Hola Marianne… i lost the count, but may I, Armando Segovia, have the next dance?

Hey, Marianne… i really don’t have any other moves to practice with you during our Vals or Waltz later today, but for all that has been said and done concerning the past 4 years — here’s looking at Le IHEAL: centro de indoctrinación:

El Cívismo, don Andrés, por el 4to o el  5to año de primaria comienza y, es secular, apartidista, y sobre todas las cosas, parte del presupueso escolar…

Dr. John Mill Ackerman (presente)… asignado al próximo Centro de Propaganda Política Mexicana… o algo así.

The Atlantic and The Nation must be proud, but personally, i wish to see what kind of paraphernalia the Energy Sector is going to dole out, and what kind of cumbias are going to welcome Elba back to ”El Sindicato”.

Viva México!
Y si nos dejan,
we [the staff] will be watching.

La Función Pública, is now (once again) “just a Family Tradition”… lejos del acomodo y del Ne•Po•Tis•Mo, —of course.

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