Deer, Tiffany Cross — have a baguette… they Ex_ceptional

Attention camp: tonight’s performance will be conducted by Victoria and the Foux du Fa Fa’s. The dynamic Aussies will be performing the French Classic, “Foux du fafa” followed by, That Baguette is Pain Perdu.

🥖🥖🥖 https ://www .euronews .com /2021/03/27 /france-submits-the-baguette-for-unesco-world-heritage-status

No se vayan… ¡deteniendo! But most important, Katty Kay, please relay to your dearly beloved Shakespeare and C° across Cervantes backyard that, 🗣 No Human Being is Illegal!

… [N]ow if i only had a little talent, the real kind that gives one the Grace to bamboozle donations from self-serving elitist, who as Mark Zuckerberg knows, is for their Mercedes benefits, i would “string” an entire sentence just for context sake, because a PICTURE CAN SAY A thousand WORDS, but where’s the beef, governor⁉️

Fair use of media:

Roots… and Katty Kay, this is what gets my scones all clotted up in the loo, a Brit can find each and every way to cheat John Bulldog just don’t call them fuckers “illegals”. A few months ago, some tv outlet featured a story about some “poor” business executives who could not afford to rent a hole-in-the wall in the London metropolitan area but lucky for them, a daily flight from BARAJAS to Heathrow and a studio in Madrid was cheaper than finding “suitable” living quarters in The U.K..

In Local news, the following 🏗 move is being orchestrated by Victoria (who else?) and the good people at GROUPrAMA à Saint Michel and of course, la bendita rue Serpente (75006).

Ahora con texto, y toda la cosa:

I really hope that los Amigos de Valencia don’t read this echo from the Latin Quarter in Paname bunnyman, because if they do—do, read this section of the blog, Spaniards from Portugal are going to think that the following entry is about them, pero no (punto y coma) this Echo is KNOT about them, it is however bunnyman, about Victoria, my muse of the Month. Victoria by the güey, llega de cualquier color y manera como a ella le pega su chingada gana, —Linsey Reiser. Today she’s orchestrating the Color Green like no other.

Any güey, bunnyman, el Grupo inmobilario Groupama (sin erre, ese) is remodeling the good part of the Sector known as “el barrio latino” de Paname, among their first MOVES, el Grupo inmobilario Groupama (sin erre, ese) obliterated the “Brick and Mortar” institution known as Gilberto amarillo no me pongo, Jaune es mi color, —ese.

Not to be outdone by The Suez Canal Authority, el Grupo Groupama (sin erre, —ese) decided to move an entire building in order to install one single G5 cell tower (punto y coma) bookshelves in the three buildings that used to HOUSE all kinds of knowledge protested, to no avail… the bookshelves were sent to the ScrapYard by the Junta at the art gallery next door… the “Esoteric” section said nothing and that is why that section remains standing… for now. La Junta Inmobiliaria will get them, Aussi, and there will be no History section to save their ass.

Luckly, for Cerf-panthére, el Grupo inmobilario Groupama (sin erre, ese) spared the ESOTERIC section, just so that our favorite fortune teller would not Cry Mí (a motherfucking) River, —you know.

This section is co-sponsored by, the Grupo GroupRama (now with “erres”, —ese)

Deer, Tiffany Cross… hoy no hubo noticias

Witt that in M.I.N.D., this is last week To They, again.

Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D) stars as:
Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce

Listen up, Mr. Biden, President [One-Each]… never mind Tijuana, Öüï needs some Chinos de Mexicali on that Dang-on Administration of Kamala Harris, eh! .:. ############# 🥢🥡 Why from Xicali? Ask anybody from The Imperial Valley who is not a white supremacist there, Mexicali has the best Egg Rolls south of The Frisco Bay—Maaaan! That’s Why, Mr. President.

Attention, C.A.M.P., the following section must be read in a Corporal “Radar” O’Rilley’s voice (punto y coma) for those not in the know… let Mí, explain before you send in the doggs.

M.A.S.H. was a television show depicting a very particular view on the Korean War (punto y coma) part of the FICTIONAL characters include a black American Football player. The writer of that script—again—the writer of that STORY calls that black CHARACTER, “Spearchucker Jones”. So please spare me the indignation if you are not going to “string” the context.

De re vote (punto y coma) that means a rebound 🛎 F113F106-0DAE-48F1-8B7C-0F896A379597 🌬 And because Eye is Live, and not re-hashed: Deer, Jason “Doc’ta” Johnson… youse a bit muffled on the Cross…get it? And Dr. Johnson, that ray of light on your nose, that’s Mí in the corner.

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210325 –french-trial-opens-over-anti-asian-covid-tweets-paris-racism

In local news, we post it, it, and Oh [with a capital, O] France responded in-step, coincidence? You-betcha! I’m just a stringer of known news with no talent whatsoever, just an itsy bitsy teenie knack to improvise the events of the next few Theys, that’s all. If i knew what the term “projection” meant, i would probably string a sentence or maybe, Cerf-panthère, maybe Tú.

Dear, Tiffany Cross, now that You have established that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is not, Eye repeats, KNOT!— dropping Dangling Participles on the “Cross Connections”, have a SANGRIA SUNRISE on Mí… jump to Sunday, March 22nd 2021.