Ladies in Gemini, it’s the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Go-Go’s

Starring as Belinda Carlisle, the Come Hell or High Water guy, Curly “on vacation” Heilemann.

Vacation… in Kandahar, a river runs through it. Over at Capitol Hill, The Democrats go on Holiday.

… [A]nyhow, Curly, what’s the matter with you? Ran out of weed and/or Southpark episodes? Cheer up, baldy, it’s August. You know, August! August—that wonderful Christ-más holiday time of —you’ve guessed it— Summertime.

Traditionally, —and motherfucker Ewe Know This!— August is the month when the U.S. Senate and the lower chamber of Congress feels all FRENCH and Shit! You know, VACATION, vacation—vacation. Everything shuts down. And for our representatives in both chambers that means traveling overseas (on Vacation) on the TAX payer’s dime… those bums.

And, Reverend Al…
Allow Mí, that motherfucker,
to run a parallel test with The Republican party Voting Rights strategy and what just went down in the democratic primary in Ohio, —players.

And, Nicole, it sure is a sad night in Paris when your legendary potty mouth doesn’t even register a “bleep” from the censors, Knot even to save their own asses. What’s the matter Nicole, are you in need of a vacation? Go to Cabo. Try the Vaquita de Mar ‘Sea & Turf’ “special »… there are only like 23 vaquitas de mar left on Leonardo Di Caprio’s BEACH.

But whatever you do, Nicole Wallace, 🏄🏻‍♂️ don’t go to Baja California 💀 (punto y coma… esa suculenta y deliciosa vaquita de mar) 🐬 remain on the side of La Paz 🎣, —casi un brico a Culiacán, en Ferry. It’s Trou! Ask Brian in Avalon. He’ll tell Ewe all, stay away from The Road to Rosarito if you miss the Exit to Escondido.

In Local News:

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /aug /12 /french-police-on-alert-after-covid-testing-centre-attacks

Ain’t no stain in Santa Barbara… that’s what the backyard is for, eh!

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /matthew-taylor-coleman-surf-school-owner-arrested-after-his-kids-1-and-3-found-stabbed-to-death

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