Ewe don’t say… this whole Coronavirus is a menstrual industry scheme to drive Vania’s Stock up!!!

One FLU over the cookoo en la mañanera.


But FO’ist! Nah, nah, nah and HOLDER!!! Did you, Politico LeMire, see that plane below the former Atty. Gral. Eric HOLDER, IT’S Spiraling down,  —and watchout for that intercity train.

And, Mr. Martin III, i hope that you don’t interpret this as jumping on the Metro ‘bus’ 166 in El Ey bandwagon, like those Al Sharpton “troublemakers”, and here is why, young Luther, but first little ol’ASP needs to find a computer in order to behold Javier Sicilia’s ass at The Foreign Correspondents room of The Big ol’Palace in Paris and, La Plaza del alcalde del Estado de Cuernavaca, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, and what Hubris looks like when the Compagnon®️ ignores Physics period!

The physics of failure

In the mean time, allow Mí, to show the King part in your nomenclature what the FRENCH version of TIME magazine « person of the year » looks like, TROU to form the cover ignores the worthy one and selects “the” consequentialism of the usual consequences.

Issy, she’s just a girl.

Hold it now.

And in Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China, the rag thickens:

Study links Covid-19 vaccination to small increase in menstrual cycle length, but experts say it’s no cause for concern*.

SOURCE: https ://www .cnn .com /2022/01/06 /health /covid-vaccine-menstrual-cycle /index .html

Jump to page 9 Tú Cero Tú Tú

Modelo de gestión de residuos culturales de aplicación, S.A. de C.V.

PRE-req reading for this course :
AOCs greatest Hits:

https ://www .pinknews .co .uk /2021/09/09 /alexandria-ocasio-cortez-transgender/

It’s only natural, and Governor Abbot (R-TX) Eye can assure your mentally crippled soul that by, or no-later-than the first official cigarette break in France, which usually happens at around Ohhhh, 21h in Hawaïï Standard Time, the cobblestones (pavés) are free of nucleic acid sequences and other assorted mec'(os).

Sur la voie publique, on ne jette pas masques, gants et mouchoirs !

Mon – Sun 06h to 09h in CET
Instructor: Dr. Franceso Takeya (DDS)
Section: Paris Propreté à La Lavandière
(near Carmel-by the-Plage)

Note to Lawrence O’Donnell @thelastword… THIS IS A TIME DELAYED ENTRY… iPhone is down-iPhone is down go to @segoarma for update

And still to come… Évry body is talking about BOXING now, c’mon KEN, —burn the fucking BandWagon! And, Reverend Al… is it true that ALI is, was, and will always be prettier than Paul?

WHO cares, that’s YESterday’s news all Öüï know is that Magnum was, is, and will forevermore be a fag (punto y coma) never mind The Mexican Suitcase and follow’me fuckos to where the streets no tienen madre. Sponsored by Achtung Sud.

It’s 1964 and if it’s Sunday the 13th, then Martin Luther is telling, IT!, —like it is— in Berlin. Trou STORY. It’s a story in part about Walls, the people who climb them, and the migras who shoot’EM.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark :/34201 /nptfl0001693177

https ://time .com /5504826 /martin-luther-king-wall-history/



Deer, Tiffany Cross… hoy no hubo noticias

Witt that in M.I.N.D., this is last week To They, again.

Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D) stars as:
Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce

Listen up, Mr. Biden, President [One-Each]… never mind Tijuana, Öüï needs some Chinos de Mexicali on that Dang-on Administration of Kamala Harris, eh! .:. ############# 🥢🥡 Why from Xicali? Ask anybody from The Imperial Valley who is not a white supremacist there, Mexicali has the best Egg Rolls south of The Frisco Bay—Maaaan! That’s Why, Mr. President.

Attention, C.A.M.P., the following section must be read in a Corporal “Radar” O’Rilley’s voice (punto y coma) for those not in the know… let Mí, explain before you send in the doggs.

M.A.S.H. was a television show depicting a very particular view on the Korean War (punto y coma) part of the FICTIONAL characters include a black American Football player. The writer of that script—again—the writer of that STORY calls that black CHARACTER, “Spearchucker Jones”. So please spare me the indignation if you are not going to “string” the context.


De re vote (punto y coma) that means a rebound 🛎 F113F106-0DAE-48F1-8B7C-0F896A379597 🌬 And because Eye is Live, and not re-hashed: Deer, Jason “Doc’ta” Johnson… youse a bit muffled on the Cross…get it? And Dr. Johnson, that ray of light on your nose, that’s Mí in the corner.

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210325 –french-trial-opens-over-anti-asian-covid-tweets-paris-racism

In local news, we post it, it, and Oh [with a capital, O] France responded in-step, coincidence? You-betcha! I’m just a stringer of known news with no talent whatsoever, just an itsy bitsy teenie knack to improvise the events of the next few Theys, that’s all. If i knew what the term “projection” meant, i would probably string a sentence or maybe, Cerf-panthère, maybe Tú.

Dear, Tiffany Cross, now that You have established that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is not, Eye repeats, KNOT!— dropping Dangling Participles on the “Cross Connections”, have a SANGRIA SUNRISE on Mí… jump to Sunday, March 22nd 2021.


