The thing about La France… It’s that Le Francisme⁶ is hiring

The thing about La Franche… Is that they are a bunch of nigger lovers… and that’s a good thing. Because the alternative, congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, is a little nationalist mouvement called FRANCISME, and said mouvement shares a birthday with the biggest nigger in California, a CRACK PUSHER by the name of Ronald Wilson Reagan, our 🇺🇲 first actor-president 🎬, period!

Let Me Put You In The Forecast… Melissa saw her shadow on BFMTV, this means “Six more weeks of the -70’s Show », period!

And, Apolline de Hierbamala, that’s not me saying it, that was your next guest BATTLE CRY during the 2012 French Presidential campaign…

Does anybody remember
“My Niggas in Paris”

Who’s your Mamie now?

With that in mind, let Mí be the first to wish Tiffany Cross a Happy Birthday. Do not think that I missed my favorite Saturday afternoon show’s cancellation for calling out WHITE SUPREMACISTS on the state that congressman Joe Scarborough used to represent, —and still does…

And, Baby Blue 💙, if you are still in talking terms with Joy A. Reid, please let her know that MELISSA Harris-Perry told her so. And now you know.

Re🎂petition and you may eat it too.

and please don’t shoot this motherfucker.




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