Ok, let’s play Hard Ball; Yo! Che:

Here’s a dagger for Col. Matthews, “security” speaking guest:

Stand-by for Bernie Sanders, campaign 2016— Context, and U.S. Historical medling in Latin American elections….

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OK, we’re back and it’s 11h30 CET… Technical difficulties with outdated commo equipment [1] persist: Cousin Joe, stop fukcing around and send that dang’on iphone.

Cousin Joe, context from Oaxaca follows… but first: HAVE A COKE for you and your staff’s 10 Year Anniversary:  “Mommy’s all right
Daddy’s all right
They just seem a little weird
But don’t give yourself away
Hey, heeeeeey
“…  A Chorus line courtesy of: Cheap Trick.

So, Col. Matthews, according to the new facebook/micro-targeting subpoenas ramifications, which stem from Willie Geist’s one-on-one interview with senior reporter at Business Insider, Natasha Bertrand, plus the calibrated and obligatory political expert analysis from national security advisors, such as your guest, Clint Watts, the Muller investigation is looking to find if U.S. citizens helped the Russians rig the 2016 Election?

Willie does not approve,” and yet Gov. Chris Christy is still a player in the show. Shouldn’t HE be in jail for medling in a New Jersey  local election? WTF, Barnacle?—_— Willie’s mug is a Courtesy of Jon Stewart at the 2nd iteration of The Daily Show…

That’s a big chunk to chew on, especially if it extends beyond the KUSHNER family and the In-Laws at Trump Tower, eh!

Coming up after the break John Ridley (12 Years A Slave; Let if fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992) stops by Morning Joe to give us some highlights on his new project: Only one parachute on boardPaloma. Starting, Prof. Jon Meacham and Cornell West… and, oh yeah, Director Ridley give us his cinematic take on today’s POTUS 45  address at the “Green_Marble_Room” at the United Nations.

Furthermore, Mr. Watts ruminates with the notion that a beacon point to guide this breeching breaching vessel and get to the bottom of the Russian sponsored intrusion is to backwards step from the point in time when Bernie Sanders supporters [including the staff, Cousin Joe] justifiably voiced their outrage on social media after the Debbie and Donna DNC derailment during the democratic primary [2] in order to keep Sen. Sanders [“the junior senator from Vermont*] from taking the front seat on the Democrats ballot against the now President of The United States Alec Baldwin, our apologies, we meant to mention Donald Trump.

… Listening silence.

Dear, Mika, our condolences for the recent loss of your dad, but moving on and with all due respect, please do not, we [the staff] repeat, do not forget to include the time when Cousin Joe salivated at the opportunity to have the General Electric CEO on your show, and constantly mock the Senator by ironically debasing his ‘junior senator’ title… Thanks, a bunch, and yes, i do miss Marseille, too bad the rest of the bridge never made it trough through. Besos.

Uso justo del °33. Tiene usted toda la razón, Willie Geist, hace 33 años aún no había ningun tratado de libre comercio con los vecinos al otro lado del Rio Bravo. Hace 33 años, aún no había Vicente Fox en NBC porque ese señor handaba (la hache es muda, don Chente) muy ocupado repartiendo coca…cola por todo México. SIN EMBARGO, Willie Geist, lo que apenas sí estaba ‘gorgoreando’ en 1987 era un veradero descontento en los territorios del Itsmo** hacia el Sur; y es-que Willie Geist, Mexico acababa de ingresar al GATT—o el GATT acababa de ingresar a México?… (ahorita te meto esos datos Willie, deja los extiendo para buscarlos)… y el CITI BANK exijía que se apaciguaran los rijosos que se oponían a que “el banco” ocupara sus terrenos; y es-que en aquel entonces Willie Geist, la carta magna (la constitución) mexicana aún venía impresa [3] con El Articulo 27, mismo que garantizaba —entre otros estatutos— que las tierras, cuando pudiesen ser arrendadas a extranjeros, sería bajo la condición de no transgresar en contra de los derechos de nacionales mexicanos (y sí, esto incluye a los eternamente excluidos; las étnias) y de que los extranjeros con derecho a tierras No Fueran A Invocar La Ayuda de Sus Gobiernos para defender o reclamar dichos lotes prestados. Y no Willie Geist, en 1989 los mexicanos no esperaban que el candidato de la Izquierda, el Ingeniero Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas fuese el primer candidato  Haqueado, ni mucho menos que el responsable de dicho rapto del conteo de votos ‘en linea’ hoy, en el 2017 (a 5 días del fin del mundo) opere desde El Partido Más Puro de La NOMENCLATURA DE LA IZQUIERDA MEXICANA, [4].

… you know Mrs. Clinton, if Debbie and Donna would not have, we repeat, wouldn’t have rigged the Primary Election, that tall guy (from Texas?) Comey would not have been a LAST MINUTE DAGGER in your game.

1. “All radio-silent on the Eastern Front”, context follows, keep your SQUELCH ON.

2. Cómo se dice “Sinverguenza” en “Brazile”: http ://thehill .com /blogs /blog-briefing-room /news /341617-donna-brazile-to-publish-book-about-2016-election-breache

3. Art. 27, Constitución Mexicana de 1917: https ://definicionlegal .blogspot .fr /2014 /03 /articulo-27-de-la-constitucion-de-1917 .html?m=0

4. The original “Mexican Style***” computer hacking… Context and SOURCE follows; wait one for transmission: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2004 /04 /02 /022a1pol .php?fly=1

🎵🎶 Sapo Verde Tu-Yu / Sapo Verde Tu-Yu / Sapo Verde Dhi’r La Jornada— SAPO VERDE TU—-Yu 🔃

***Must be read [and sung] in a Gennady G. Golovkin, Eastern European voice intoned in Spanish —of course.

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