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Merci beaucoup, tout ce que nous avons besoin et demandons est de recevoir la même courtoisie que la France a exigé pour Florence Cassez alors qu’elle était au Mexique.

Après tout (ou rien du tout) c’est le même concept dans la jurisprudence, non? Un conflit d’intérêts ou une incarcération par étapes à des fins politiques est la même chose ici et en [LA] Chine, vrai?

Banjo! Only an Idiot would take on The Banjo!

Previously on 6th Grade Late Night French lessons:

La Mémoire… 🚬
So you are saying that

So you are saying that you support the Frog Scene? .::. B567EDEE-4487-4156-8188-B4C39CF304E2 🎲🍾

Öüï, Mr. Meyers, öüï indeed.
Rien de mémoires,
rien, (del verbo REIR) por supuesto, es lo que esperamos del siguiente sketch…
and D.A.T., Sethy Boy is another translated
HAPPY segue to Patton Oswald!
BUT FOist, meet me at the “troll cabinet”.


Must show related reference, and not just pull segues out of Kumail Nanjiani’s ass (punto y coma) the nerve of that motherfucker to call King James, “James”.

Sethy Boy, Eye tells you, those fucking immigrants. Next thing you know they will go around calling heads of state by their last name only. Heck, even the lowest rank in the military is addressed by his rank, PRIVATE. Eye once knew a guy who called President François Hollande by his “American” call sign, FRANCK, sometimes this here motherfucker removed the “e” in D.A.T. president’s last name just to irk the Filthy Dutch, but then again, Sethy Boy, President Holland had his Catalonian version* of Rand Paul relay to the Paris Préfecture de Police to give Mí hell for daring to knock at The French Consulate’s doors in Los Angeles, California on the eve of The Year of México In France;

…what did President Obama do to Kumail to deserve the title of Commander-in-Chief to be dropped from his (Mr. Nanjiani’s, not “Obama’s”) comedy routine?

Dock D.A.T. pundit a day’s pay for leaving BriWi on his own

When öüï return, Agent Angle is going to give Rosie O’Donnell the night off, in the mean time, Mr. Meyer, you are not fooling anybody, we have it on good authority that Annie Karni is your fraternal twin, and you are the Prime suspect in the case of the fragmented dentils of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. dame, but first, we are going to take a nap. “Take it a güey” on deadline, Nicolle!!!

Lorem Ipsum

LOREM IPSUM .::. FE9BADA0-F0AB-4C7A-9F34-103E23171EE6 🕰 “Many years ago, around 1987, I put forward some equations that I thought might become my thesis in the Harvard department of mathematics and they were disallowed for a variety of reasons…


April's fool

We say goodbye to April 2020 with a scene from Oxford (2013) and a theory of parallels’ universe, and wait for it, wait… providing resources to starved academia departments. .::. 09DCEDE5-BACF-47A8-AB41-756C54E9AB19 🏫 April’s fool and the fire that starts itself.

Two Minutes Frenchy.

… para tod@s aquell@s
que lo dieron todo,
y ni siquiera las gracias les dieron.

fernando delgadillo

“no me pidas ser tu amigo”.

—Intro to a 36-hour day 101:

This is not a watch

This is not a watch .::. 0558BE12-2CD4-4695-AF34-835D2A3C0F36 🕛 Not to be outdone by Bill Gates composite marble chimney, Donald John Trump went Bigger and Blacker to give his version of the pandemic situation in the United States of Corporate America.

… oh, hello, Mr. Meyers, in all seriousness, before we [the staff of this most non consequential blog] continue with the sketch parody of your show, in which you are the star (of course) we would like to reveal the portal that lead us to your show; and it has to do with a recent interview that you gave to a pundit on the MSNBC network, and where your kids came running out of a pantry in your simulated studio attic, that particular sequence of the sketch served as a gravity assist or “slingshot effect” to propel our most non–consequential narrative (of the TIME MACHINE) onto “the kids” table, which is where the Institute of Latin American Studies in Paris (IHEAL), sent us when i, Armando Segovia, began to cross-examine the actors in a play called: The Year of Mexico in France (2011).


Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Let It, Bee)

At The Dakota in New York City,
it’s still the 11th hour.


Déjalo ser.:.C1FE9379-2868-46E6-B82B-9BE13B647900 –_•|•_– Whatever gets ¥ou through the Night and all that Jazz ; amen.

