Five minutes ’till midnight, — in Hawaii³

³~. In Montgomery, Alabama, it’s already el día de Acción de Gracias, donc (key), save a guajolote 🦃 eat a fokkin’ peacock 🦚.

“My fellow, Americans »…

Allegretto canapé in the U.S.A.

Breaking news just South of the border:

Brazil judge fines Bolsonaro allies millions
after ‘BAD FAITH’ election challenge… Sources close to the Saudis 🇸🇦 relay that Neymar Jr. Is unconsolable, but he is still crocodile tearing his way to the Swiss Banking system in the cayman islands.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022/nov/24 /brazil-judge-fines-bolsonaro-allies-millions-after-bad-faith-election-challenge

It’s a re-run.


{or} Too, Tree, For 🎶 si vous voulez

Red Bull rearranged for Denisa Kerschovas, consider this a ¿Qué Saco‽

I am SIRIUS – What About Bob? By the güey, Cerf–panthère, if that’s even a real hybrid! Metro called, they want the maqueta from their Advertorial coordinator back, ya’Bums.


Donnie Deutsch, — Fuck you, and your stupid spectacles.

Publicité :

The Gospel of Faul 🐏🪲

 _yada, yada en Ipsum, context for the British Broadcasting Corporation follows, but first don’t call, IT!, A come back or Eye will have Mika’s pussy bitch slap Ewe.

From The Spanish Inquisition flying fucking Circus 🎪 on the BBC.