Adventures in Translation: false friends… sponsored by Vania®️

Deer, Mika: your daddy says to remember the old adage:

That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below…

with this on the rearview mirror, that just makes you “the current (i) one,” in the power formula. Por ejemplo, Willie Geist, i am going to put you in Yogi Berra’s playing position (fat lady optional) and i am going to play the role of Camilo Cienfuegos on the mound, and never mind the signals. So with that in mind, let’s crossover The Hill(s) and the Atlantic to the first time that “God Damn” was used in comparative analysis.

So, yeah—dig this: en Español del bueno, ese mismo que se habla en México, un « tampón » es eso, a RED collector. En anglais, c’est la même CHOZA, raza = un Tampax ®️ para todas aquellas que no usan montura durante esos malditos días del mes; en francés*, Mare, un tampon es muchas cosas más, y sin ir muy lejos un tampon higiénico se puede usar para COTEJAR documentos ‘en rojo’ en La Préfectura de Cité (Paris, Centre). HOW? You may never care or wonder, but Eye is going to tell you why on the next  set of pitches—bitches.

https ://www .discogs .com /Les-McCann-Eddie-Harris-Compared-To-What /master /328070

And in Washington, in Washington ya no pasa nada, and i am going to leave it at that since today is Little Wednesday’s Addams turn, and Tuesday’s Gone.

This gives us time to answer one Happy caller three from the 13éme in Paris, poor guy, his girlfriend just got ran over by a parked snowmobile, or something like that, poor Happy, he really-really loved that Chinese woman, but Happy found love at a hypnotist show at Le Cirque Electric in the same arrondissement. Good for that hypnotist, Happy, whomever she might be.

… and then she was hit by a lightning bolt ⚡️ Lucky for Happy, Vice-President Harris knew that Chinese woman.


1 de Enero 2021 — Dear, Teeny Tiny Cat

Note To Ashley CHEVALIER:

Grupo 24 Horas de AA… Issy, Mme. Chevaliere, Eye know that you’ve heard (as a journalist – off course) about the 12-step program, but lemme’Tell ya’Cinnamon Spice, “It’s Knot one of —those! » .:. F025E8E9-EF79-46E9-A3D2-DAA28E48CEF2 🚶🏽‍♂️Eye is talking about The Midnight Rambler, of course.

Hoy no hubo BFMer TV, but do give our regards to Damien UrLetGo… we changed some of the names to protect the innocent… x ejemplo, take Mick Jagger:

Smile🙃 because as Keith “the loon” used to say, Susan del Percio: TO THE MOON, Alicia!!! Tú, the Moon. But FO’ist, we Ketch-up with the Immortality Machine inside of Capitol Hill in WaWa Land. Some call it History, Alicia, but people WHO know, know that it is just another edition of Organized Grab-Ass with a bunch of old, old, very Old Kids on The Hill.

After the Break, Alicia Menendez takes on the role of Karaoke Wizard and renders Queen’s, “Stone Cold… crazy,” on Dateline, Knot Deadline. Check local listings.

Right now, here’s an update on Mattéo’s “funny paper” and if you ever get the punchline of the joke, my future graduate of the most prestigious école hôtelière in the World*, then you’ll understand what a “slow yellow lorry” means before getting inside of a “Black Limousine”.

For those WHO are knot on the know, know that i buried Titus. .:. F6432F3E-187B-402E-9A60-2743A9296A08 .:. The inside of this pyramid is shaped like a stretched out feline with the Sphinx como lomo y cuello (punto y coma) the Question is, Mme. Chevalier, can you spot the anca on the Onca?

* i won’t mention the name, so-pena de que doña Vilma and her fuentes at the recently debunked Michelin Guide, object to our report.

—_-!-_— note to editors —_-!-_—

In Hilo, Hawaii,
the first day of the year just crossed the Twilight Zone.
And in Paris,
en Paris is they too of the aforementioned
12-step program from Grupo 24 de AA.

Stick around, Mme. Chevalier and let the “weekend help” do the rounds; Eye noticed that the weekend producers included a French fan of the Jack The Ripper Honor Society. Somebody needs to tell that poor man to stop crying, what with all of the flooding in Landes them crocodile tears are going to flood me another river.

Anuncio: Public Service Announcement
Item: Feminine hygiene products
Product placed: Brides, filets et selles

When HerStory rhymes in HisStory times .:. 294612A4-33A4-451E-88AA-52F99EE1C090 🧶 And now, the rest of Her story… Öüï now know the real detonator in Strasbourg (no pun intended^) but it seems that the Dang-On Brexit is taken right out of the book of Prohibition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers /alsace-un-jeune-homme-tue-par-un-mortier-d-artifice-01-01-2021-8416865 .php

In Brexit-ed Actuality, it’s a small victory for Vania®️ in the U.K. and a small step for The Cramps; not that i know anything about the period in the early 1920’s which came to be known as Rag Time, but i have it on good authority to relay to all Femmes of the Calamity Jane fan club that “les selles” o como dicen en las charreadas “las monturas” for all cavalières won’t be considered LUXURY ITEMS, like in France, Art and other assorted accessories designed to adorn Galleries remain Tax Free in the Hexágono.