…[A]nd in Paris,
Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille.

09h20 Update

Tomorrow Never Knows, for today, upon going through the motions of a « Dry Run » for tomorrow’s scheduled administrative hearing at Nº 7 de la rue de Jouy, 75181 PARIS cedex 04, the staff of this most non–consequential blog learned from the nice window clerk, that our hearing had been postponed.

Upon requesting the reason for the cancelation of our hearing, we [the staff] were told a variety of reasons; including “maybe it is because of the [national] strike”, many people have had their court dates postponed, —we were told— in any case, the “greffier” (court clerk) was not in the office yet, maybe the person was stuck in traffic, or waiting for 1–in–5 trains available to the masses during the national strike. More context to follow after a necessary ‘mass•turbation’ session.

… but speaking of “MASS•es”
Ladies in Gemini con ustedes:
DEFENDENTE Génolini y las efemérides que Philippe Labró.
In Today’s episode “Le Bras de Fer”, Aristide Briand, separates Church and State (1905) y manda a “chingar a su madre” el Acuerdo de 1801.
Zachariah Jeremiades, guest stars.
Pg. 4, N° 2501 en las “Ya ves, de La Jornada”.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris — nº 2.1

Your Honor, Sir, with all due respect, please note that in the absence and/or lack of a lawyer for my Administrative hearing, this addendum to the response of pg. 2 of Mr. Yannick’s summary is a rider to this post:

The fastest pit-stop in the world

The fastest pit-stop in the world.:.2BBA8178-8C64-4192-9D4E-CD18B65E1B73 •|• Almost as hot as a frozen Hell, and twice the bureaucracy of a paper trail cut with Diamond blades. Step right inVEST GKNOW! —_!_— Just don’t get in the way of “democracy” that process is reserved for kings and tsar’s, and of course Rocket Man, Whinnie Pooh and Erdogân.  —!— APPLY GKNOW!!! Make the Empire Great Again, and nevermind the Yndios, ahijado… and the Colored Girl goes: is Urban Terrorism a good field? Or did Total and Real Estate developers hogtied that field? 🧶 For the record Your Honor, monsieur President of the Admin Court, this is not an Intermission, this here is the start of The Process, but “öüï are too old for this shit,” to quote a the Sidekick of a Lethal Weapon… we (the staff of this most non–Consequential INVESTMENT) lost everything to the fickle caprices of Window clerks, ladder climbers, and even a to a Mason daughter’s whims. Check the record your Honour, it’s all on the 7ème’s paper trail—Yannick is miope.

https ://2019 /11 /05

In any case, a bing . com translation will follow, in the meanwhile, it has not even been a Mexican pay period (una quincena, pues) and in that short span of running history, France has reformed it’s immigration laws, and in particular, for those in “the professional” fields, also, Mr. Macron is now archived on Radio France International as being against “those who come to France for three-months” and sign-up for your Social Security health network. Good for him.

For the record... travelers insurance

For the record… travelers insurance was a FAULT [as opposed to not possessing a policy and having the French Social Security pay for any medical treatment, deemed a merit by my 7ème bureau review] for visa renewal purposes; context follows, si usted (Su Señoría) así lo desea, But let the record show that one of the contributing factors that “snowballed” into my current dire situation was, —I kid you not— securing what the French call a “CDI” work contract, which included what Americans call “collective bargaining” clauses, and as I mentioned, not going to England or Algeria every three months in order to reset the Hello–Goodbye mandingo routine; and in the voice of Forrest Gump, “that is all that I am going to say about that,” Mr. Yannick.

Para la memoria, have i, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto have a 7ème bureau dépôt COGNITIVE DISSONANCE backassward, Bruno and Stephanie, anecdote because «conflicts of interests », Mr. Président of the court, reveal the darnedest things about France, and probably French Theory, also.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris

Objet: Réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France.
Ref: Votre courrier du 31 du octobre, 2019.
P.J.: Non applicable jusqu’à ce que je parle à un avocat.

Let's play hardball...

“Let’s play hardball.”

I. Réponse aux faits, selon la préfecture.

a). Sans avocat, je ne me sens pas qualifié pour répondre aux déclarations de la préfecture de police.

b). Cependant, je peux attester que la plainte de la préfecture de police est incomplète car elle ne prend pas en compte un conflit d’intérêts à caractère politique entre le service diplomatique mexicain (ambassade) et le 7ème Bureau Dépôt à la Cité.

