1 de enero del 2023 — Photo by fofie

I’m Going To Graceland,
simón q’Issy.

What Would You Say? I say that I can pass the mirror test.


The following segment is out of Or, there!

Ladies in Gemini, Gilda radner has relieved Puebla’s governor at Buttes-Chaumont and she will now have exclusive coverage of El Perro RATZINGER trip to CRUX, IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.

WaWa Gate!


https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /brazil’s bolsonaro lands in florida avoiding Lula handover -2022-12-30/

And here’s another CLOU 🔨 for y’All. “Paul, was a fucking Foca.”


Our stringer in Rome (Reporter 3) relays that a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” in the SOUL transfer dictated that Governor Barbosas knowledge of the Mars Y’all MA’CIEL affair in MEXICO put the PiPoPe dead smacked like salt on a papercut between the RING and Middle finger of The Legionarios d’Ese Señor

To the question about what Would, would say, here’s an update.

Never A-Gain, is shat what Ewe swore the Time before.

Baba WaWa:
— What Would, would say, Barbara?

Barbara Barbosa:
— Well, Eye would Knot know about the aforementioned “Would”, or about what Would would say, if that is even mister Would’s real name, but Eye reckons that Mister Wood would be upset.

Go ahead, A.I. transliterate the above excerpt with google dot deepl Punto com.

As Far Back As I Can Remember, I Always Wanted To Be A Beatle

 A They That Will Live in Infamy
Metro Line 1 at F.D.R.

🔈🔉🔊🎶 You know you twist real good… (Twist so good).

Mark David Chapman. Hilo, Hawaii.

Paint, IT!, black

Happiness, yes it is

Happiness is a Mary McCartney’s Enchilada Sin Chile Wednesday.

It’s a lot like Taco Tuesday Sin Tortilla de Maíz.


Happiness is a CAUSA en los “apartamentos” de París 🇵🇪  Fréquence Plurielle 🇲🇽.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /adhesions-a-lr-sur-la-cote-dazur-barons-noirs-et-sales-methodes20221207/

Mental Note for Emily in Paris à francemusique :

Eye likes having sex also, Öüï, however, does not like getting fucked, Like Dreamers Do 🌬️🎼🎶🔈🔉🔊

¡LuuuuuSharaaaán! DEDOS a Tres Caídas sin límite de tiempo.


Quesadilla Sin Queso, Thursday.

On the menu at The Green Haven Correctional Facility, in BEEKER Town, New York:

Faster than a speeding Jet!


Bistec de Caballo con Espárragos Calumniados.

¡GRABIEL³!!! — Alfredo Jalife—Ramhe in Paris, Emily did not make the Top-Ten List of Madame Mayor,

https ://www .paris .fr /pages /decouvrez-le-top-10-des-prenoms-donnes-en-2021-a-paris -20083

Fire for effect…

Léon made the LIST…
Noël, Knot at all.
Grabiel³” came in first.

³.~ Es el nombre que más odio en un pelao’, (Polo Polo).

GABRIEL (avenida):

VIIIe Arrondissement, arranca en lo que hoy (CET) es el pit-stop general de la formula1 rue Boissy-d’Anglas; termina en el número 2 ave. Matiñón. Longitud es de 700 metros and that is all that Eye is going to mention no vaya a ser que, don 55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, se nos ponga flamenco.

PAGE 560, just below “Les moulines de la Galette et du Blute-Fin (1840) and off-course, GABON y La Unión Francesa [esa] en Africa, on HacquES JillariET’s, “Diccionario Histórico de Las Calles de París »… Ediciones de Medianoche, pero en Francés.

No home for Lucille — Louise is at the top of Madame Mayor’s NaCiMiento roster, period!

and Susan Page, in the u.S.a. To They… please relay to Jonathan LeMire without the aitch, to please stop sucking Mayor De Blasio’s Coq… there’s a new “sheriff” in El Pueblo. Now get your silly little ass to class.

Meanwhile at the Great Outback in Knott’s Berry Farm… “that guy” WHO won the Mother Mary McCartney Wimbledon Title is the big Exceptional Elephant in the Barbie.

But worry KNOTT’s, eh!
—Worry Knott’s? Get it?… worry knot, No-Vak…hontagiar, Mr. DJ Oko Vic is a VEGAN. Which proves one thing, being a vegan does not prevent EWE from being a Matador or, as the Huntington Ford Blonde just found out, a casualty of the BULL… along CRESCENT Avenue 90620, California.

New Verb on this blog: HONTE as in:

Yo Hont-agio
Ella Hont-agia
El Hont-agia
… Ustedes are Hont-agiados

714… right back at you Buena Park.

It is with great sadness to share that our Precinct Operations Chair, Kelly Ernby, has passed unexpectedly after brief illness².

— OC Republicans (@OCGOP)
January 4, 2022

https ://abc7 .com /kelly-ernby-orange-county-deputy-district-attorney-covid-death /11425216/

².~ meaning a COVID variant.

