Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part Tree 🌴


In local news, it’s worst than I could ever have imagined, to call this propaganda, it would send Disquaire They to the 1920s and an Alpes Maritimes Putsch.

Earlier today 🇨🇵 French President, Emmanuel Macron, tried to emulate his Mexican homologue by Walking Aux Champs Elysées and just inconspicuously bumping into Vichy’s Youth in front of la rue Montaigne (where Mika Brzezinski buys her un⁰menºtionable-bles) and those motherfuckers busted a cover of NOFX’s version of 🎶🎶🎶 Aux Champs Elysées 🥁.

Shortly after that spectacle, AMLO (Mexico’s president) contacted Mr. Macron to challenge his punk-ass to pull that stunt, like he did last year during his toy-soldier parade.

She Came on Planet Claire, she dropped from a B-fifty—Tú.

C’est ainsi qu’a été vécue la marche menée par AMLO à Mexico

https ://www.lefigaro .fr /politique /macron-entonne-des-chants-pyreneens-a-paris-peu-apres-son-allocution-20230418

Emmanuel Macron sings a Pyrenean song in Paris, shortly after his speech

By Dinah Cohen and Henri Versluys

https ://www .lemonde .fr /international /article /2023/04/18 /why-do-people-in-the-us-die-at-a-younger-age

For the politically correct at Pen Club France, back in my day at the Mount Baldy scholastic circuit Chuck Berry’s sweet little sixteens were called “disco bunnies”, south of the border, however, they were called “quinceañeras”. So don’t go correlating Playboy™ or The Bill Maher Show with them “wabbit ears” and, the emoji that puts a tridimensional Asterisk on The Soul of America (sin acento) on this Tuesday in Paris.

Las Estúpidas Calaveritas (ahora en Inglés)

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/04/17 /clarence-thomas-disclosures-harlan-crow-respect/

And, Mara Gay… you, Madam, is adorable, but please relay to Eugene that coloration does not translates to correlation, and in the world of Armando Guadiana en Coahuila del Nazas, all that Juan can do about it is try to keep a straight face and not laugh about Mickey Mouse®.

Here’s the twist, Jeannie Thomas is the “donor’s” hot-wife and JUSTICE THOMAS is the « bull » on youporn.


And, Katty Kay… never mind Jonathan La Mire, but have Eye told Ewe that you look great in green? Any how, M. I. C. KAY you, why? DeSantis is little a fucking mouse.

¡Y ahora tócame la de los aguacates!


Context from the American imaginary nostalgia of French art centers and pretentious vernissages in Montreuil-sous-Bois for the Benefit Of Le Pen Club de France…

What A Wonderful World 🎹

… In Paris, France, Tuesday’s anti-GONE but in Hilo, Hawaii, the Japs just took over Manchuria, and Korea Town at the WB Ranch is fucked, Domo Arigato, Mr. Robot, like a cat from Japan 🗾

Kirk Lazarus productions présents: FILM NOIR AT THE BEAUBOURG, The Soul of America-na as VIEWED by FREDDY CATS action figures for Sweet Little Sixteen, and Black young teens.


Just Say No, and Eye quotes…

Nancy Reagan… and with That In Mind at the Vanderbilt Soulmeotics Laboratories, Ltd., heeeeeer’s Fernie:

Televisa presente.

Geo-Semiótica de los Derechos Humanos Revolucionar Humanismo @FBuenAbad

O como dice, B. A. Domínguez en El Alternativo de hoy,  “territorial semiotic consonance, i.e. geo-semiotics, in which the critical power of “Human Rights” is made visible in the territories and the need for a revolutionary humanist charter capable of revolutionizing humanism is also made visible.” What is the point of intelligent infrastructure built for a disconnected Third-World Epcot Center©️.

And, Cousin Joe, if Republicans in Missouri keep saying no to better choo-choo trains and best bridges you can thank Nancy Reagan’s contribution to the soul of America: just say no.

https ://www .businessinsider .fr /us /poll-americans-support-bidens-nontraditional-infrastructure-plan-cnbc-survey-2021-4

Por ejemplo, if someone points out:

— But, Mr. T, that pity that you feel for the foo’ with the crack pipe is a direct repercussion of the husband of that lady that you are exercising with.

you just, Say-No! — Stop it!… pass the biscuits, please.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/04/16 /cultura /gustavo-dudamel-nuevo-director-musical-de-la-opera-de-paris/

In Higher music… Somebody is going to be getting a lot of “bags o’shit” on the CDG/LAX 🛫shut-eye🛬.

