Another One Bites The D.U.S.T. with Juliannie Tatelbaum

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Smile 🙂 Key word here is A DIET en Inglés y, DIETA en Espagnol… and this Cousin Joseph is our Pilates episode of: Adventures in Anagrams, which the staff titled “Contrology”. Episode One focuses on Fiscal Transformation… ISSY, I’D EAT D.A.T., indeed, S.I.R.E.N.E., in–deed.

In Local news, según El Mundo de Le Monde, mientras los EEUU se desgarran las prendas para retirar la SUBVENCIÓN de equipo y herramientas de GUERRA a departamentos de policía en los Estados Unidos de América, La France is looking into the SUPER RICH (portfolios) to strengthen the social fabric of Marianne.

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The Rachel Maddow Show:

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In Case you missed, IT!

In Case you missed, IT! .::. 7485C04D-91D2-4C56-A061-97A34EA9604A 🗓 yy-ddd* = 20163 ⏳, and you can thank Donald John Trump for the shift in calendars, for the record, IT!, happened when POTUS 45 order the 82nd Airborne from The School of The Americas (Ft. Benning, GA) to cross the Potomac… or something like D.A.T. —_•!•_— As for the “Arts & Entertainment” chain of events that lead The Nation to have a moment of reckoning with it’s its violent past, the vast archives of Reality TV in the vaults of FOX and A&E, will now become prospective evidence on how to KNOT play “policias y ladrones” on national SYNDICATED entertainment Chains… back to you Alice.

Le journalisme est une science humaine, c’est pourquoi nous apprenons à reconnaître nos erreurs

… dédié au personnel de l’ambassade du Mexique en France, et aux bonnes personnes du groupe des 6ème et 7èmes dêpot à la préfecture de Cité (bureau).


Of course, Susana Puveda, tienes que tomar ese calendario ROMANO con un granito de SAL, or as Julius César told Vercingetorix: CAVEAT EMPTOR, « if you break it, You Buy IT! ».

9 minutes (years) of pleasure

9 minutes (years) of pleasure .::. FD142E18-F6E7-4B05-942E-0D76E1DE1FF8 🇦🇺 Moi, Aussi! “Eye Come From A Land Down Under, the Rio Grande 🇲🇽/🇺🇸.” Yee–oh soy Mantequilla! _ζ*-~-~-~-~ξ

Dear, Lorde Lorne… sorry öüï missed your call

Ladies in Gemini, we now return to our most non-consequential programming. As predicted the world did not end, but in the same week when the world cleared out all of the pollution from the most polluted (and beautiful) metropoles in the world the OIL Cartel, and fuck’n Mexico, reminded all of the world why clean air can go fuck itself. 


Le Monde du Mando Confiné follows

Le Monde du Mando Confiné follows .::. 5731C307-3056-4DB1-8747-37E3128C296E 3️⃣ Aussi, “Una de Piratas” chapter 2️⃣ explora a los “intelectuales del bronceado” y a “los eruditos de super mercado”, with your host FORREST GUMP… Musical Guest: Ricardo Arjona y los profetas falsificados.

Aussi, doña Vilma Fuentes is on the side of Donald John Trump and Jaime Bonilla (an old cacique gringo ruling Tijuana) is on the side of reason; y por si faltara más, Víctor Quintana is back in the pages of La Jornada… oh, the motherfucking humanity.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/04/11 /opinion /a03a1cul WHO the FUCK is Dr. Didier RAOULT? Asked Dr. Fugazi, in the role of Dr. Simonuci Fauci.


Ladies in Gemini, the following is a time delayed consequence of Mexico’s maquila industries being the low-paid bitches of NAFTA 2.0.

It's against the LAW

It’s Against The Small Print in the “Language of the (motherfucking) Law” .::. 8E1E27A8-37C0-483D-927D-64C45801AE56 ✍🏼 Now, before we even get into “the human thing to do here”, Professor Eddie Gloude Jr., please ask your “Telemundo” Kate del Castillo reporters over at “Little motherfucking Havana”, que por favor le refresquen a usted la memoria de los tratados del USmcA mejor conocido como el NAFTA 2.0 y, el nombre del sub secretario Jesús Seade, WHO claimed at the time of signing that particular deal that he was “blindsided by the language” in the small print, or in the details of WHAT MEXICO’s ROLE WOULD BE in the development and working relation of that deal, which as it was to be expected, Mexican Labor is the WHORE of the Anglo-Saxon patrón.

https ://www .politico .com /news /2019/12/15 /mexico-trade-deal-labor-enforcement-085200


But FOist, over at the Le Magazine du Monde en el Mundo de Le Monde de La France métropolitaine, Belgique, et Luxembourg (Nº 447 supplement au Monde Nº 23407/2000; Samedi 11 avril 2020) MARIEPierre Lannelongue presents the 15* gayest shutterbugs anulados; actually there are 16 of them, but page 61 is exempt because of “the little princess” subliminal reference of Mrs. Catellani in Olivia’s playgroung… and it ain’t no joke.

Captain Jack Sparrow said hello

Captain Jack Sparrow said hello .::. C9B9A482-BAE0-4718-A9EC-7217B6EF5895 🏴‍☠️ Listen up,
Pierre-Ange (63)
Jack (60)
Tim (69)
Jeremy (62)
Alexandre (68)
Oliver Hadlee (59),
David (67) 
Thurstan (65)
Paolo (56)
Karim (57)
Mario (54)
Wolfgang (58)
Drew (64)
Theo (66)
Jurgen (53)…
me la pelan.

Any güey 🆙 D.A.R.E. underneath D.A.T. door knob, Cousin Joe, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s just after midnight and this here (Kurwa Mać) is last weekend today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Dear, Lorde Lorne

Dear, Lorde Lorne .::. 2BFE2813-C744-4D89-86EE-1F4E5A45E85C 🍷 Don’t, for a motherfucking Red Red Wine moment think, D.A.T. öüï did not notice D.A.T. D.A.R.E. wine bottle with which you toasted your wedding mementos is not a screw-cap Mad Dog 2020, you cheap bastard! Break Out the Cork! Break Out the good stuff!!! This is not the time to be worried about my Michael Che drinking all of your Buen Vino reserves, c’mon Lorne… “Take a Walk on the Wine Side”.