TimeStamp: May 25th and June 29 of 1974.

Those were the days, Henry — those were THE DAYS. The days when NIXON Threathen L’Europa.

it took TWO YEARS to bring NIXON Down.

According to talking heads on the Morjo Show: today is a moment in history that rhymes with what is going on — and that it’s taking place today… “a daily duplicity” that now is on an HOURLY BASIS, so says Mike BarnicleThe TimeLine, echos the wife* of the boss** of a former police beat reporter (Alfred Friendly 1911-1983) at El WaPo who happened to have had his Squelch On, and because of it he was able to pick up the “scoop” of the break-in at The Watergate Hotel.

En vivo… ¡y a todo color! 44 años después de los efectos colaterales del atraco fallido en el Hotel Watergate.

And now Ladies in Gemeni, it’s time for another Lighning Round of JEOPARDY, with your host Alejandro Trebek.

Gael García Bernal en el rol de Alejandro Trebeck:

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY; I am your host, Alejandro Trebek. Let’s Meet our contestants:

She’s a former librarian and the 43rd former First Lady of The United States of America, please welcome First Lady Laura Bush.

Next to her we have a Southern Baptist who lies —on a daily basis— for a living, and she’s actually proud of this fact.  Please give a hand to White House Press Handler Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders.

Complementing this lightning Jeopardy “match” is what seems to be developing into a permanent fixture on our show, please say hello to Armando Álvarez playing the role of Will Farrell.

Family portrait et un Héros du feuilleton.

… TimeStamp: por debajo de las faldas de fip… it’s 20H00 in Siren Central Time

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol de Óscar Peluchonneau:

— Great, after a word from our sponsors here are your categories:

  • Internment camps
  • Work Program Camps
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hungry…
  • Give me your displaced contra-revolutionaries and I will give you
    and finally:
  • Se Baila Así—Se Goza Más


…The more you know | Scrambled Symphonies part II

Martes, 12 de julio de 2016
Edición post-copas futboleras —de Nación.
por: armando segovia… you guys!!!

Resurrecting 'law and order' advocates. | Fair use familiar fragments of fear —and unrest. || In the frame, screen captures of: Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony; Segments of MSNBC's programming, and a virtual newspaper's clipping regarding a recent criminal injury case.

Resurrecting ‘law and order‘ advocates, “as part of the solution*.” | Fair use of familiar fragments of fear —and unrest. || In the ‘screen’ contrasts : Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony; additionally, segments of  MSNBC’s  programming,  and a  virtual newspaper’s  clipping  regarding  a  recent  criminal  injury  case, which  resurrected  an  “antiquated docket” of ignominy.

*   …as part of the solution:

Chief David Brown [ Dallas police department ] claims that he dropped out of college in part ]
because of the crack cocaine epidemic of the Ronald Reagan years.

Chief Brown goes on to claim that in order to be “a part of the
solution,” he, as a senior in the University of Texas should leave college. Mr. Brown claims that he took that course of action because he wanted to go back into the marginalized neighborhoods where he had grown up, but do so, only as a uniformed cop .

Of course, in the early 80’s, only the President of the United States of America —and his close allies— would have had the INTEL about the aggressive ways that rock cocaine was being pushed across [small portions of our **] the Nation’s ghetto’s.

I wonder what would have happened if the then “Cadet” Brown, would have been “Graduate Student” White?

My  fantasy  is  that, if Brown had been born White, he would have probably joined the Peace Corps —or something like that… so say’s a guy named Perkins… of economic hitman’s fame.

** According to The Washington Post crowd.

[Picture for “antiquated” context follows]… right now is time for a Tuesday beer.

TimeStamp: 1700 hrs. CET [TimeNow].