Dear, Cousin Joe, Steve at Chartres is full of shit — Deer Steph Rhule, meet Armando

Breaking The Rhulesthe Rules to Stephanie, Vía, Hey Hallie Jackson, who is going to bee kneading a knew PassPort to get on THEM faulty American Boings

Dear, Ronald Reagan, please stand-by for context

Dear, Ronald Reagan, please stand-by for context.:F0663914-2D34-4394-8AA0-3EC2E1406DBB •|• THE KNEWS OF THEM THEYS! Starring: Joe Scarborough. —•🦷•— THE KNEWS OF THEM THEYS! es una Producción redundante de Producciones Le Beaubourg avec Le Bon Regard De VenDAME…. de Vendome, not VenDAME porque’SO es otro rollo De los Cinco Continentes de don Napoléon.

Hola Güapa! Do you know who else, beside Flo’s Insurance Agency ; aka, the Mexican Embassy at San Bernardino, California? Issues passports with a different NAME,  Donald Trump’s Lolita Express swinging pal insurance Company, at BDO financial advising, —of course.

Pay for it

Pay for it. Pay for it Corporate Amerikkka. Look here Donnie Deutsch, if your company’s commercial about FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is going to blatantly feature a Rich fellow with his precious little princess bragging about how BDO is going to fuck the Tax System by moving money between relatives and have Fellow Big Corporations pay for the Medical School of their “future family” doctor, instead of giving those grant from say REVLON, to Medical Student Candidates who live in the suburbs or in subsidized agro sectors, then Amerikkka deserves to be like MONACO and The AMERICAN HOSPITAL IN PARIS.  TRUST FUND MILLIONAIRE KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PICK FROM THE TAX DEDUCTIBLE GRANTS THAT COSMETIC AND PHARMA COMPANIES GIVE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH And/or tuition when it applies, just sayin’.  Monaco and the American Hospital in Paris are like the “THEIR Spa”, if you are Rich in France, the first place that a retired millionaire will go to is to Monaco or The American Hospital in Paris ; it’s like a Mar–A–Lago, the rich go and pay the Big Cosmetic and Big Pharma companies “Their” tribute, and then, HALLIE JACKSON these motherfuckers will switch to the French Public Health System to save money. They Save Money Of Course, for their precious little precious Trust Funds and personal wealth. Of course when the French do it, this sort of moral decay doesn’t come out smelling like Shit. It comes out smelling like LAvender and Savon de La MarseYES’ah. In the end it doesn’t matter. “Same as it Ever Was” and yes Corazón “Psycho Killer” follows. Psycho Killer, meet Jimi, he’s gonna paint a lab partner’s Pieds del color de la noche. Hey, Jimi, use a Louisville Slugger for that big brain of (mejor ya no digo nada porque la línea roja se vuelve cada vez más y más esbelta, esa línea a de ser China, como las sandías francesas del otro día en el 16eme).

So The Question, Steph, for your boss, is if Donnie Deutsch Enterprises, cares if his clients, (all candidates) use little strokes to sign checks or, if Donnie prefers Big “Donald Trump” strokes on THEM BDO shares in the SiNDICKAte.

WHICH, brings mí to Steve Rattner.

Hola, Heb (don’t shoot the messenger!!!) Donald prefers bean counters like you, a jew, instead of a jew in the Lighter Shade of Frank, dijo Sammy Davis Junior.

All money that goes to EVERY candidate goes to the M.E.D.I.A. syndicates. This is why the political circus goes for Four Birthdays at the Ozarks [at] a Thyme.

Ein, Zwei, Dre‽

Generalissima Elise from The Jordan know your body [SPA] or something like that [Reports].

Steve From Montana blames the [big] pharma for not giving toothbrushes to teachers. Insulin for undocumented persons is to expensive to just give away, BIG PHARMA and Halliburton prince Of Eric enterprises are doing a great job killing the flora and fauna where undocumented persons are being sent TO [from] the U.S. at $750 per child/per THEY. So no, No Toothbrushes for Bill Clinton or any Honduran kid sent to Betsy School playgrounds.

The Betsy School playgrounds is of course, The American University Syndicate in Paris. Indeed, motherfuckers, Indeed.