Any güey, Ragin’ Cajun meet John Mill Ackerman

Efeméride: Ash Miércoles.

Cenizas Wednesday is when All Mexicans, of All faiths, or lack thereof celebrate the end of the Carnival Season, because if there is one thing that Mexicans can do, is celebrate their sorrows with a “little t” smacked right between their Ojos Mejicanos Lindos, qué, valga la mención, solos no se miden Ellos.” — uh’Nah, nah, nah—nah NAH-nah• NAH-nah-nah-nah NAH ah-Nah Ah_Nah ah ahAh.

Did you know that it was...

Did you know that it was… the very French WHO* went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday? .:. 5ED68451-63D9-4DA0-AC29-AF704AACA78B 🗺 * World Health Organization 🍷Indeed, the French went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday, mr. Carville, for the sole purpose to plant what Mexicans, and Spaniards call: La Vid… aussi, those same « goddamn » ashes are the secret ingredient in Goat Cheese.

Meanwhile  on  at Columbus Ave. in Babylon 2, Cousin Joe does his “prohibition” stint, and Avi Velshi can’t help himself, calling on Sue Herrera, to show what a fat plane looks like when it lands, or something like that. AVI VELSHI! Stop D.A.T., you crazy diamond (trader). Nicolle Wallace, on her set, is a bit “ashy” tonight.

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Not Rush, but Merle

Not Rush, but Merle on a Trumpian promise.

… wait for it: Trump hires COLLEGE kid to run the TOP Working Office in the U.S. Federal Government; they call that kid, wait for it… The Working Man:


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