Jueves, 8 de noviembre… t (minus) 22 days

22 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes
until el 1 de diciembre.
Please stand–by for coverage.

Right now it’s Mid Term re–Cap, part ii
TimeStamp: 00.15 at la Gare Paris–Orleans,
chocando con Orsay.

Still to come, Heidi Sykes plays hardball and takes control of the situation when that “Hewitt” guy is caught with his Squelch–off.]

[ Attention Business Development: please confirm subliminal Coding on this head and sholders shot of the talking heads for the Special Accounts shampoo commercial*. ]

— Col. Matthews: Let’s play hardball!
     Tell me what Eye say…
     Heidi, take over that “Hewitt” guy, his mike is off!
     Can Ewe hear me “Hewitt”?
     Heidi, Eye bet you think that Eye’am starting to infringe on that Ancient phone company commercial “can you hear me now.”
     Heidi, take over whatever it is that Eye’am thinking of.
     Heidi, have’EyE’evah told you that Eye’use to be a Capitol One Cop.
    “Hewitt” are Ewe there… anygüey, it’s 20 minutes after the hour: All Over The Globe… AND REMEMBER, Heidi, La Hache es muda en Vermonth.

11.20 in CET
On n’a plus le temps, nous sommes, o algo así.

Coming up on How To Make a Boat, Polybius visits “Big Red” en Solferino casí esquina con La Legión de Honor. Starring Tom Bro’kaw, with Special commentary by Jon Meacham.

And they’re off! It’s 6 a.m. in Eastern Standard time

From Indiana to Kentucky and from Vermont to Maine, the Eastern quadrant of the Republican party is launching everything that they’ve got in their bag of dirty little tricks to keep the continuing series of the Horse’s Ass at the Oval Office.

… and now, Ladies in Gemeni
the staff goes on listening silence until the 16.20 break.

We apologize for the delay, but we at staff are experiencing technical difficulties. Jazz from Abroad, it appears from Chicago, is already in progress…

… anygüey, sin importar si los resultados en las urnas son de peras o si son de manzana, porque ayer en Nueva York arrancó un juicio de demanda en contra del Poder Ejecutivo —o sea, el puto de Trump— interpuesta por 17 estados y por la Unión Estadounidense por las Libertades Civiles. El asunto gira alrededor de que al puto de Donald Trump y Jeff Sessions, entre otra bola de culeros, se les ocurre preguntar durante el próximo censo, si esquís hogar lo ocupa una familia de U.S.D.A Certified Gringos, o una familia de extranjeros.

TimeStamp: The Man that The Sirens aime to love… Ultraman!!! A.K.A. the one and only, Willie Geist.

The Smoking Gun
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Mean while Trump is still the president of The United States of AmeriKaKaK–47, the Paper Armada is about to cross into a dimension called Manhattan, where time now is 15.20 hours in Eastern Standard Time; over on the Central NATO Time is the 9 o’Clock hour on the eve of a 100 Year commemoration of Franz Ferdinald’s Big Ol’War… “good God —Y’all”.

Have You Seen The Bridge?… Zeppelin goes here.