Rain drops are fallin’ on my Robot

And Reverend Al… did you know that  Burt Bacharach wrote a song for Vícente Fernández, Indeed! Reverend Al, Indeed. Saldy, Chente died before the record could be pressed, trou story.

Viejas feas

I sure hope you and Martin Luther III don’t hold my Charts against , you know I love your Mexican ass, but I am still not sure about that solidarity nepotist and his trip to Mexico this past September of 2022.

In Martin Luther’s defense, you, him and Jesse do have a stain with THE ANCIENT ALIEN theme at TAMA-Re ∴… but again, Öüi is not holding that against you or the other two, lesser reverends.

MARCHE DE LA FIDÉLITÉ – La Bastilla michoacana…
Calderón se souvient de sa Marche de la Loyauté : “la tradition était de la célébrer au château de Chapultepec”


https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/2/9 /calderon-recuerda-su-marcha-de-la-lealtad-la-tradicion-era-celebrarla-en-el-castillo-de-chapultepec-301838 .html

I bring this up, not to annoy you Reverend Al, but to remind the Programming Overlords at msNBC that when you participate in a 4-hour show about nothing you get nothing, so IF that mormon son of a bitch, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third is not going to say a peep about the man responsible for all of that Fentanyl and other assorted soft drugs like COCAINE crossing over to HUECO TANKS, from Samalayuca de Ahumada, then don’t complain about that on-going drug problematic in Biden’s house.

And for context, Reverend Al, I am about to complete a job application with for Vilma Fuentes’ paisana (from the Borderplex in Samalayuca/Tanks³) María Hinojosa and her Futuro Pelo enterprise… but to tell you the truth, I have no hope of even being considered for that coveted position in Harlem, because as we all know, those positions are gentrified by Ivy League or the New York Pinto League Alumni.

³~. Samalayuca Dunes in the State of Chihuahua and Hueco Tanks in Texas; for context, Futuro Media requires some references for the janitor job in Harlem and one of the sources that I chose was the former El Paso Bureau’s Associated Press correspondent, Alicia Caldwell, I met her on a golf cart inside of a Border Patrol Holding Tank Compound, on our way to an American Terrorist’s trial, his name is not relevant anymore, but let’s just say that he was not a fan of CAMILO CIENGUEGOS y los barbudos de Fidel… I never asked Alicia if she was a Baseball Fan, even though we both shared a floor at The El Paso Times newspaper of record… which like MSNBC, wanted nothing to do with SOUTH of THE BORDER issues, which where very, very, very Bloody at the Time, and Genaro García Luna was about to become the man in Charge of them federales marching into El PRONAF y la Avenida Lincoln en El Puente de Las Américas en Ciudad Juárez, —MERIDA PLAN. not the one Over the Panama Canal.

And besides, Reverend Al, if Futuro Media even dares to not read my footnotes and bibliographic real-time references she would not be invited again to Mika’s penthouse for dinner. That’s just the way FRENCH PEOPLE are, and as everybody in the whole-wide World knows, the minute that someone sets foot on The Fountain’s premises s\he\other immediatly turns into a fucking frog…

2 de febrero, 1905Ayn Rand, Russian-born American novelist and philosopher ( 1982)… actually, Ayn Rand didn’t die, and no, Alain Greenspan, no! For the last time Ayn Rand did not die and went to heaven, although she qualified as a canine (that bitch), she is right there next to you. Ayn Rand took over the body Andrea Mitchell.

And I Quote, Cookie 🍪 Monster:

Amphibians! The entire charco, including them TadPoles! Amphibians Eye tell Ya’!

L’unité de renseignement financier (UIF) du ministère des Finances

Why, why do you think, Reverend Al, that Baby Blue got axed off of the floor? Because Tiffany refused to stop outing people out… too bad “my prayer” never got to her… right now Tiffany Cross is dubbing Crystal Waters “Da-ra-dee Da-ra-dah” in Philadelphia, PA..

Which reminds me, an important quality for a janitor job in journalism is to ask them stinky questions, the kind of questions that linger for a while in the back of someone’s head, por ejemplo PENILEY, maybe I am off the 375-Loop in Antony, New Mexico, but is “La Hinojosa” invited to ABU DABHI on that Mika over 50 show? Or was she given the working at a Sonic Burger drive-thru in Texas, in the role of a co-worker of PARIS HILTON at the end of a shift?

Sonic Burger context follows from Paris.

Full-disclosure, Rev. Al, I was contemplating finishing this process for Peniley and Hinojosa by February 1st, for no particular reason, really, but if you make an effort not to scroll down this blog, you will be forgiven for not noticing that I am Blacker than Ewe, just like that Île-de-France Authority fellow who caught me without that STEIN’s Burnt (champagne) Cork on my face… must have been the light on that damn Wabbit.

³~. Any how, Reverend Al, getting back to the SAMALAYUCA/TANKS international line, Alicia had just stepped out of the Plane and into the Heat of Montana Avenue and she wanted to know about the where to go and what to do in the region besides “Chico’s Tacos” or “las maquilas de cristal²“.

²~. Carlos Fuentes, “La Frontera de Cristal“:
https ://archive .org /stream /La Frontera De Cristal Carlos Fuentes /LaFronteraDeCristal _djvu .txt

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