… [A]nnnnnnd, we’re back — kind of

The following Halloween presentation is being brought to y’all, by WEST drive-thru FUNERALS.

WEST drive-thru FUNERALS, where Donnie Deutsch will make a brand name of your loved ones.

and now the rest of the story

and now the rest of the story… narrated by a young María Teresa Kumar 🎃 DB0650D6-81C1-492D-8518-123C206D35E7 .:. Full disclosure, IMDB provides only one motherfucking single snapshot that features a Young Jason Johnson. Still, we [the staff] will continue to follow LAS CAUSAS that drove Jason to go haywire on the PM Joy.

Attention all Sirens, inform all of the units that a disgruntled Jason Johnson has abducted Mexican Lucha Libre super-dupper Legend, SANTO, and turned a “El Enmascarado de Plata” into a fucking little pumpkin.

Sources close to Tiffany (Blue) Cross relay that the disgruntled “The Root” reporter se PUSO flamenco after PM Joy rushed his black ass into RIGHTING a BOOK

Jason was last seen wearing a Yellow Tie, and people WHO know… [K]now D.A.T. D.A.R.E ain’t no going Back now.

Y por si sobrara menos, Donnie Deutsch… d.a.t. motherfucker, por no decir, ese i’jo-eh puta, went ahead and donned Silver (the color of SANTO) and invited himself into Mika’s business-es-es. The audacity of that son of a bitch… EVRY body knows that blood suckers can’t invite themselves into the scene, that’s what DUENDES are for.


And in the Role of Jerry Only: Walter Isaacson

Turkey is not the enemy

Turkey is not the enemy… this fucker is .:. 757BFCE4-6057-4258-8884-FB5F46CB2BEC * Ask Mí how.


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