Franco–Mexicaine quid-pro-quo

Franco–Mexicaine quid-pro-quo, courtesy of Bruno et Stephanie au 7ème bureau dépôt à Paris, Metro ligne Cité… Foux Du FaFa by any Flight of The Conchords standards. “Ouh Yeah, ouh yeah… nothing really matters to Mí”.

c). C’est ce conflit d’intérêts qui a propulsé ma vie professionnelle et personnelle dans la situation marginale dans laquelle je vis depuis avril 2017.

II. Réponse à la « discussion » du préfet sur les droits de l’homme, ou quelque chose du genre.

Avec tout le respect que je vous dois, je crois sincèrement que la préfecture de police a violé mes droits fondamentaux, surtout parce que j’estime que le conflit d’intérêts susmentionné, est sur le point de me transformer en une personne sans un pays.

"El martes ni te cases, ni te embarques"

“El martes ni te cases, ni te embarques”.:.A23D6E68-840E-4E45-B53F-6F9C880A3C88 •|• « Maxime Mexicaine”. 

réponse Sur les articles L.313-10 3° et R.313-16-2 du CESEDA, par le préfet.

Kafkaïenne irait au-delà et il serait trop prétentieux de décrire le principal argument de rejet du préfet contre mon quatrième renouvellement de visa, Hellerian, si Catch–22 peut servir d’exemple pour transformer un nom d’auteur en son propre descripteur serait probablement trop « étranger », pour un système qui fait un point de rejeter visas pour ne pas être « assez français », —au pays du Goncourt.

Je n'ai jamais été un immigrant.

Je n’ai jamais été un immigrant.:.168FB594-CFDD-462F-8CBD-429FE36C93E2 •|• ISSY, c’est la fin de la première page de ma mémoire pour le Tribunal Administratif de Paris…

Et comme «Tout le monde ne vit pas de la même façon», je vais sauter la raison absurde qui m’a empêché de présenter à la préfecture de police un récépissé d’enregistrement SIRENE. En droit, je suis convaincu qu’un avocat sera plus concis et plus efficace pour expliquer comment un chat “joue” avec une souris, alors que le félin n’a même pas faim.

… and of course everybody Gknows that it was the VERY FRENCH, who invented: LOVE

Check the ethimolegia, Asterix had to put a HEX in that HasteRISK in order to “Latinize” the Syriza’s with “Grease” in Greece.

Etymology 101 Cegüera en PANAMEvision

At the moo-vies:
Etymology 101, Cegüera en PANAMEvision

From La Jornada afuera de la U.N.A.M.:

El FMI publicó ayer el resultado de la primer evaluación que hace de la economía mexicana en el gobierno de López Obrador. Es una práctica que rige para todos los países miembros del organismo, al amparo del artículo IV del convenio constitutivo del fondo, y que se realiza anualmente.

De la misma FUENTE pero desde La LOMA de un estadio de Béisbol en Sinaloa,
el presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (no chicanos) lanzó una vieja bola, favorita del montón; la afamada linea extensa y sinuosa, mejor conocida por Cousin Joe y Vicente Fox como la chingada, “BASEBALL DIPLOMACY”.:

…[E]l presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador insistió en que el artículo 4 de la Constitución, que garantiza el derecho a la salud, es letra muerta porque en realidad está mal todo el sistema de salud pública de nuestro país.

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma en Nueva York… próximamente en CARTELera.

“How many times must we [the staff] tell the Tell”

Do you remember? “The DNA of America is immigration*”.

Buenos días tengan sus mercedes. Hoy es el día del informe presidencial.
Hoy es 1 de septiembre de 2016.
Issy-les-Mx, 92130.

DNA source: Voto Latino, y Ma. Teresa Kumar

En Phoenix Arizona los relojes apuntan al ruedo de las 19 horas y curiosamente al filo de los 22 minutos, pero en Europa Central, estoy escuchando el discurso [el informe] de un hombre obsesionado con su copete [Donald Trump]… al rato, si Aguascalientes TV lo permite, me aviento el [informe] del otro copetón [Enrique Peña Nieto].

[ screen-grab follows ].

