Entonces, On Peut Comprendre that…

_back when Mick Jagger was all the rage in Amarillo, Texas, and John Scofield a figment in the imagination of Denis Soula concert promos at fip dot fr, —in the 1960’s — Alfred Picard’s effort to connect Napoleons’s handicapables with the Champs-Élysées was getting ready to turn 64 and, at the time, the real Faul McCartney had yet to take Cutie on a Taxi ride. At the time, also, there were some who wanted to shave a piece of the cartographie of La Ciudad de Paris and replace it en « la mancha urbana » with something else.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Le_Corbusier

Last Week Today, in 1965… Willa Jean at the Combo Stop on Route 66 —_-!-_— Over on the PIRATE RADIO grandchildren of the YESTERDAY station it’s Last Week To THEY, in 1965… Willa Jean at the Combo Stop on Route 66 reports.

And so, in the mind of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret’s « mass hallucination » trip with Bill Wymann of The Rolling Stones fame, LA FACHADA y LA NAVE that Henri Deglane designed in the last quinquennat of the XIX Century was considered by him as outdated and boring, “shave it down”, Le Corbuisier said.

Records at The Beaubourg reveal that the so-called “Le Corbusier” had become close with Andrew Odom via Bill Wymann, both of The Rolling Stones fame ; in those THEYS the « baby boomers » parents, —those motherfuckers— did not considered Le Corbusier’s behavior within the limits of a « mid-life crisis », so nobody in Évry paid any attention to Charles-Édouard « the loon », as Odom used to call him, when he mused with the possiblity to raze « Le » Grand Palais down and install something like a STUDIO 54 or a Rockefeller Rainbow Room, a place where TRS could develop their kick-ass sound system, which* is the only reason why Mick remains relevant after the POWER went out.


* as Faul McCartney stated during a Magical Mystery Tour, in The Philippines.

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