3 basic buckets of assets at the 11th Hours

Wee!!! Begin with the Americans in Putin’s anti–Trump circle in the former U.S.S.R., “back in the U.S.—back—in the U.S. –back– in the USS AR.

Liberty, liberty, liberty

“Liberty, liberty, liberty… pay only for the Best WAWA in Newark, New Jersey.:. Now, you’ve heard about the Classic Alfred E. Neuman’s Spy vs. Spy novels; it’s not Önë of those.

Meanwhile in a New York Minute, Young–White Jabouki dons Alec Baldwin’s “gig” and takes on the R.O.L.E. of the president of Russia’s Backyard… wholet’s see… [A]s of September the 10th, of the Year that the inventor of ALASKA died and went to Acapulco, (according to SOURCES at The Rachel Maddow Blowout) the ACTING president of Putins Backyard is Donald John Trump Inc. Fuentes cercanas a doña Vilma y Pedro Picapiedra comentan que*, “el reinado de la DINASTIA donald trump inc.” que llegará* a sus primeros 1000 días de 24 HOROTAS cada uno « Volks! », luego—_•¥•_—luego pasando Halloween. In fact, Cousin Joe,  Eye tells mí that these “here” DAYS are not your REGULAR run of the mill (Ackerman) 24/7 “automated TENURE track” days; no ma’am, these here 1000 days are a salute to the Hitler’s rise to power.

x). HECK, Eye tells you what, Cousin Joe, had it not been for “La Corrida en La Quebrada de Dorian“, where full–time Ugly Mexican, and part-time Daily Beast, Sam Stein

1. Burló al Chupacabras en Puerto Rico, period

2. Se llevó Oreja y Rabo en Nassau, punto y coma, period

* incluso tuvo HASTA TIEMPO de dejar a los siempre entretenidos valentones ENANITOS TOREROS DE TORREÓN hacer una FAENA EN ALABAMA.

3. Para cerrar con broche de la banderita solapera de políticos y políticas en los USA, Sam Stein donned el traje de luces de Fermín, y luego “El Horrible canalla tuvo la osadía de exigir el indulto del tercero de La Jornada, un Toro de 1000 ton tons de nombre, “Dorian” allá en el Banco de Nova Scotia.

Donald John Trump would have taken his public–funded entourage to Poland (via Scotland) to celebrate the Birth of a 1000-year Nation. Anyway if impeachment doesn’t materialize in the NEXT 40 days,  Donald Trump’s will be remembered as the first President of the United States of America who descended from an ESCALATOR… sources close to Sarah HuckaWASP Sanders say that the escalator that usher Donald John Trump to the role of Putin’s backyard president is the same Elevator that the Inventor of El Noa Noa used when he invented ALASKA, gove’nor, dijo Guy Ritchie in the role Sean Penn and, Madge went: What?


Oh the Boricua IRONY at Camp David, and the humanity of Afghan negotiators at the Oval Office.

… In Louisiana News, the Inventor of ALASKA dies, and NOAA goes to the Department of Commerce, and ALABAMA continues to get Pounded by the hurricane.

“LIBERTY, liberty, liberty,” sponsored by WalMart; pay only for the donald trump resorts that a corrupt american PRESIdent coaxes from the UKRAINE.

A Kansas original

A Kansas original, period

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