Cher, rédacteur en la 11va oficina de Paris

Sr. Yannick:

"If you ride, you'll get it"

“If you ride, you’ll get it”… Deer, Judge Judy, of course you would argue FOR the billionaire Mayor, of course you would. In France Judge Judy is sponsored by Vania®️… if you bleed, you’ll get it.

Because, i, armando segovia, loves “LA” France, el próximo toro (o sea YO) es para usted.

Chingue a su madre el que se raje, —NO SUGAR ADDED. This corrida is clean. TimeStamp: 19h25 in post Franco Era Time.

So, motherfucker, including the “poppie” holiday, that gives us 96 HOURS to play around the RUEDO, motherfucker.

bola de putos

bola de putos.

So, get your faggety “light costume” in order, you have, as i made it clear before: after midnight; bring Pablo Gleason and Raphaël Moran, let them two bitches be “las sevillanas”.

Sergio from morena–francia can play the role of the banderillero, and the Amigos de México “en Francia” can be the improvisados (bunch of Harley-Davidson riders— para no tener que identificarlos como: putos).

It’s weekend edition, and Lorne Michaels is on holiday, so it is just you and me (motherfucker).

Fletch Lives

Fletch meets European Odyssey, starring Judge Judy and Judd Apatow.:. via:https ://thomaspluck .com /2009/07/23/


… continued on p.23

El Camino (movies) are for fags, period

… [Y] ya todo El Mundo de Le Monde sabe,

There's a special place for Lawyers

There’s a special place for Lawyers in it, just like here on Earth, so Eye gets Mr. Melber’s Hades denial.

1. Que Vicente Fox Quesada es un viejo lesbiano.

Topen eso.

Topen eso.:.9AA6CB69-9DAD-4BEF-AE8C-A4F28CDC4748… So, let’s Square this Banda, “El Chapo” goes to a Maximum Security Federal Prison in the U.S.; then Joaquin Guzmán sends note to Mexico’s Nº 1 baseball fan that HIS drug-fortune is to be distributed (now that Chayo Robles is in a Mexican unsecured Prison herself) among LA SEDESOL; then El Presidente tries to capture a “El Príncipe” de Culiacán‽ Something smells fishy here.

2. Que el Doctor (PhD) John Mill Ackerman es mas pusilánime que las panochas (o sea las variedades de PANuchos) de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

3. Wait FO’it, wait.

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Premiere Rockets made in CHYNA!

Live from Fort Cartoon Colorado.


Meanwhile… at Paris Premiere Headquarters, Turkey’s despot called the movie magazine and complained about the Sista’s Squad Movie poster on their 500th Edition. Tha magazine’s Web content editor immediately followed the Example of the Houston Rockets Corporate Team and followed suit.

And in South Park Colorado

Following the self-censored tregua with Donald Trump, the fuckers from Southpark got punked by Winnie the Poo, in CHYNA!!!

Sin Comentarios

Sin Comentarios.:. America: land of the free, home of Little Rocket Men

The eternal fifth-graders can’t play the martyr card in CHYNA if, motherfuckers, you two cocksuckers threw the towel when Trump got elected. Fucking, fags.

Meanwhile at fip central station…

“Del árbol caído,
todos sacan Duendes »,