ fair.

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