Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Let It, Bee)

At The Dakota in New York City,
it’s still the 11th hour.


Déjalo ser.:.C1FE9379-2868-46E6-B82B-9BE13B647900 –_•|•_– Whatever gets ¥ou through the Night and all that Jazz ; amen.

…[A]nd in Paris,
Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille.

09h20 Update

Tomorrow Never Knows, for today, upon going through the motions of a « Dry Run » for tomorrow’s scheduled administrative hearing at Nº 7 de la rue de Jouy, 75181 PARIS cedex 04, the staff of this most non–consequential blog learned from the nice window clerk, that our hearing had been postponed.

Upon requesting the reason for the cancelation of our hearing, we [the staff] were told a variety of reasons; including “maybe it is because of the [national] strike”, many people have had their court dates postponed, —we were told— in any case, the “greffier” (court clerk) was not in the office yet, maybe the person was stuck in traffic, or waiting for 1–in–5 trains available to the masses during the national strike. More context to follow after a necessary ‘mass•turbation’ session.

… but speaking of “MASS•es”
Ladies in Gemini con ustedes:
DEFENDENTE Génolini y las efemérides que Philippe Labró.
In Today’s episode “Le Bras de Fer”, Aristide Briand, separates Church and State (1905) y manda a “chingar a su madre” el Acuerdo de 1801.
Zachariah Jeremiades, guest stars.
Pg. 4, N° 2501 en las “Ya ves, de La Jornada”.

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