And, Reverend Al… Eye is not crazy

So, Ohio… i personally think that Cousin Joe’s analogy regarding Nina’s supposed “rejection” from the Irishman Establishment with pretty pink houses for Ewe and Mí, —for you and Mí! Is ideal to unwind the Pretenders among U.S..

Over in LAGOS, Mika is making the final arrangements to keep us from gettin near Zhe* Eiffel Tower. in a concerted effort with none other than French President, Emmanuel Macron, The global citizens want only perfectly cookie-cut concert goers who have no fucking idea who Fela Kuti is.
On deadline, no word if Chaka Khan fans will be branded persona non-gratificada on account of her Black Pumas past.
Trascendió que El llamado Global Citizen event is the “ÖÜÏ are the World” for the 21st centrury and adidas (the three stripped motherfuckers) is a sponsor and puma wearing fellows are not allowed anywhere near Metro Line 9 to Trocadero.

* La hache es como La Muette

And Rev. Al, don’t get me wrong, Belinda and The Go-Go’s are a big part of my wasted hours on the MTV, sin embargo my Honorary Mexican, how can you be the protestor-in-charge in the Era of BLM, and then, when the so-called Heartland is ready to put Praxis into law, You Sir, are going to call for a kinder, gentler, legislator who’s track record at the local level is A-plus in charity, but as BREONNA reminds you from Kentucky, let’s see how she performs with JUSTICE.

Por ejemplo, Avi Velshi, one of the “issues” that these Global Citizens supposedly take action against is this thing written everywhere here in France, it’s called equality and not to bring down or minimize the drama of The George Floyd episode of American History, but as seen from abroad, Reverend Al, the killing in Kentucky (the one that featured Breonna on the nightly news) did not get as much coverage and, as The New York Times put it in this paywall : https ://www .nytimes .com /2020/06/04 /us /breonna-taylor-black-lives-matter-women .html, The legally dead/murdered Black WOMAN’S coverage seemed a bit on the DISSCONNECTED side.

The NYT blamed it on a macho-centered culture that shuns anything that is not down with the GHETTO, in other words, RAP Music… not the GOSPEL sounds of the CRENFLO DOLLAR Ministry.

In Local News, the French are disposing of perfectly good mattresses and pillows like it was the Event before a national holiday. I mean just look at those “SLEEP NUMBERS” and blue pillows below, 24France in WaWaCaliente Canal 26 reports:

Mátelas… del verbo matar, o sea, forma cordial (no igualada, tú) de dar una orden a un matón (dentro o fuera de la Ley)… Matelas sin el acento diacrítico is nothing more than a Sleep Number Mattress. And if youse one of them Global Citizens, then Mr. Pinault-Hayek you would know that good cardboard is one of the biggest commodities around your Dome, which brings me back to that GROUNDED BENCHMARK TEST at La Bourse de Châtelet… please stand-by for El Recorte del Día….NOTE TO EDITORS: all times are in HAWAII STANDARD TIME, knot CENTRAL EUROPE.

In recent broadcasts, you asked to the four winds where all the LatinX’s, the Asian and Pacific Islanders, were? When it came down to march down to Austin and protect Democracy from the power grip of a governor who is killing more people than Pol Pot… Sure, Governor Abbott did not kill them with his own two working limbs, but like Pol Pot, his political manifesto in The Great State of Texas is not much different that that of the Khmers rouges, except that instead of Guerrilla Warfare, the good governor there is utilizing Guerrilla Welfare, and isn’t it IRONIC. Governor Abbot is not alone, the guy from Florida is even running the operation as a DEATH CULT.


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