Across the Rio Grande, los “bravos” de Huntington Beach in Disneyland California, home of Nicole Wallace republican party, are dying or Covid, and that is a very REPUBLICAN thing, and in this section the student will ponder if the AMERICAN équivalent of the Bogdanoff Twins stupidity will balance out that god-damned Republican re-districting that MSNBC is talking about.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /france /20220104-eccentric-french-twins-die-of-covid-19-after-refusing-vaccine

Eye Gknew, IT!!!, Alfredo Jalife—Ramhe is moving to Paris. La Mairie de La Casa De latinos en América, de Francia, assigned the Puma firebrand a corrugated sleep-number mattress and a museum* pass.

Anyhow, Mr. anti ITAMITA, bienvenido al « pueblo » en tiempos del COLMEX y de la cátedra Alfonso REYES en París.

Anyhow, fast-foreward to Mexico and the YEAR 2022 and Mexico’s biggest threat now is el ITESM¹, but the problem remains the same, it’s not the model, it’s the fucking MEXICANS, like Americans or the FRENCH, once these specimens get infected by POWER, they all turn into ROMANS (from Romania).

¹.~ LInstitut de technologie et d’études supérieures de Monterrey. The current trend dominating latinamerican affairs at the OCDE, the FMI and of course, El puto World Bank.

And, Donnie Deutsch… don’t forget the Dole’s trademarked pineapples

Strawberry Fields For Guantanamo
puras piñas
Page 315… Chapitre quatrième

Vice Diagrams for Venn

Satan islet’s ask Mr. Putin
— Mr. President, in your personal opinion, please complete the sentence (No Pun Intended…) Satan is?

https ://www .whitehouse .gov /briefing-room /speeches-remarks /2021/12/05 /remarks-by-president-biden-at-the-2021-kennedy-center-honorees-reception/

— Well, {heavy Cyrillique dejo} as you know, it’s all in the details, but « Satan is a terrible cook : laugh to conjure fear up » {all of the Russian delegation laugh in unison… but you know something, he is a terrible comedian. He’s a “wise guy over h’ear“.

But FO’ist… Encanto just ripped off OASIS. Don’t tell Mí. I Know!!! She’s in a family full ofexcentriques“… ¡PERO! ¿Quiere más?

Based on an Epic recording… and re-hashed as un: Uso Justo del Tata Disney… and the “American Graffiti” on theremain in Mexico” TENT CAMPS.

Starring as Encanto, don Pablo’s daughter… let’s talk about that “Uncle that nobody ever talks about”, let’s talk about « el tío Bruno » de La Préfecture de Paris.

Georgina Polevnsky at the Moo_vies
https ://www .wnyc .org /story /208572 -paris-i-love-you-youre-bringing-me-down/
And, Donnie Deutsch, you son of a bitch!, you probably think that this Plato (de leftovers) is about Ewe, and it is… but that is only because as Rosecrans Baldwin once said… or was it the Sciences Po guy, Donald Morrison? Who cares, the thing is that when it comes to KNOCKIN on AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’s doors, Évry body knows Rita Moreno’s name.

https ://videos .jornada .com .mx /video /61019101/el-circo-herramienta-para-la-inclusion-social/… the show must go on.

From La Jornada:
López Obrador a commenté : ” pour que l’on sache, pour que l’on n’oublie pas, que cette décision d’annuler ce projet³ a été prise en raison de la volonté du peuple, parce que nous avions l’autre option, la base militaire de Santa Lucía “, qui sera inaugurée le 21 mars.

Uncle Bruno’s hideout. And, Mary Macarini, let the record show: Ciudad de México… por la zona de Texcoco A través de un video difundido en redes sociales, López Obrador comentó: “para que se sepa, que no se olvide, que se pudo tomar esta decisión de cancelar ese³ proyecto por la voluntad de la gente, porque teníamos la otra opción, la Base Militar de Santa Lucía que se va a inaugurar el 21 de marzo, which of course as the Entire Colonia Roma knows, it is Benito Mussolini’s birthday in Mexico… it used to be Tata Cárdenas “Oil Expropriation from “The ROYAL ALBERT HALL—they.

³.~ “ese” proyecto del primo de Peña Nieto, en la foto a la izquierda del militar de López Obrador y a la derecha of La CDMX’s Mayor.

La Higuera de La Chingada

PAN was a Vegetarian… Aussie, from the same Familia : BASTER SKELTER and other assorted needleworking templates… Still to come, Joe Scarborough, really!!! The GALL on that motherfucker (France), asking Mary McCartney how “he“, should address her Beatle dad. THE ANSWER is BILLY!!! It’s always Billy! C’mon MAN!!! Didn’t you watch “SEND MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY”?You dumb Reaganite. —!— REPENT Motherfucker!!! REPENT.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0087337/ Rendez-vous à Broad Street

Original title: Give My Regards to Broad Street {

con Chepina McCartney

On this episode, Chepina dishes out “Lo Mejor” de los fantasmas en la alacena de los hechizos of “their Satanic Majesties… {rosbif’s re°ce°pies°},

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /mary-mccartney-cooks-vegan-specialties-with-friends-and-family- 128001093853

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Chepina_Peralta

Anda, Lucía, “anda, pídeme que viole
las leyes que te encarnan…”. Diría, AUTE, —Dario.