Ari… if you’re listening • Fantasy Island at Melania’s Garden is on

Well… you’ve heard about Montezuma, it’s not one of those. What follows is:

It didn't have to bee D.A.T. Güey

It didn’t have to bee D.A.T. Güey .:. 138C679D-A4FA-4D3B-9508-B1D00FA1203B

La Venganza de Montalbán

But FO’ist!

Hey, po'Boy

Hey, po’Boy … what ever happened to “Hail to the chief?”…….. Deer, Nicolle Wallace, the test of the electorate won’t matter, the lies per paragraph, the superlatives, nothing.  Nothing will matter, except… stay tuned for details, because we [the staff] can’t possibly read paragraphs ahead of Central Europe Time.

Dear, Donald Trump’s Niece on The Make The Rachel Maddow Show Great Again, please relay to PM Joy D.A.T.:

Perhaps it would be badass to have activate text on the screen while the Trump Show is on. You know, like responding on—the—spot to every Fantasy Island trope.

C’mon Phil Griffith ( you bastard ) you remember the little trombone [📎] on, wait for it, —Word.


On–the–spot response for the El Siglo de Torreón screen-grab of the president.

But FO’ist… C’mon, PM Joy!!! How many times must Eye Tell you that you cannot override a Babylon Two mayor, even if he sounds like Daffy Duck.

“This are my credentials” 8 id… motherfucker! MUST SHOW WORK, and Senator Cotton, there is none more lonesome than a PATHFINDER, but öüï don’t stand-alone.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /8th_Infantry_Division_(United_States)

THE PROUD infanta of THE Peoples presidentright. Ladies in Gentle Men:

NICOLE as a grown-adult.

Yeah, Buddy… she is the future Queen of platitudes, her speech speaks for itself, it is what it is, and i would date her if my Dick didn’t belong to Kayleigh McEnany… Kayleigh!!! Kayleigh!!!!@&%?

And now, The POTUS Weekend Report.

Heavy rains will spoil any golf outings at the president’s golf courses on the East Coast, so the president, instead, will do his fucking job for once by visiting the affected areas in the path of Hurricane Laura. It will be the perfect time to complement the police blooper reel on the Ari Melber Show with a split screen of Maria Response in 2017 with the Curvy Laura (now playing at a gun shop near you).

Once again, mr. president, thank you for reading u.s., but if you are going to quote Mí, you should pay Mí 130 Billion Dollars, you can keep thehugs,” mr. Destroyer, and please: SUCK MY KISS… it tastes like a Chili Pepper, and it even comes with a Flea (why with being a Circus) which are much more trainable (fleas) than those bed bugs at your Florida resort.

Now, mr. potus, is Reginald aware that you used one of his hits for your Fascist propaganda at Melania’s House? 

In conclusion, Turkey sends his regards, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thanks you for helping him get a little bit closer to taking a big chunk of Syria. And for that blow-job from you-know-who.


The ENTIRE audience at tonight’s White House violation event is attended 100% by nurses and first responders, Jesus Fucking Christ, miracles do happen, it’s like Jesus’ Fish story, the president asked for nurses and first responders to Standin the place where you are, and every swinging dick and hanging boobs stood up in ther place.

Dear, Dr. Richard Haass, CFR and Morning Joe “contributor”

Ladies in Gemini: con ustedes, Long John Silver

The Salvo

This is a Time-delayed Salvo from Detroit Rock City… get it? 👮🏻‍♂️Because, BETH, Donald John is the « DESTROYER » and the good congressman is off–course: LOVE GUN.

Please pardon the quotes on « contributor » , think of these as a spotlight on you, Sir, and nothing more. Can you Dig, IT?

She's a caricature

She’s a caricature! Eye will give her D.A.T. and a load of “armanditos”… and Eye, knows, Dr. Haass, that Charlie Sykes is the “youporn” expert of the contributor list, but he’s just a radio guy and öüï knows that Video DRONES killed the Radio Star, not the terrorists abroad, heck the biggest terrorists live and own ranches in your neck of the woods, Governor… and no, Governor, for the GOP to think that  America will have a PIPELINE in Afghanistan is in and of itself a fucking PIPE DREAM… you sexy motherfucker!

Right now though, since Kayleigh McEnany is not responding (like the promise of the Republican MORNING IN AMERICA) i am going to have to jerk-off and get satisfaction for myself. You are welcome to get your panties all-wet when you don’t read this, Kayleigh McEnany.

The World in Disarray follows.

Kayleigh! Your story is our testament for our affection to what Frank Zappa called “Catholic Girls”, now get back in the back of the bus. Do you think that the part of the speech about your innocent nine-month old makes up for the show of hands that destroyed thousands of children’s lives in the family separation plan of your President’s Long Beach Boy? God bless your child, but we still need to fuck. Remember Kayleigh, no child is born a racist… like Donald John Trump, for that to happen it takes the parents programming. My name is Armando Segovia and Eye approve this message.

— NO!!! Fuck no, Mr. Cawthorn, God didn’t save your “handicapableness,” — “whiteness in america” did, but we [the staff] will measure that with Jacob Blake’s recovery… and forgive me for asking, but as i understand it, your tragedy at 20 years of age prepared you to handicap everybody else’s Liberty? You are a perfect template to that Texas [current] cripple fuck in charge, you know, the God-fearing christian responsible for thousands of lost lives in The Lone Star State. Fuck you and your wheel-chair. This message is approved by Franklin del Ano Roosevelt.

Dear, Lara Trump: Biden and Kamala will keep your children safe, even if they are Trumps. Donald and Pence can‘t promise that for children who don’t look like yours.

Dear, Ambassador Grenell, Richard: PARIS is the Capital of the World, New York is it’s First Arrondissement… Washington is just a fucking rest-stop… don’t believe me, what happens to the Nation when all the lawmakers go back home to roost.

Note to POTUS: thanks for reading u.s.… and Ben Rhodes, nobody cares. In America (U.S.).

KAYLEIGH! KAYLEIGH!!! Juliana Tattlebaum won’t let Mí lie, in GMT it’s 10 am and in Hilo, Hawaii, the clock is about to strike midnight, and in middle America, the Atlantic Ocean’s curveball is on track to hit the Strike zone in that rest-stop of The Globe called The District of Columbia. In•Deed.

MeanWhile in WINsconsin, in WINconsin no pasa LAURA.

Here’s a Thing that the French want you to KNOW : The RNC’s theme is Riefenstahl’s “Will of a Nation”

Dear, Fellow Honorary Mexican, Revered Al Sharpton:

“There were good people on both sides“

“There were good people on both sides“ .:. 8404C722-FB0F-4308-BBFB-C84870F294B1 .:. The Tiki Torches in Virginia episode was only a “Beatles Album”  BON Fire of the Triumph of Trump’s Will*.

* William Barr, ATTY at LAW.
https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20200822-french-president-macron-expresses-anger-at-graffiti-denying-world-war-two-atrocities-oradour-sur-glane

Sir, I hate to say, IT!, but History is Telegraphing the United States of America, and if Joe Biden plays “rope–a–dope” with North Carolina, the Blue Wave campaign is going to suffer an upset… [B]ecause as y’all know, History tends to rhyme and Sir, “the purity verses” are beginning to fertilize the “memories” with their compost, no pun intended, Mr. Tyler… just a fact, and if you sleep in September, my deer “American Idiot”, well then you won’t need to ask for a wake-up call for DEM hours when MEXICAN HERITAGE month, “ends…”, so Eye hopes that y’all had the, “time of your life”.

Curb your Enthusiasm: