Oh, the Irony —Chad

Alicia Menendez reports from Jacob’s St.

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes — hoy no hubo Yazz 🚀 268FC32F-45AD-49B7-8753-4D342A6EFFDA 🛸 ONLY ON SCFY, all times in EST: 06:00 am The Twilight Zone – Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
06:30 amThe Twilight Zone – A Kind of Stopwatch
07:00 amThe Twilight Zone – The Last Night of a Jockey
07:30 amThe Twilight Zone – Living Doll
08:00 amThe Twilight Zone – The Old Man in the Cave
08:30 amThe Twilight Zone – Uncle Simon
09:00 amThe Twilight Zone – Probe 7—Over and Out

Vaya, vaya, Bhaaa–íah, Eye does not want to spoil, IT!, to El Paso County Judge, Ricardo Samaniego… but did you sir, really think that Bill Sanders, and the Consejo  Empresarial de Santa Teresa Hotel and Casino would allow the KLAQ Crowd to stop selling “tamales” to La Migra (emigrantes if youse a “humble” Tigres del Norte fan) all Along The Watchtowers of Mesa Blvd. and Paisano Drive?… hasta parece que usted, señor, haven’t had your Chicos Tacos since you were voted into the Gavel Swinging Bigotones club de Barnett–Harley Davidson on I-10 East… casi esquina con Geronimo, Jérôme. Gooooo, Miners!


En•Spirit, pues… Alicia Menendez, just so them D.A.R.E. dang-on Seminoles en La Florida, pues, entiendan la puta nota .:. 7C201BB0-D70B-4F34-92CB-784F4F6237E5 🛶


Good morning, Riser… STOP THE PRESSES!!!

Avi Velshi is bringing back the ERIC CANTONA look… oh, the balls on The Velshi to start his Sunday show with a lifted sports blazer collar. This can only mean that the next time that the powers “that be” shoot non-lethal bullets to the feet of Avi Velshi, our international spy master will proceed with the appropriate response, which of course itis Flying-TACOS (cleats) to the face.

Now, Alicia Menendez, don’t go throwing actual Tacos to belligerent assholes, “Tacos” in this particular exercise are protrusions on the S.O.U.L. of a shoe… is IT!, any wonder that a synonym for cleats, is S.T.U.D… only if you are a fan of 1950’s pulp fiction D.C. Comix-es-es. ¡Ese!


L’engagement ⚽️ BA913DEB-54A7-4D31-860F-508851109A42 🗣 Histoire. Géographie. Enseignement moral civique, page 174: Should famous athletes or, celebrities from show business engage on societal debates?


Las Fuentes de doña Popoff*:

Solitario Charles de Gaulle

*pronounced with a Cuban accent.

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