But, any way… pass the biscuits, please.

Note to Ana Cabrera… all power in El Paso, TX, rests on the City Manager, not The Mayor… Tommy 🕶️  runs policy. Not sure if Mr. Sanders, not Bernie but Beto’s beau-papá, remains the main nigger in charge. For the record, El Chuco’s people are the best… south of Coronado’s way. The County and it’s court house are as crooked as “Them good ol’muchachos* en Alabama ” it’s a different kind of exclusion, not necessarily, racism, just don’t tell El Paso Times Business Development dame, because of course, like Joe Scarborough, —they are exceptional and free of sin. 


Case in point… when Francis I visited Ciudad Juárez, the local press on the Río Grande side of the print-press called plotted in-so many euphemisms The Abraham González Airport in Ciudad Juárez as being located in El PASO del Norte, not Ciudad Juárez, because it went against their exceptionalism, ‘the nerve of that fucking Pope to visit Samalayuca without crossing over the Waterfill Gate to Glorieta, Texas, and it’s its petting zoo, next to Tornillo… or perhaps, Socorro.


Don’t shot the messenger, Grabiele… I know, I know, my logic is not neat and pretty like those faggety-frenchmen at La Sorbonne, where it’s all about TENURE and “becas” for exotic colonies and third-world paradises to conduct research in the name of a professional vacation. It’s like a sabbatical for Elites… here’s the kicker* Mme. Schiltz at Mains Libres, if³ as a French researching fellow, you happen to be a Trust Fund Baby from the French Touch, the RSA budget pays for your professional vacation, not your sheltered-tax parent fund, ROLAND GARROS racket in schooling follows.

Ahora cuéntame una de Sin Archistas en La UNAM.

³~. … and only if.

Vive La FranceDon’t call’Em# gay!

And, Mme. Macron, I will get back to you in a few, but that is only because today is Nazi Rememorated Memorex Day. Please stand-by with biscuits. Because right now, I am about to re-visit San Anton’ Mayor, Maury Maverick rendezvous with the Nazis from Santos in Mexico.

Aussie, Sra. Macron, please be advised that I don’t select the nazis, it makes no difference if the bigot is from Spain, and that is the Moro entre los cristianos de Doña Ana (NM) y Bowie HIGH School. If they made it to any of the law offices in or around La Plaza de Los Lagartos it will probably be, among the variables (of course) because their blood-line goes back to Spain, and not to El Chamizal… or so I was told by los Terrazas, or Terrones, or surrones… ya se me olvidó.

In God’s Country.


And here is why, mon seigneur, because I already have warned you about THE NAZIS in MEXICO! Guess where those same Nazi sympathizers moved to when VE Day was a sure shot? Guess, Cousin Joe, Guess MadaFaKa! Guess!

Of course, this is why MARÍA TERESA HINOJOSA LEGUIZAMO KUMAR at Latino USA™ will not look my way, because I don’t have the same level of “understanding” of “hispanic” issues as those « LatinX » fuckers from La Sorbonne at Saint-Germain-des-Prés do.

In-House AdVertOrial 

Over on District del Ocho it’s… The Boys From Rio (not that one 🇧🇷)

Now go to church and Fuck a child.

… https ://www .proceso .com .mx /reportajes /2023/5/7 /los-crimenes-del-padre-huerta-al-banquillo-en-la-haya-los-hermanos-paulinos

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