Who won? — La Nostalgia de James Carville

Old man* yells,
“Get off my goddamn LAWN!!!”
Professor Eddie Gloude Jr., reports.

Y en México

¥en MÉJICO, en mejiquito no pasa mas que la misma chingada política de todos los tiempos de el “antiguo” PRIcámbrico .:. 988C2133-CBBB-4C2C-954B-D5D56A964B60 ✈️ Viejito con micrófono le reMETE a su LAMENTABLE y TRISTEMENTE bananero país el “Just say NO” to The Recreational Use of Marihuana. —Get off my grassin Mexico means that the grass, like a .45 CAL is for the EXCLUSIVE USE (and profit) of the ARMED FORCES and the government… AUSSI, the Death Penalty is back in The Legislation AGENDA. «La Cerveza es: CORONA »

* Mike Barnicle
going ballistic on someone mentioning the
Lighter Side of FIDEL,
if you are familiar with Bill Maher‘s Amigo, and friend of the Morning Joe Show, VICENTE FOX, mr, Barnicle’s get off my grass tantrum was the equivalent of “the infamous” Bush era,
« comes y te vas »:
https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /vicente-fox-propone-a-su-esposa-como-proxima-presidenta-de-mexico/

After the break

After the break .:. E65AE098-136E-44AF-9FA6-9579ED01A72A 🤠 Callegüeso y su mala maña.

But FOist,
Revolutionary Poetry from the turn of the Century”,
with Lars Ulrich.

Deer, Cousin Joe — invoice is drawing nearer

Deer, Cousin Joe — 🎶invoice[s]  is   are drawing nearer .:. AAEE0B9F-CB6F-490B-990B-7AE76725341B 🐎 🎶 “On leather steeds they ride“, and to quote Chris Matthews, “Inferno coming!!! Can we survive the blitzkrieg?” Let u.s. Play Hardball.

Personally, James CarVile, i [little ol’armando segovia] have been cheering for Amy, Kamala and Bernie, so D.A.R.E. is D.A.T..

El libro vaquero

WHO CAN IT BE NOW—El libro vaquero .:. 4F6C24CB-156E-48CD-BF4F-43FFD4731B19 🐴 Deer, BriWi: you would be forgiven if you interpreted the pony in between as an innocent toy, but voter beware, that buck D.A.R.E. is none other than the Pale Horse with a baked–in tan on his mug… and Hades is following close behind him with a Case of them Coronas; in other words, motherfucker, expand your latitude.

The following must be read in a Drill Sergeant 🖤–man’s VOICE. He (Drill Sgt. 🖤–Man) will be your senior live–fire drill instructor, and you will learn by-the-numbers, Eye will re-train your gecko–alien looking face, now assume the Front Leaning Rest position and don’t even think about dropping that thing you call a jaw to your chest… pull it up motherfucker and like your Playmate centerfold Pryzybyla says: don’t pull out! Hold that thing you call a spine straight.

—Heilemannnnnnn!!! You are out of uniform! And what in Mother Mary’s holy name are you doing wearing your Cousin Joe table cloth shirt? And for the last time straighten that curly spring on your noggin to AR 670–1 regulation standards, what in baby Jesus name do you think this is, the Marine Corps?

Watch'em folks

Watch’em folks, Kennedy (on FOX News) and Kennedy (in The U.S. Senate) are a snake in the grass, a rare POLYCEPHALIC breed that mixes deceit and indecision in one reptile.

—CarVile!!! PULL THAT STUPID CHIN OF YOURS UP!!! PULL IT UP—MOTHERFUCKER!!! UP! And keep the spine straight, you don’t get to act Like Senator Kennedy (R–Louisiana) double standard who gets to gargle the CommanderinChief’s cum during the recent 3rd presidential impeachment (ever) and then act like a doberman on the Coronavirus issue with Trumps temporary appointments to the National Security “gig” at the 45th edition of The White House.

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