And in Nantucket… Cousin Joe is securing the Mansion

Cousin Joe’s National
Lampoon’s Pandemic Vacation

At Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the prohibitively and tragically rich, are locking up the New American Castles. And of course, they (the rich fat cats) are depressed about it, while they haggle the wages of their unpaid gardeners and landscapers.

The Sole of America

The Sole of America is out of thread .::. 3924E658-BF80-4BE1-9BBD-CEED594CC708 🦠

In Military news, the U.S. Navy crucifies actual leaders and REWARDS psychopathic NAVY Seals for committing WAR CRIMES.

The Thread from Madrid

Dear, Acting Secretary of the Navy. Hon. Thomas B. Moldy …. Thomas B. Modly from O.H.I.O, please be advised that the following opinion paragraph must be read in a Captain Jack Sparrow’s father voice, and yes, —sir— D.A.T. D.A.R.E motherfucker is an actual Rolling Stone.


Indeed, “Qué bonitos son los hombres,” dijo el General Francisco Villa… independientemente del uniforme que ellos porten, and that is something that a toy soldier in boarding school will never understand or get; even if he was installed as Commander–in–Chief.

Now, then Mr. Moldy … Modly,  no one here at staff is questioning your service to the country, you sir, unlike that incompetent POTUS you call ‘boss’ are a former  U.S. Navy pilot, however, sir, let’s not forget the  spotlight incident that got you the position that you are currently warming the chair for, and by this we mean the next ACTUAL secretary of them floating fortresses that DONALD JOHN TRUMP, and you, sir, just compromised.

We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] are, however, questioning WHAT EVER HAPPENED to them “wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash, that Paul Bremer (N° 3) lost while toppling Saddam Hussein. You were the … wait for it, Eye is going to take a nap…

Man! that was one long nap. As we woke we heard D.A.T D.A.R.E. ‘black spy’, hey There, Nance, long time no see. How ’bout them pentagon boys, eh!? Sycophants at their best.

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, Dr. Jon Meachum is only slightly out of tune, here’s how:

It is not that the COVID–19 recognizes a “republican” governor across them Southern states, but rather, professor Meachum, D.A.T. the DEATH CULT of theUltra Rich” want the very—very poor dead. Why, sir, do you think that the MEGA churches are allowed to stay open? it’s a perfect opportunity for The preachers that hire Kanye West, to get them old nanas and grandpaws infected so that they (los fieles) send their money to Kenneth Copeland so that ‘he’ not Baby Jesus, anoint their Stay in Heaven.

All over the world is 20 past the Old hour

This is a Jon Meachum intermission, with special guest Blue Sweater Guy

Hoy no hubo noticia.

Kickstart my heart, as Pam goes so will the Swede.

Por mientras, otra variedad de inconformes, al parecer relacionados con La Academia, tienen restringido en estos momentos de las Cinco de la tarde una parte del transporte público de la ciudad, el BUS–95 a la loma del monte de los mártires esta tapado. ISSY, neta que ni Asterix, con una Poción Mágica, te saca de ese apuro.

Kiss and Cry, baby—kiss and cry now playing at Studio 105.

Dear, Pam à Marseille, the following must be read in an Ingo Montoya’s voice:

Hello, my name is Ingo Montoya, you Helped kill my Mother, prepare to Die.

Yeah, when reached for comment, Tommy Lee could only say that he did her “for rock and roll.” Most of the time, the Girls, Girls, Girls, “batteur” de las baquetas du les pilons de cet poulet, said, « Eye don’t think that she knew the meaning of half the causes that she jumped feet–first into. » In these daze we now live in, and with Alice Paul on page 101 of Jon Meacham’s ‘Soul of America’ pointing at the gates of president Wilson, Tommy « baguettes » went on to say that “blondes say the darnest things”.

”Yeah,” Lee went on to add that after what the “AT RISK” nations of a rising ocean said to the POLES in Poland, it’s obvious that the Bay Watch bombshell has got a case of The Stockholm blues; she’s « sans aucun doute » been taken hostage by the Color Yellow de los Piolines®️ de París.

TimeStamp: Veinte para la Onda veranera de las Sirenas en El Sena —in present tense.

Pam… Walk This way… Walk Thai’s way, GÜEY!!!

So hush little baby,
don’t you cry.


Later on The Thread of History: I’ve got the World on a String

TimeStamp: 01.29 in TOM Central Time,
casi esquina con Babylone, 75007.

