So… A funny thing happened on the way to purgatory

A beautiful Artificial Mind at la rue Grabiel 75008.

Starring the decomposed body of a sex doll.

Charisma for Cold Gin All Night Long… And, GO’ill de Niza never mind Perpignan.

La Résurrection de Casablanca en HellFest… Ketch-up, Marié… Öüï knew this Yesterday, bay-Bee. Anyhow,  Cerfie-puss en 20 minutes, what is my Charisma?

Great Expectations… The Pygmalion Effect.

Psssst… Emily! Emily Monera! Know now is your chance, Rodolfo se fue para Barcelonnette, let’s go bitch, Pornichet is waiting… Eye will touch your base at Pornic 💋.

And, deer MARIANNE, Tony Palma of Esi Agora no me puede dejar decir a lie… Los Beatles no son como los pintan… Esi Emmaüs kept the original print that I personalmente signe for El hArtista Roger Pérez… Ese ‘ijo’E—puta! 📸

A place where even squares can have a ball… like the hippies out in FRISCO DEW.

And Ari Melber… never mind Lacan, with his maths and tongues, I bet that when the linguist quoted Picasso, he forgot to factor in the “jiribilla”, or as Alex Trevek says in his trivia game (theory):

It’s the symmetry of surrealism 🥸 

Synopsis : It’s the language of the looney at Sainte-Anne, and the grammar of Heidegger’s nazies.

From the producers of “Hell Freezes Over” and “Youse Schiltz Out Of Pabst comes the story of “The Slopes of Summer”, featuring The Eagles of Scrap Metal.

https ://www .reuters .com /markets /commodities /india-talks-with-us-steel-aluminum-tariff-exemption-sources-2023-06-08/

And in Paris, France… India’s PM is about to brag about his new drones to Emmanuel Macron on the National Holiday Parade on July 14th.

Yup… seen it, Aussie.

Welcome! To another edition of the Daily Double Sense of the they.


Yo no busco¹, —encuentro²

¹~. Seek or search.

²~. Meeting,  a face-to-face, coming together as in:

The closest thing that comes together to two bullets meeting on opposites direction on the same trajectory line is William TALES signature shot, you know the one, the arrowhead splits the shaft through the fletching.

naturally, context is important unless one happens to be French, context for the French is not important, so nevermind all of the crowds rushing Pablo, and let los lacaños believe that encuentro² only means finding, as in:

The  funny thing on the way to India, when Columbus landed in the “new world” is that he thought that he found it, … not realizing that los indios there did not appreciate that particular encounter.


Meanwhile at Versailles in Little Havana: it’s a tale of two showmen, two president’s and, off the course of Milan, —the road to hell.

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