{and} Starring as Beau³regard Maverick, Mehdi Hasan

https ://www .lexpress .fr /actualite /monde /amerique-nord /mexique-l-affaire-du-general-cienfuegos-ou-l-impossible-lutte-contre-les-narcos _2141679 .html

³. Eye is sorry FO’mispelling YO’name, but Eye bet that Ewe didn’t know that if you put a Cucaracha in a microwave, the Card cafard will turn into a Phoenix, Eh!

Say it Loud, Bill Barr is a plastic narco-runner Credit-Card man, ese… {and} youse knot foolin’ anyone John Lennon, Eye Knew Zappa! Ask T-REX.

https ://www .reddit .com /r /france /comments /th1n3h /présidentielle_2022 _valérie_pécresse_accuse/
Emmanuel Macron de plagier son programme

In other WO’ids, Adrienne ElRod:

las ‘micro ondas’ nos LA pellizcán!!!


This episode has KNOT yet BEAN rated. In the mean Thyme, a MESSAGE to Ewe, Rudy_mentaria (punto y coma). In Mexico, Öüï, pronounces The LAST in Line, es decir: you sound like a Porto Rican handling an ‘ARE²‘… —let GO, de Niza, put an accent on that Eh.

².~ un SON sin clave, —pues.

PONCE, pronounced: ponce

Excercise One: in this section las chicas del coro explain how Ponce sounds if the last letter in that line goes mute.

Cast of characters
Head cheerleader — Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /en-passant-par-le-mexique7514620

Give Mí an “L”
Give Mí an “e”

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0066026 /mediaviewer /rm3504707840/

Give Mí a “See
Give Mí an “a”
Give Mí an “f”
Silence that “é

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2022-03-17 /emmanuel-macron-veut-transformer-pole-emploi-en-france-travail -1193974

WHAT-AH Ewe Get?

https ://www .discogs .com /release /8401673-Andr%C3%A9s-Segovia-Enregistrements-Recordings-Aufnahmen-1927-1939/image /SW1hZ2U6MjI3NDIwMTQ=

… {and} the colored girls go:
Doo, doo-du.
Doo, doo-do, doo-do, doot-du-du-doo
{and} eye quotes,
« Le CAF ».

Anyhow, there is MOORE to come, and if you’ve seen a View To A Kill, then you might be {Abel} to see the EY in that EL.

²— ¡ NO DURAraN !
¡ NO DURAraN !

ra‘ no dice nada.
²a ‘ra‘ le mocharon LA Lengua

memo 📝 to Memo…

La Bagagerie… Rated G :

All ages admitted. Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Motion_Picture_Association_film_rating_system

Patinadas putinescas para Pre—K.

And, BRUT MEDIA, please stand-by for The Triangulating of THE YEAR OF MéXICO in The United Nations Security Council (in FRANCE 2009), why? Because this blog is about México and EYE Is a Ghost in This MACHINE, courtesy of the very PEOPLE who brought you the nazis in México, El Partido Acción Nacional (look it up)… and, Memo, please recall that Eye does KNOT select the Parallel Rails of that Grand FUNK Railroad.

Lástima, Margarita.

Unlike The Ukraine, Mexico does have an active remnant of the Ford Motor Company in the 1920’s within its government structure {Yunque}


Sally… that woman had no business driving on an occupied Autobahn

It’s a demented tragedy.
“All the news that fit to PRINT”… Eye don’t give a Damn about The New York Times, Eye saved Andy GWAR🕳️.

Russian personnel carrier BMP runs over little old lady on the road. Now who’s the fucking little Nazi, Vlad? CHECK ♟️🕰️ here you go Margarita🍸 Take One.

But, seriously, any Body knows how many Theys to Mardi Gras? The new ‘supremes’ got a new prospect, dad is a surgeon; mom? WHO gives a DAMN.

Senate Minority Leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell already released the FOXES NEWS Channels to dig deep into the dark origins of would-be SCOTUS Justice FO’life, or FO’as long as there is such thing as a PARIS, KENTUCKY… CHECK, please ♟️🕰️🍸

Sycophants near South Carolina’s Republican headquarters already released A Hawaiian birth certificate showing that “Ketanji Onyika Brown”, if that’s in fact that is her real name, is THE LONG LOST ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER OF A, Dr. Oliver Harmon “Spearchucker” Jones and a NURSE with a weekend Pass to Malibu.

Our source for this scoop is off–CORSE, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s brother-in-law (William) is married to Paul Ryan’s sister-in-law (Dana).

QUÉ BONITA FAMILIA, check please! 🧾🍸🕰️

Deer, Tiffany Cross… hoy no hubo noticias

Witt that in M.I.N.D., this is last week To They, again.

Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D) stars as:
Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce

Listen up, Mr. Biden, President [One-Each]… never mind Tijuana, Öüï needs some Chinos de Mexicali on that Dang-on Administration of Kamala Harris, eh! .:. ############# 🥢🥡 Why from Xicali? Ask anybody from The Imperial Valley who is not a white supremacist there, Mexicali has the best Egg Rolls south of The Frisco Bay—Maaaan! That’s Why, Mr. President.

Attention, C.A.M.P., the following section must be read in a Corporal “Radar” O’Rilley’s voice (punto y coma) for those not in the know… let Mí, explain before you send in the doggs.

M.A.S.H. was a television show depicting a very particular view on the Korean War (punto y coma) part of the FICTIONAL characters include a black American Football player. The writer of that script—again—the writer of that STORY calls that black CHARACTER, “Spearchucker Jones”. So please spare me the indignation if you are not going to “string” the context.


De re vote (punto y coma) that means a rebound 🛎 F113F106-0DAE-48F1-8B7C-0F896A379597 🌬 And because Eye is Live, and not re-hashed: Deer, Jason “Doc’ta” Johnson… youse a bit muffled on the Cross…get it? And Dr. Johnson, that ray of light on your nose, that’s Mí in the corner.

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210325 –french-trial-opens-over-anti-asian-covid-tweets-paris-racism

In local news, we post it, it, and Oh [with a capital, O] France responded in-step, coincidence? You-betcha! I’m just a stringer of known news with no talent whatsoever, just an itsy bitsy teenie knack to improvise the events of the next few Theys, that’s all. If i knew what the term “projection” meant, i would probably string a sentence or maybe, Cerf-panthère, maybe Tú.

Dear, Tiffany Cross, now that You have established that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is not, Eye repeats, KNOT!— dropping Dangling Participles on the “Cross Connections”, have a SANGRIA SUNRISE on Mí… jump to Sunday, March 22nd 2021.