Tell me something I don’t know—“Let’s play Hardball”

You are welcome Ari… “i’m Jealous again”.

Right now, the flute in  “Howling For Judy” sure gives Snatch a new spin… “sure shot” with a tounge for a tie think’s he’s got a deal going with Kim, but what Every KATUSA at Camp Casey wants to know from you, is where’s the Beef mr, president? Over on the Iran side you cleared the way for that regime to continue with a Big-Bang developing program when you scrapped an on-going deal that guaranteed nuke inspectors on Persian sands, and unlike Carroll O’Connor in the role of Chris Matthews up above i’m no expert, but wasn’t Jung–Il the main nuke material supplier to Iran? Anygüey, the good thing about all of this is that the World Cup starts shortly, just in time for the European Parlament to re-arrange our ability to graphically show what’s behind the current PUTUSwhat’s behind the current POTUS long ties, we [the staff] now realize that those stupid fucking ties are the design of Russian technology to better hide Donald John Trump’s  mother fucking lying tounge.

Zero One Hundred Hours in Central NATO time.

… The greatest show ln Earth, according to General “Colt” Matthews, follows—stick around and keep it Real.

Even that Jennifer Lovett at United States Forces (Command) Korea, what’s her rank, Lieutenant Colonel? What do they know? They’re just a glorified Major; tell ‘em Rudy, tell ‘em how i was the greatest American Football player at the toy soldier private military academy where my mom sent me for basically being a total asshole with everybody around me—tell ‘em Rudy! It’s an order.

Fuck, might as well swing over to Raquelitos pad, it’s Oh Three Hundred Hours in Central Nato Time—and it Feel’s Fine… really. It feels Fine.

Oh… the humanity. The Korean Peninsula, sold with no money down and no interest for the rest of Trump’s political Big Top,—sold like a condemned hurricane damaged Hyundai Sonata.

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