El gran logro, y la pena de Peña. Independientemente del Show en Trump, el logro de Peña Nieto de ayer, fue el hecho de distraer la NOTICIA de que en BRASIL la derecha y el Coorporativismo gana terreno. El único logro de Peña Nieto de ayer, ante El Mundo, fue que le trato de quitar los focos al GOLPE de ESTADO que por medio de la ley se perpetró [otra vez] en la América del Sur. Uso justo de los monitos y los moneros

El gran logro, y la pena de Peña. Independientemente del Show en Trump, el logro de Peña Nieto de ayer fue el hecho de distraer la NOTICIA de que en BRASIL la derecha y el Coorporativismo gana terreno. El único logro de Peña Nieto de ayer, ante El Mundo, fue de que le trató de quitar los focos al GOLPE de ESTADO que por medio de la ley se perpetró [otra vez] en la América del Sur. Uso justo de los monitos y de los moneros

TimeStamp  04h 30m  0600 hrs. CET

Disclosure:  the Staff of this Blog does not speak “good” English.
Additionally we do not support Donald Trump.

 Ayer, en un viaje express a la Ciudad de México, Donald Trump acudió al llamado que el Grupo Atlacomulco le extendió. Ahroita, a las 19h [con] 38 minutos, en Arizona, el candidato republicano utiliza el mismo “playbook” de Javier Sicilia, y el de los activistas de Ayotzinapa. La diferencia, en mi opinón, es en la intención. Donald Trump utiliza el dolor ajeno para crear su versión del culto de personalidad… ahorita ya son las 7:45 de la noche en Tombstone, Arizona.

Dear Bill Kristol, to answer your question on MSNBC, the reason Peña Nieto is “being so nice with Trump,” and you will raise your arms in disbelief, is because those two gentlemen are trying to shut me up… for real.
Chente Fox.

 Up next: The Rage plays Hardball

In Arizona, earlier in the night Donald Trump issued the “red meat” speech.
Source: Halley Hallie Jackson.

… “people are saying” that tonight’s speech was a FASCIST SPEECH, a “hard line” speech. A racist speech if you will; delivered in code, and Trump code is hate.

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Y como decía Consuelo Velázquez

… pero en Inglés:
“What a difference a day makes”.
Fuente: el WAPO*

Uso justo de todos los medios, para el re-cuento de una elección americana.

Uso justo de todos los medios, para el re-cuento de una elección americana. | En una conferencia de prensa, Donald Trump simplemente dijo, “woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across “my” hair. | Se supo que en Aguascalientes, Donald Trump emprenderá en una fabrica de peines y cepillos de belleza. | [MasioSare].

Estimado “licenciado” Enrique Peña Nieto:
CHINGE chingue usted, a toda su madre.
Y no vaya áste a pensar que “el saludo” va por la invitación extendidá a  que usted extendió a Donald Trump.
Chinguela por los gazolinazos.
Chinguela por las alzas en las tarifas de 
Chinguela por querer pasar ante la ley, ese acuerdo de cooperación transpacífica.

De paso “Lic.” me saluda a la “licenciada” Monroy ¹.

[ Context from the Big Top in Everett, WA follows  ]

Right now, Chris Hayes is still Chris Hayes, 24 hrs. ago he was a contestant at a Chocolate Factory.

Once you establish yourself—They have to accept you.

“Once you establish yourself—they have to accept you.  ² | Uso justo de la campaña electoral en los Estados Unidos Americanos [pero en México]. || In any case, whatever happens Mr. Hayes: don’t get me wrong.

Breaking the News… Joe McCain, el republicano, gana otro periodo en el Senado de Arizona.

* Los archivos del los “american curios”, o sea la competencia de David Brooks, —The Washington Post:

  1. Horax [en Milenio]., Vía: El MonoAureo [quién más]. https ://monoaureo .com /2016 /08 /22 /el-emperador/ 

In any case [escenario] If, President Peña Nieto doesn't arrest Donald Trump for not paying mexican workers when he built his Trump Tower, President Peña Nieto will be what fútbol fans at the Estadio Azteca, refer to, as a PUTO.

In any case [escenario] if, President Peña Nieto doesn’t arrest Donald Trump for not paying mexican workers when he built his Trump Tower, then President Enrique Peña Nieto will be what fútbol fans at the Estadio Azteca refer to, as a Perfect PUTOoooooooooohhh [La “h” es muda].

2. Sheriff Bart, [Blazing Saddles].

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