Francia 2551 — Italia 6… Segundo tiempo… en vivo desde Bruselas

TimeStamp: 13h20 in Siren Central Den… ISSY, Corazón, T erra mia.

… bon appétit!

El talón de Italia.

TimeStamp: Una hora para el toque de las 4h20 en CET.

Clowns to the left — Jokers to the right… Hold your breath, here comes a bomb*.

* … not an actual bomb, but a figure of speech,
Colombia vS Polonia follows…
ijo’eh Puta vS Kurwas’
A ver quién gana.

Strip Jazz hour follows after the Carnaval at The Siren Den.

TimeStamp: 18h45 CET



… Cometarío del Presidente de los ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS en proceso.

There has better be some « Black Satin » under that hide if Ewe are going to pull kthe Hobo Winter Warm Up multi-layer scheme, eh!

TimeStamp: 19h14 SARAJEVO TIME!… ¡Ah, caray! Sarajevo!?!?!? Not Sarajevo, Maestro—in Central Europe Time!!! What a maroon… [and Sirens, of course Ewe’all should know that Bugsy is hurling those Zingers from the mound, eh!

TimeStamp: seven minutes 19h20 in CET.

The new partnership vista con un retrovisor…

ISSY, for some unknown reason, Santa ‘motherfucking’ Claus—Ewe’all is coming to Town! en visperas del mes de Julio. Might the Sirens know something ahead of everyone else? Will Colombia walk out with a victory tonight in Russia and send the Polacs abusing Kurwhas all the way back to Varsovia? Will López Obrador finally take the siege at Palacio Nacional—o el sistema lo mandara una vez más a “La Chingada”, es decir, a su quinta allá en Palenque, Chiapas. Stick around, we never —in our wildest dreams would have thunk that the Sirens had an oracle among their lair.

… Minuto 10’
Colombia 0 — Polonia 0



Do Ewe know what the best thing about this blog is, Sir? That much like Rachel Maddow, or the Sirens at ISSY-LES -MOULINEAUX Ewe’all don’t read it.

Anyway, Bill, [may i address you as Bill? Of course i can—You’re a Werewolf!] we the staff feel about the G-20 pretty much the same way that you feel about a RECESSION.

If what the U.S. democracy needs (right now) to get rid of Donald Trump, is a RECESSION, then a Donald Trump is what was needed to bring the United States of America off of it’s pedestal, and dismantle at the same time the G-7 in Canada… now why would we [the staff] think like this? Ewe might ask?

Well, Bill, it’s probably because starting with the United States or, as “Exceptional” people in Alabama like to call it “AMERICA”; and of course Canada, i’m looking —at you too— France, they are the first countries to screw the local economies where industries such as the Coca Cola Company, the mining industry… and, and, and we [the staff] forgot France’s contribution to the regimes “South of The Border”.

So, Bill, if Trump is what it takes to dissmantle the G–20, the G-7, and the G–moneys like Carlos Slim, and the other three Owners of Mexico: so–be–it. The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and yes, even…

minuto 39’

Colombia 1 — Polonia 0

NOTE FROM FENSTER the Copy Editor:

This digression in Real Time was interrupted by a score by the Colombian national team… we [the staff] return to our rant in Real Time:

TimeStamp: 21 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

digression continues after a look at where “The Maestro” is at with the unrobing of the 45th FLOTUS:

minuto 46’
Colombia 1 — Polonia 0

101 Dalmations! Say Bill just what a heck is a “dalmati…. oh, Eye See What Ewe did there—Bill. You are Evil. Respect!

minuto 69’
Colombia 2 — Polonia 0

minuto 74’
Colombia 3 — Polonia 0

Byzantine history with Bill Maher, only on HoBO TV.

minuto 90’
Colombia 3 — Polonia 0

Oye, Bill, a ti que te Gusta “el porro” —dice la “fiesta vieja” en Colombia, que eso por allá: “es sentimiento”…

Hey Ewe… “I’m coming out Swinging!”

La puerta está abierta… pásenle sus Mercedes a lo barrido: ya es medio día en Tiempo de la Europa Central;  el segundo encuentro en la Copa Mundial ya está transcurriendo, Francia 1 — Italia 0. España ganó el partido de apertura cuando ningún equipo del circuito UEFA le quisó saltar al ruedo. España lleva la delantera con 2 puntos en la tabla general… Alemania! Alemania sufrió una depresión luego de que la escudería Ferrari se llevara el Gran Premio de Canadá… o algo así.

La puerta está abierta—live from The Underground… This is not your parents basement This Shit is Raw! Bolaño, Who?

Más deportes con Kasie Hunt at the top of the hour. Stick around.

TimeStamp: ISSY, adorada Sirena—i can’t believe you are fucking The Talented Mr. Ripley. 12h20 à Les-Moulineaux… and Matt Damon at the same time!

… I can’t believe Ewe are fucking Matt Damon! Coming up after the break, John Heilemann tells Steve Ratner to stop Bogarting that Joint, later in the shoe Dave Chappelle Swings by the Melber cubicle at the Rockefeller Center, no word if Sir Paul (MaCa’s replacement) will join him.

Right now, it’s the 13 hundred hour block and Herbie Mann just broke the offensive from la Squadra Azurra, with a fluted samba take over in favor of The Frogs (le Tri, para los ∴ Grandes Iniciados ∴) el marcador Francia 1 – Italia 0.

The goalie.

Vamos juntos hasta Italia…
Los Hombres G.


At this rate he’ll get the 2020 U.S. Election Cancelled and declare himself Emperor… d’ya–know what this non consequential Rock is cooking?

Could these be fake news, please! Let these be fake news.

Decio de María (green tie) no lo puede creer, a este putoritmo, pinche Brozo, y con los goles que Donald Trump está metiendo (con chapuza y trinquete) le vamos a tener que añadir “DOLORES” a su nombre porque como Madonna sabe muy bien, “Lola” es el hipocorístico de Dolores, the reason? Because WHAT “LOLA WANTS, LOLA GETS! That’s why.