Oh, François Hollande, youse such a Righter!

Today Eye discovered that…

Today in LA

Today in (the key of) LA: Psycho Head Killer weed sans pesticides —[•]~[•]… in the frame, The Purple Pundit sports a Special Limited Edition of Bill Clinton’s broken spectacles. Retail €300.99 SHOP GNOW!

Line 70 (RATP) from HdV to Radio France has a Secret Garden route, vía Longchamp.

… and in Cousin Joe‘s teleprompter, the Script has no TEXT and The president of Vladimir Putin’s United States of Trump Castle[s], Donald Trump, is using the Rising Sun flag (2–Each) as a pair of Balls for his Old Glory guideon.

The 700 hundred perfect club

Fuck Jesus Christ and Kingdom Come, here comes the Young Turks, thanks to “them” Young Americans… only on the The 700 hundred perfect club… Dear, Ellen DeGeneEres: Please Inform Nicolle Wallace that her former boss said the following, “Nicole, brain farting at the end of a spectacle segment is no way to greet Chuck Todd,” that will bee 5 Hail Mary’s and one Our Lorde’s prayer iced tea, Aussi.

That trip was 12 hours ago, right now, well right now Jonathan Swan [2] is just opening his spectacled eyes to the fact that the 45th president of the United States of the Peoples Republic of the Putinesque Empire lets his helicopter (paid for by The Peoples taxes) do the talking for him.

Les Danglin’ Towers on the Conflict of Interest (hasteRisk), in other words, “Eye does not search, Eye finds,” dijo Picasso.

Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey

2. Twelve hours ahead in Central Europe Time, both Yesterday and, of course, Today, period

Oh, boy

Oh, boy! Did Jud’ol gknow that it was the French who invented the Martial Arts in Brasil, indeed. •|• Thyme Gnow: it’s the 11th Hour in Grown–up clocks… catch you laters’ at the 22h; and for Jamaica’s sake, Wallace, take some Purple Beeno for your brain. 

Brian Williams is an Asshole | Newt Gingrich, you too

21hrs —Central Europe Time.

All throughout the wee hours of the early Friday morning (Last Night), Mr. Williams kept on ‘evoking’, better yet PROPOSING, to every other security expert that he milked ‘as guests‘ of his Breaking News gig, the notion of a ‘Man with a Crazy Idea and a Truck,” rolling [no less] through a New York landmark on any given Mattress Sale Day… Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Dear Brian and Newt: Got any other juicy conspiracy theories to keep up your fear mongering with the FOX's? | In the end it seems the Single Individual was just another disturbed guy.

Dear Brian and Newt: Got any other juicy conspiracy theories to keep up [your fearmongering] with the FOX’s?  |  In the end [you guys!!!]  it seems that the single—individual—assailant was just another disturbed guy. || Newt: this particular attack, it seems, was not a “Civilization Clash” as you and Donald Trump had initially suggested. You ARE definitely NOT QUALIFIED to take the 3am call… and it’s not because of your “temperament,” it’s because you have no COMPASSION***… of course the staff [in this rag] is referring to The Donald, not necessarily you men of the Interwebs TV’s.

excruciating moment British tourist complains about Nice terror attack that saw 84 people massacred.

[Context will continue to follow].

It’s WAY to easy to claim a ‘Force Multiplier‘ for any given crazy that decides to kill innocent people… a ‘force multiplier’ is a keyword, or rather a euphamism to say “it was the Muslims”.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel (the truck assailant) was not an ideologically driven terrorist, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a CRIMINALLY driven individual, furthermore [to use big words],  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s ‘motivation’ probably originated from listening to fear peddler-pundits —of Breaking News TV.

Of course… this is just my opinion, to rob [borrow] a quote from a talking head on Russian TV. And YES. It was a “sickening attack,” as President Obama just said.

En Castellano: Sin Comentarios. | Uso justo de MSNBC.

En Castellano: Sin Comentarios. | Uso justo de MSNBC.

TimeStamp: 22h [time-now]… <<BREAKING NEWS…BREAKING NEWS>>

Shit’s about to hit the fan in Turkey. [Stay tuned].

[Context Follows…] | Uso justo de Aljazeera.

[Context Follows…] | Uso justo de Aljazeera.

23hrs CET [time-now]

… Stayed tuned.

… Stayed tuned—Peace Council is in Charge. Martial Law is in effect, and Main Battle Tanks are on the public roads.

‘Oh, the humanity’:

Erdoğan seeks Asylum in GERMANY,” according to Brian Williams.

Good Night, it’s  30 minutes  one hot minute ’till midnight… and for Joe Biden: no sleep ’till Sydney.