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The good thing about this blog is that Colonel Matthews does’t like to Tango… and that we [the staff] get to complement Nicole Wallace’s prog-Spectacles, and that Red dress she wore today, we are wondering Nicole if you like to Tango? With your significant other—of course.

TimeStamp: 30 minutes before the polls close in Cousin Joe’s RedNeck Riviera’s backyard (Scarborough Country words, not ours).

Stick Around…

Apparently at the top of the Eleventh Hour EST the people of Alabama have spoken, we’ll have to wait and see what POTUS 45 makes of it tomorrow morning at Trump Central when the actual numbers confirm Mr. Jones to the the U.S. Senate… more on that when we [the staff] return with Mrs. Robinson’s take.

and now, it’s back to our Special Series: La Concha de Tu Madre; live from the Mobile Racetrack in Sweet Home Alabama, with very special guest: Young Neil

Trump Watch for December 12th 2017

– – Col. Matthews:

Sophia Nelson, tell me something I don’t know.

— Sophia Nelson:

Well, for starters it’s THE WHITE WOMEN, STUPID! They are the ones that put Trump in the White House. And, Earlier in the day, three WaPo’s reporters were kicked out from a Sassy’s Headquarters, because George Soros hates horses, or something like that.

– – George Soros hates horses?

That’s right, Col. Matthews, and especially “Sassy”, which is the mare that Roy Moore rides when he’s not riding little freshman students during “Maths” sessions.

– – Really! But how do you factor in the Stupid White Women giving Trump the General Election in 2016?

Thank you for not making a Prediction on who the winner of the Race would be; but we [the staff], agree with Sir Charles for one reason Ms. P… and one reason only, there is only one way to talk some sense into the populous of BACKWARDS PLACES, be it MEXICO, or ALABAMA, and that is by giving them Though Love…

C’mon, Col. Matthews! Didn’t you watch Ari Melber’s “Billy On The Street” segment, I mean it was all laid out right there when them two broke down The American Horror Story documentary about
the lesbian wife who voted for a third candidate instead of Hillary, and then poisoned her wife until she was dead.

“For a Dollar”, wait for it, wait…

– – I’ve must have missed that episode, but unlike [the staff] at asegovia3.wordpress.com, I do work for Mr. Peacock so I do have access to all kinds of archives.

Wait for it, wait…

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