In conclusion: the lines have moved, on Deadline

Global Citizen watch:

https ://www .abc .net. au /news /2021-08-12 /fast-fashion-turning-parts-ghana-into-toxic-landfill /100358702

After the mattress sale,
Liz Ricketts brings on the heartbreak from “the shop [in Accra 🇬🇭  casi un puerto con Lagos 🇳🇬] that is going to end homelessness”, one-dead-white mans 👖👔 👕 atatime… or something like that.

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid

REM in Simple RED


If you don’t know this by now, you will never ever know me: AUSTRALIA IS THE ENEMY.

* For the record, on or during the research of a previous book, Öüï referred to this Blue HasteRisk as objects in mirror are closer than They appear”. 

Witt That in Mind please look out the passenger’s windows as Öüï begins to wind down the altitude in that there previously stated afterwit* with Diderot, sin embargo Antonio Banderas… as Öüï descends, it’s time once a-gain for:

Did you really really think that Messi was going to play fot ManU”, Cousin Joe? That’s like negating that the Falklands ever happened… or that at the end of his movie Ronald Reagan was not a fucking homophobic racist. Ask Hudson and The California chapter of the Chaka-Khan bunch¹.

En contexto, Friday last Congressman Scarborough (Frm.R-FLA 🇺🇸) lost Mika’s rescued cat. Cousin Joe, a degenerate gambler wagered the puss on Manchester United’s 🇬🇧 securing the services of one Leonel Messi from here to Eternity or Until The End of the World, which ever arrives first. In the Mean Time, Messi is now part of Manu Chao’s neck of the Woulds in Saint Cloud (9).

¹.) https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Mulford_Act

Another Ale, many many Ale.
Öüï’s going to need more than a pint, Mr. Paul…
the Chief Commander 🇮🇪/🇺🇸 reckons a decade’s worth of Ale… many many Ale.

GPS hall of fame. Tim Apple’s maps.

Trust in Mí, It!  checks out. After all, Rachel Maddow, keep on knoting all them great fish knots in Nantucket, while you were out, Eye managed to shame the chicken hawks in the Republican Party to go along with that Irish fellow and his  infraStrcTuration Week, which now it turns out will become a decade’s construction gig. You are welcome America. I want a Metro Line 14 from El Ey to Babylon Two no latter than The End of The World. Chop-chop Mayor Pete!

Last Week To They

Tina is in — Nina is out

FYI: and you know Chrissy Hayes, “Said, ay, oh, way to go, Ohio!” My guess is that that is what happens when you replace the farmland with shopping malls (just pretending). But no nigerian will deny that Fela 🇳🇬 (Frm. President of Africa 🌍) was like Sen. Mitt romney (R-UTH) a motherfucking LAKER. Check Fela’s place of birth… land of lagos, or some laguna mental, comme ça.

In Ohio 🇺🇸… no word if Fela made the cut (affirmative the Word is NO), but in Les Politiques des Cookies, the newly-elected politician there is somewhere between Cabo Wabo and Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Here’s why, Reverend Al:

Deer, Reverend Al, you cannot, i repeat, you cannot have it both ways. And Breonna Taylor agrees… i’ll explain in a few hours.

For this section, the student will need his/her Unions textbook, their Progressives for Dummies cheat-sheet, and of course a brand new Donkey, preferably not from Tijuana, unless you want to aDd a Zebra into the mix, Mr. Zorro.

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