The thing about La France… It’s that Le Francisme⁶ is hiring

The thing about La Franche… Is that they are a bunch of nigger lovers… and that’s a good thing. Because the alternative, congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, is a little nationalist mouvement called FRANCISME, and said mouvement shares a birthday with the biggest nigger in California, a CRACK PUSHER by the name of Ronald Wilson Reagan, our 🇺🇲 first actor-president 🎬, period!

Let Me Put You In The Forecast… Melissa saw her shadow on BFMTV, this means “Six more weeks of the -70’s Show », period!

And, Apolline de Hierbamala, that’s not me saying it, that was your next guest BATTLE CRY during the 2012 French Presidential campaign…

Does anybody remember
“My Niggas in Paris”

Who’s your Mamie now?

With that in mind, let Mí be the first to wish Tiffany Cross a Happy Birthday. Do not think that I missed my favorite Saturday afternoon show’s cancellation for calling out WHITE SUPREMACISTS on the state that congressman Joe Scarborough used to represent, —and still does…

And, Baby Blue 💙, if you are still in talking terms with Joy A. Reid, please let her know that MELISSA Harris-Perry told her so. And now you know.

Re🎂petition and you may eat it too.

and please don’t shoot this motherfucker.




… [A]nd in France, Mr. De Wilde, do you know WHO else celebrates a Birthday? ?

NOTE to La Bibliotèque publique d’infomercials (formally d’information) Centre Pompidou:

If youse gonna do the Astros and don’t feature Jodorowski, A., next to Crowley A., than you are nothing but cheating your audience, but then that is the whole point of these Elements.

Now, about that fucking birthday…

And Zeppelin goes here.

Me, and again after The Red Moon. And here’s the kicker, knot a punchline, i don’t even have an alter ego, o como dice Jorge Saldaña (en Banderilla, Veracruz) un « autre moi », ASP turns 11 years old this coming 18th of January and to celebrate the Bpi is doing a SATURN is NOT what The AQUA VELVA think that it is, o como dicen en el CNES: Les arts divinatoires, narrated of course by the great CARL SAGAN… note to the Peoples of the Pale Blue Dot, don’t take the latin Eye too serious on the Bpi section of the Georges Pompidou, for example, the youtube® video below cannot be rewiewed on the Bp “i“, nor can you check a tweet, or visit a facebook account in order to complement a review of the Pléiades or any of its  Crabby nebula sisters.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =Iunr4B4wfDA

Across The Universe… indeed, Cerf-panthère (20 minutes france) if what the Bpi says on its “Les arts divinatoires : Une mode chez les jeunes ?” exposition is true, that in 2020 la Fondation Jean-Jaurès found that FOUR, (Eye say FOUR!!!) out of every 10 French motherfuckers in France actually believes in, and Eye quotes, “l’astrologie », then it follows that with the lack of a TELEVISA-deportes to entertain its genteemmerdada“, or Miserables if you are into kinky shit, have no other choice but to swallow Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes.

INFOMERCIAL from the Smiths at Beaubourg
sponsored by: VANIA
https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2022/01/06 /profeco-vigilara-precios-de-productos-de-gestion-menstrual/
For the record, Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes are know to cure all variants and/or strains of the Corona® crudas…

Simon, eh…  Cerf-panthère, ” Funkier than a MOUSTIQUE Tigre »… 🦟🐅

Little black letters disclaimHER: Alejandro Jodorowski’s crab cakes can’t do nothing for your “gestionmenstrual other than to tell you what fucking Constellation is rising during your fucking period, period!

So, sticking with bull, Taurus-es bull let’s… review:

Following the first lockdown of 2020 la Biblioteca pública de “informercials³” en Paris (Beaubourg) opened its doors, at first by appointment and/or registration and then The Smiths there decided that they would open back to pre-pandemic glory with the sole exception of wearing a mask inside (and no smoking marihuana in the terrace)… Aussie², (LAT 34.1 S ; LONG 117.2 E) youtube® is blacklisted and RADIO LA NUEVA REPUBLICA, a propaganda machine from TACHIRA, Venezuela, operating out of Monterrey, Nuevo León and Banderilla, Veracruz (home of the Foreign Legion Borrégos brigade) became a PORNOGRAPHIC site.

².~ Somewhere near Perth, Australia… access denied; Djoko.

And, Michael Steele, fuck you, Eye is no fortunate Sun… as Eye types, IT!, has to switch between the node at the library and the phone on Mí’s left hand, SO PARDON our “horrores ortográficos“, but the technology is only as good as its updates and protocols, you know, JUST LIKE HEAVEN… good thing that there is always times to CHANGE the Road that you are on, according to Jimmy Page. And Siren, this blog is all about the pages.