Still to come: it’s misread lyrics at the BBC with Sessions Byrne. Synopsis, “Nevermind the Sex Pistols, and forget about Les Deplorables, here come The Incurables.”

Sin nickel no hay Les Paul
ni cuerdas para una Gibson…
The ballad of the Scottish doppelgänger.

News from les TOM’s (Territoire d’outre-mer de los franceçes), however, would put Turgot’s disciples at ease. Nickel extraction, it seems, will remain a part of the Frogs patrimony for years to come, or at least for the next 3 decades or so , when because of GLOBAL WARMING that part of the world will probably go the way of a recently disappeared tiny Japanese island named Esambe Hanakita Kojima, ruining with its future sunken demise the emerging South Korean “Honey Moon” tourism industry, which according to Wikipeadia is on the rise. Also on that same Wikipage, Did you know that it was the very French who went ahead and invented the concept of “Reservations”… and Sessions, we the staff are not talking about the kind of reservations that you might make arrangements for in order to propose to your significant other at a fancy restaurant; nope, not them kind of reservations, but the other kind of Reservations, such as the ones that once upon a time in the West [Wing] assigned a spot to live to the grandparents of “Idaho’s Hope”, Paulette Jordan 3️⃣… them kind of reservations.

Which begs the question: is there any place on this Blue Planet where the Frogs don’t have a marinade recipe for their legs… on the ground?


Los ingredientes:

1️⃣. Pg. 42, Chapter —ONE— of Jon Meacham’s The Soul of America: The Confidence of the Whole People.

2️⃣. Los Incurables… 42 rue Sèvres casi esquina con El Queso de Los Cuatro Hombres a un costado de Babilonia Famous Economists’ grave sites, N to Z.

Los Incurables de Babylone.

3️⃣. “Idaho’s hope” for better “French Fries”… Idaho’s Best. Paulette Jordan, via, Levin, Sam T, at The Guardian (from The U.K.) in Idaho.

Holy Maddow!!! She’s a night owl!!!

It’s High–noon, in Central NATO Time

Rumor has it, that Donnie Deutsch is unveiling a new concept in political ads that give voice to Al Sharpton’s democratic party, on tomorrow’s MorJo Show.

In just the past century, during WWI and after « … nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.* » a new Ku Klux Klan, boosted in part by the movie Killing Free Speech, and a labor union representing The U.S Border Patrol [who], took advantage of American anxiety to target brown babies.”
The Soul of America
pg. 12
Introduction: 2 hope rather than 2 fear.

In the Mean time, while PAC’s have the attention of accounts receivable and business development at MSNBC, extremists political ad’s from feller’s like the racist Union of the U.S. Border Patrol will have the attention of the morning breaks.

Y’aint seen nothing yet, just ask Katty Kay… coming to an Election near Ewe.

Check your Text messages, Cousin Joe,
Axios says that through that technology
fear mongering is going to arrive.

TimeStamp: Gerrymandering at the twenty minute mark before the 14 hundred hours re-hash hour.
… and still to come, Culture Wars out of the Box on the MoreJo Show. [13h45 CET].

piano man.

« *actually The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 », but anygüey, here’s the source for Mankind, let’s hope, Eddie Glaude, Jr., that in 14 days The [better] Soul of a Nation doesn’t plummet down into a cell, because that would be a terrible New “metaphor” for Mississippi:

And now… subservient Women who love the Southern Man, with your host, the daughter of the woman that the Southern Man loves to hate and wish to throw in a cell.

… please stand–by for context from Ms. Pelosi. Sister District Project is compiling “hot button issues”, it turns out “all politics are Loco,” or something like that.

… later on C-Span 3

It’s Misread Quotes from the Very Soul of América, with Jon Meacham©️.

Season 1, Pilot episode (an Introduction)
To Hope, [bob, en Espagnol] Rather Than To Fear… or some First Look like that.

… y al regresar, The Clash.

TimeStamp: Out of The Blues, with Scaggs… 20 para las 12.

Two weeks before the clash between Nancy Pelosi and “darker elements”, Willie “motherfunking” Geist has the Morning Off. He’s off to Puerto Vallarta to take a “motherfucking” Siesta… oh, the humanity.

Still to come on DW… Ze German ChaNel
The Story of Icarus (from the Middle East)

A Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia tries to Fly Like an Eagle…
silly Sheik, princes can’t fly.
Assasination is a Republican trait…
Just ask Caesar, said Erdogan, the Turk.

For the RECORD: Fuck Florida, unless Florida votes BLUE. This is how my Grand’ma spoke.

