BULL — Heavy Petting Zoo

Got Cock?

Country Music at The Cracker Barrel se baila en Two-Step, while in the corrida se llama Paso Doble.

Once again, the only way that you can beat the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is if you:

– Cheat
— Beat me while i sleep
— Or if you use the MONARCH effect.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/ Get_Out

Now about that rooster on the NOFX reference above the Jordan Peele “conspiracy” reference, last night before anybody who follows La Jornada knew what today’s front page lower-left square of that tabloid would look like, i was explaining (upon request) to a lópez-obradorista (not a morenista, according to that Mexican in France), that for some reason for the past 4-years or so, i’ve began to notice that whatever i write about WILL, or rather has manifested in the NEWS AROUND THE WORLD in one form or another, and it usually happens within 72 hours.

Take “Pete” the rooster², i saw that Civil War mascot on the reference right about the time that The Bull was slaughtered just a few weeks ago (Apocalypse Now, sacrifice scene), and Willie Geist, lo and behold, Cousin Joe just couldn’t help delivering the rated “G” elements of My Nightmare, for your delight. If there is a “trigger” you best hope that “El Patrón” doesn’t find out, because Paris will have a new lake.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/02/12/

In other news, last night fallece el papá de los pollitos, Chick Corea left the Animal Farm. R.I.P.

🎵 … [T]o get Her on The Sand 🎶

… o en El Ruedo; improvisados need Knot apply.


And, Willie Geist: it’s Pewe, as in “Pepe Le Pew”.

El próximo toro le corresponde a:

Jupiter, and here is why, That God DAMNED BULL has done IT!, again. People WHO Know, know that Jupiter is a fucking thief. This time around, not content with one, that motherfucker took all of the women that Truffaut liked, y por si fuera poco, el muy Cabrón (así con mayúsculas) se voló a “La Sirena de Mississippi”.

🎺 Page 405, Dictionnaire Des Onomatopées; 2ed. PUF, 2003

El Mundo es una montera, maja:

Mhuuuu* 🗣🎶 EWE Cow.


https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Montera

🎶 En un Pase de Fermín, se encerraba enRRedaba—una Chiquilla, esa Chiquilla’es La Pundita—Ardilla, Ardilla.

Ladies in Gemini: ¡Pedro Navajas!


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