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Team Perrier villains pit crewmen at Local Car Men n°5, James Car Vile:


Previously on, “The Sky is Falling” witt Santiago Carvile:

Lizard man doppelgänger, and Cajun Gridiron cult follower (it’s confirmed now) of the Church of LSU is now, after a very Clear and Present meltdown on Super Mardi,  —in Cajunspeak, bien sûr S.V.P. — supporting Joe “how many bull-it rounds” Biden, following the vice–president win in Motown.

In Local News:
F.U.C.K. Kong LeBrin (23) James
“Here, D.A.R.E., and EvryWear”.

The following must be read in a Koby (24/8) Bryant voice:

Brother James

Brother James .:. 23913ACD-5844-4977-9BF1-963B34B883F1 🏀 if his majesty (Kong) has “i’s” to see, which öüï know that he does, because we [the staff] put these D.A.R.E., perhaps his highness will notice the bleu line extending into darkness? Eye asked, because one of the earliest and certainly the most indelible images of a sporting arena arrived through one of those blue cables, except that in them days, the mic cord would most certainly be in black because IBM and Xerox were still in charge of the presentation design of all things Hi–Fi, any güey, Kong James, Eye was not in Detroit at the Time, but Eye was aware (at that time already) about Kiss’ “Destroyer” LP cover,  so Eye guesses that in this particular context, your excellency, Eye was tuned–in, really tuned in to “Sony” Alarcón’s other end of the speaker wire that delivered EVRY round of the bout between José “pipino” Cuevas and the Motor City Cobra, —Tommy Hearns.

—Now then, Mr. James, Armando Segovia (hear) speaking, right now:

Little ol’mí was a witness of how grown men were consumed with anguish during the prizefight, then i saw these same people that i used to look up to, weep for what some called the “waterloo” of Hidalgo, México.

Who's to say, eh‽

Who’s to say, Bonham was not at the Joe Louis Arena, eh? .:. 4B39746A-95F0-4547-9202-8A434151C4E4 🥁 _ but we’ll get to that later, Mr. Lebron James, at the time, because at the time September the 25th was still a moon away.

That night, after the bout, i climbed to “la azotea”, a few minutes later the neighbors joined mï, we still had a couple of full moons to know what pubic hair would feel like on top of our wee–wee’s, so we were not allowed to roam outside the block after supper time and if you have not been reading this most non–consequential blog then, and only then, will you register this memorex®️ in the Lepes Section of the timeline of this trip.

Entonces pues,

Outside of baseball and boxing there were few things that the next-door neighbors and yours truly had in common, probably because the parental units of them huercos were PANistas, and Eye, well I was already listening to Kiss with a bachelor of Arts in Beatlemania. Be this as it may, and being the pre pubertos que éramos cuando con los hijos de los vecinos de enfrente (carniceros de oficio) y yo tuvimos la oportunidad de ver también desde la azotea de su casa las olimpiadas without U.S., in the U.R.S.S.. we could care less of the politiks, the eldest of them carniceros fell in love with Comaneci during the 76′ Olympics and as far as i can remember, Comaneci was all that we were condition to talk about.  Ahora bien, on that particular azotea we did not care about baseball or boxing, and topics on that ledge were open, but that’s another story. What is important, Brother James is that although us LEPES were not in either Detroit or Moscow in 1980, it did not mean that part of our imagination, in different ways, i guess, were not reached by the chronicler in REAL TIME… even on the Spring of the 40th anniversary of that title bout.

Por ejemplo, King James

Por ejemplo, King James .:. 04591A06-8328-4160-8DDE-4F4579E65B73 🧮 The guy at the mic proposes that if you knew, because apparently you don’t, and because apparently you are ignorant about the fact that the underage workers that bring in the money for your sponsors bottom line don’t get to  dictate the terms of their “performance” schedule, you sir, would probably find it in the bottom of your Blue Blood Noble and Regal heart to please shut-the–Fuck up and play for the CAMERA, Bitch! Just like you do when the Marketing Gurus shutterbugs tell you that you are God’s gift to L.A., BITCH, EVRYbody knows that IBRAHIMOVIĆ held and still holds that title.

Any güey, Hilo, Hawaii, is preparing the 11th Hour News at 10 pm just as Fukushima celebrates the opening of RADIOACTIVE in France by catching a WAVE instead of a Corona®️ at the beach; page 2 below is a work–in–progress.

Segnor, Philippe Labró

Segnor, Philippe Labró .:. D4A0D080-92E1-4CDE-9319-EC155CD55497 🍤 Öüï, the staff of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. do not [we repeat] öüï do not chose the Vagues that armando decides to ride on.

“Well they call Mï the hunter¹”


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