Dear, Rachel: tuned in late, is that a Canadian Mine Firm

Eye says again, is that a Canadian Mine Firm that you are trying to figure out?

Never mind the grec

Never mind the grec, here comes the shish kebabs. DEAR, Marianne, before Brontis gets to follow the same instructions from the director of the Préfecture de Police à Paris, from September of 2014, please be advised and/or reminded that we [the staff of this most inconsequential blog] did point out that the Second Official trip of the then president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto was to Ankara to meet with Erdogan.

Because it certainly sounds like Napoleón Gómez Urrutia’s job history. And, for the record, let mí get the Fuentes from doña Vilma Picapiedra…

Make America Nazi program

Ladies in Gemini: The Make America Nazi program… this is what the president of the U.S. of America meant when he said that he has “German Blood” in him… he drank a cup of baby blood before making the German Chancellor wish that Nicolle Wallace old boss was massaging her shoulders. Stephen Miller, stop using my Number.

…check them stones out: Pedro, El Chavo, and the  monolith, wait for it, wait. In the mean time, while Donald John Trump steals my number (33), perhaps Mr. Trudeau could save the day and take in the MEDICAL DEPORTATIONS from the American Nazi Party; just a thought, because Donald Trump just told the Shriners Hospitals to get in Line, Fall-in, and as Stephen Miller says: obey.

Shapes in progress

Shapes in Progress, Mon toil à La Bagagerie, 75001.

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