Over at a known record peddler in le quartier des Ternes, David Bowie is celebrating his birthday, for the occasion former band members and collaborators (minus The Spyders from Mars, pour des raisons évidentes) are going to be jamming next to Valérie Pécresse-ces-ese presidential campaign headquarters. “If the house is a Rockin” that’s probably because SRV is going to riff “Let’s Dance” for all the alley cats.

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Dear Malcolm Nance*, it’s WeekEnd Edition:

By armando segovia
December 10th, 2016
08:00 CET

Mr. Nance, please relay to Avi Velshi (“the” multi-platform money-news go-to-guy) to have a very FUN and pleasant weekend.  The staff from the other side of ‘the’ Atlantic summon this observation up mostly as a footnote, on our very own COMM 4110 semester term paper: “How to become a better editor-at-large from abroad” . Shout-out to the Larry O’show.

Fair use of all media in the gathering of 'cyber-legitimate-news' as 'footnotes' of a work in progress, a term paper, and a mémoire for the kids at the Latin American wing of SCIENCES PO and the IHEAL [por sus siglas en Francés].

Fair use of all media in the gathering of ‘cyber-legitimate-news‘ as ‘footnotes‘ of a work in progress, a term paper, and a mémoire for the kids at the Latin American wing of SCIENCES PO and the IHEAL [por sus siglas en Francés].

For context [and for the benefit of Mr. Stephen Colbert] Mr. Velshi sure seemed pumped-up at yesterday’s Cousin Joe First Look sign-off. Of course, what could make a money-guy get all giddy about a weekend [any weekend] more than the news about money. It’s like say, a Donni Deutsch staffer jumping up and down if his Ad Firm got a 4-Year contract on pushing the idea of Paris Hilton washing your imaginary hot rod, while soaked in suds and wearing only a Bikini*** Coming UP on the Discovery NatGEO channel [Bolivian edition]: EXXON, EXXON, EXXON.

Oh, and by-the-güey, Mr. Nance, do tell The Rachel Maddow Show producers that Friday night dinners are now the new Monday morning ‘diner’ news shows.

Of course, the good thing about this blog, is that producers on the other side of “the” Atlantic do not follow the pieces of this particular ‘term-paper / portfolio‘, written from abroad.

*Mr. Malcolm Nance is an intelligence gatherer
—first by training, then by trade—
who oversaw the recent American Election for at least
one network in 2016: MSNBC.
Avi Velshi on the other hand is an economic analyst,
and a fan of legendary ‘bald-headed’ astronaut.

Friday Nights… on MSNBC sources for Mr. Colbert follow (in no particular order). Continue reading

14 de junio 2016

Read on a tale about two cities.
It was was the best of times,
it was the worst of times…


Who’s looking out for your best interests? | Uso justo de los medios || On one side, who’s looking out for your rights to get paid overtime, but most important —perhaps— to have a decent paying job; on the other, who’s looking out for the security in your town? ||| [Context follows].

Since 2011 i’ve been in awe at how France manages to balance out the right of its constituents to assemble and engage on political discourse on the street, while at the same time equalize the use of force on the crowds, it can get rough—but at least they don’t bury you. My observations come after experiencing both the American and the south of the border [policing] styles. My hope, as i prepare to head out into the crowd [today] is that all involved give each other a break.

TimeStamp 13h [time-now]…

just a thought, or rather a response to the CGT member who ‘suggested’ to me that just about ‘anyone with a camera’ [mostly the ‘medias’] only focus on the destructive part of a so-called extreme left during a manifestation:

This blog, M’sieur, is all for workers rights and for finding a space to protest about what might be making your political thermometer go up—BUT—if the actions of discourse extend to deface a Children’s Hospital [on the section where surgery is being performed] then you are no longer engaging in whatever you might think that ‘class-warfare” means; if your movement has reached that new low then —your movement— just lost the specific “pro” part in the word “progressive”.


… Context follows, but right now as the talking heads in some 'medias' might say: it's way too early.

… Context follows, but right now as the talking heads in some ‘medias’ might say: it’s way too early. | Uso justo de los medios, y de un reloj en tiempo real.

Breaking news: Popular primary vote count season in the U.S. is now over. Projected winners: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… check local listings. With this, concludes its coverage of MSNBC Special Election take, for the primary election process in the U.S. of A.

Happy times —as close to the Wall— and Orlando should not be a political springboard for the owner of the Trump Tower.

Saludos. | Uso justo de MSNBC on the aftermath of election night.

Saludos. | Uso justo de MSNBC on the aftermath of election night.