She’s Back!!! — and she brought the “Hitch-22”

Over at The Ozarks… A most despicable Bostonian is summoned to Saint Louis, Missourrah.

“Stay classy, San Diego”

“Stay classy, San Diego” Cousin Joe just reattached Los Hilos del Campbell’s Soup to the Mighty Mighty Coffee mug of the one and only Ron Burgundy .::. C6A16BA9-5C44-4166-8A48-C568188CD99D 4️⃣ 📺 Over at WHSL Saint Louis source for the best Lucha Libre in the planet, Dr. Frankfurter (Mike Barnicle) and Nurse Karni (as herself) are summoned by the Kansas City mafia to “put a fix” on Frank’s Jr., sausage handle.

Willie Geist, in the role of Frank Cosgrove, Jr., nearly killed her, but then it cost him (Willie Geist) his fucking pecker after Crazy Claire, in the role of Darlene Snell, blasted it off with a 12–gauge blast “a quema crotch”. Anygüey, it’s been like three dog–years ago since Elise Jordan was seen on the other side of the screen. 

Musical guest: One Minute to midnight…
The Cure

The Cure, you ask? .::. 210AA909-A5E7-4162-9D48-22A814C0C3A7 🦠🔬It’s PLAY FOUR to THEY, at HOME, of course! Motherfuckers.

Brown Hair Woman as pictured by an Albino Bluesman

Dear, Avi Velshi… you are not alone. It’s just D.A.T. Eye is not set for the opening round between Romulous and Remus; right now, Shannon Pettypiece is doing the “Card Girl” honorary inside-perimeter of “el” pancracio and Eddie Gloud, Jr., is set to referee this fight —Dedos A Tres Caídas, sin limite de Tiempo.

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