28 de febrero de 1973… más tiempo que vida

¿…des Qué?


Para todos los que quieren y aman a Ángel Fernández:

1900 – Der Fußballverein Bayern München wird gegründet.

Note to editors:
In Hilo, Hawaii, ist es immer noch der 27. Februar , period!

… But first, the entitlement of them Bostonians, go ahead, take yer’ sweet time getting to first base, go ahead, Sir… what are you, French? Take a seat Beaner–game over!… Goooooo, Dodgers.  

Meanwhile, at Wounded Knee… It’s TIME to A.I.M 🪶

1882: 🧑🏽‍🎓 José Vasconcelos, Mexican educator, philosopher, and Third Reich supporter. ( 1959).

Previously on Ancient Foo’s… Los Nahules de COYAME.


But FO’ist! We are not going to talk about the Mexican State of TABASCO, which in 1864 (of the 2nd French Empire) kicked out the French Foreign Legion from “la finca de la chingada“, now property of the cult leader that passes for President of that sector in América.

1897: Manuel Gómez Morin , Mexican politician, founder of the National Action Party (. 1972), the gateway to The Nazis in Mexico… look it up, bitches!

That’s right folks, because “GLORY a’Dios en las alturas recojieron las basuras (o Desperdicios³) de una calle ayer a oscuras”, para reconocer a FRANCO y su hit, “Toda La Vida”.

1939 : France and England recognize the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco as legitimate . Many, many, many people y dos costales would perish, disappear, and some, would go on to become MILLIONAIRES in Mexico, just like when Columbus first danced reggaeton with Bad Bunny at The Heroic University of Veracurz… esa pinche “Niña” era una fichita, la tal “Santa María” no era de las del coro, y “La Pinta”, la pinta is just a tag on this post.


🤠 1973 – The American Indian Movement 🪶occupies Wounded Knee in protest of the federal 👮‍♂️ government .

🤠 1973 – The American Indian Movement 🪶occupies Wounded Knee in protest of the federal 👮‍♂️ government . Crazy Horse Memorial in Paris.



A 71-day standoff between federal 🤠 authorities and the AIM 🏹  ensued. Per Major League Baseball ⚾ Rulhes, the A.I.M. 🪶 group members surrendered on May 8. The Empire called on time-restriction mandate (the Rulhes) to make Manifest Destiny before 9 pm in Plymouth Rock Standard Broken Treaties Times.

“Oh, the humanity,” tomorrow is a school day in America; in France it’s like the 3rd Vacation of the year.

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