Fiiiiiiiioul !

🔬 Ghost 👻 Busters 🔭

… in comes the pitch. A slider from Father James, 🪶PEDRO CERRANO 🪶 is at the plate, swings and that fucker is on its way to the next solar system… and oh, the fucking humanity, the umpire has Imperium³ and the motherfucker is blind as the Bat that just drove that ⚾ straight through the upper bleachers of Centerfield only to be called a Foul, by the MSNBC-pinto baseball league empire, Katie Benner!

³~. https :// /watch?v=His Year: Julius Caesar (59 B.C.E.)

The count is Tú Strikes, and how about the balls on that Benner, eh! Together with the new Rulhes of the game, Cerrano’s homer is counted as a STRIKE and off the plate he goes to have a personal moment with Roberto Fonseca’s god.

Meanwhile at La Maison de la Radio 📻, Pi was squaring the Empire and his bogus call 🤙.

“¡SANCHO PANZA!…” continues Mr. Blades, “¡Quita’Ese tipo de allí!!!”, arguing about “who wants to read about a yada, yada, yada… ».

Psssst! The Window is open… now is y’ER chance, — Munera… Meet Mí, —mañana.