Fuck a Peach. — oh Hey, Mr. Meach… check out the Spirit of this Georgia soul

For the record*, Mr. Rogers for the History Channel on PBS, the following is what we [the staff] are talking about… no chill—none whatsoever!


Drivers From Other Nations

“Georgia recognizes unexpired driver’s licenses issued to and held by residents of other countries as long as the foreign license is unexpired. Generally, you may drive in Georgia for up to one year on an unexpired foreign license. Please note that in the case of a driver license issued by the driver’s licensing authority of a foreign country, a law officer may consult such person’s passport or visa to verify the validity of such license, if available¹.”

You, Cousin Joe, said it best… hold that thought, eh! —but “in the words of the great philosopher, Gladys Knight, of The Peeps fame”… “Fuck a peach, yes indeed—YES INDEED! Fuck a peach in the form of a no chill and without tact Georgia Cop. Go‘head, Dr. Get Paid, That’s the Soul of the American Jury system, eh. }—~~~\*> Earlier in the programming, at 06 hundred hours in I-75 Standard Time to be exact, the only thing that got between the two fellows inside the msnbc box was an « H »… and Ewe’all know what “they” say about the ‘aitch’, eh? It’s the victors who decide where the eight letter of the alphabet is going to be mutted or where the story is going to get a “His” sound… any güey the only thing separating the two talking heads in the frame above is that ‘History Jon’ doesn’t use the ‘aitch’ that Circus John uses as a nose.

“You do not need to apply for a Georgia license unless you become a resident of Georgia. If you become a resident, you must meet the following requirements for Identity, Citizenship and Residency. (ibid).

… and of course all media involved must understand that all of the screen grabs included in this entry represent a fair use of all media, however, the good thing about this blog is that neither CBC News nor the MSNBC’s follow the serial topics, the intermissions, nor the cross media tangents that complement a point that we [the staff] are trying to make. In this particular case, Mr. Meachum, how the Soul of America has no chill.  }—-~~~\*>Miles Davis, John Heilemman —and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard knew that, just ask the Wu–Tang Clan, eh! … in any case, God Bless this mess, called The U.S. of A., amen. 👮‍♀️

1. Georgia “driving services”, via: /r/news:

TimeStamp: 22 hundred hours in C.E.T.

Presque Le Canada… let’s get it On! — pura serendipia musical, eh! Eso es todo y nada más, porque lo bueno d’este blog es de que las Sirenas no siguen este blog y menos las inconsecuencias in my life.

Colonel Chris Matthews said it best on The Night Before the Aftermath of the no–show Don and the Cousin Huckabee Roast… (i did not know that the she-Wolf wolud follow the Cousin Joe MorJo show, eh) any güey, Mr. Meach, Mr Hardball said it best while sitting on the Washington Journal Party–line program:

Americans should stick to the LAWS THAT THEY WRITE,or something like that, of course he was saying it in the context of immigration reform, but Mika, darling, Interstate driving laws should also apply, it’s as if the French Republic, and the Republic of Texas would draw a Treaty regarding vehicular import for long term residents and then, a “milleuriste” at the Prefecture de Police, or a sycophant at the Department of Motor Vehicles would deny the registration permit because the local lobby of import/export shops worry about loosing money from the privately owned vehicles docking in… know what we [the staff] mean, Mr. Meach? That twisting of the law is part of the Spirt of each individual agency in charge, sadly, that type of selective restriction —on an individual basis— is what collectivelly feeds the system that it’s supposed to collectivelly regulate the Soul of a nation.

El balcón oportuno.

Oye, “The” Police… “Tráeme la noche” y de paso say hello to los Outlandos d’America y a Gordo [Sullivan], para el archivo, son las 23 horas del día 7 de mayo de la semana de la mudanza a Jerusalem.


Previously… on a Cinco de mayo day

—So, Mr. Meachum, Trump time in The U.S. is not really the worst that the country has had it as far as partisan politics go, fair enough, but tell us, has the U.S. ever been chill? Will it ever be?

The flawed amendment, the fundamentalist folklore, and the freebooter PUTUS... the freebooter POTUS! freebooter as in a looting President of the United States, not freebooter PUTUS, because that’s fake Latin for the racket or the pillaging of The Executive Branch of the American government, eh!

For the record, this is a TimeShift entry on account that in Tijuana it’s 23:50 hundred hours in San Diego—naval units and military time, eh!

Los juaristas represores… previously on a Cinco de mayo for Macron: … in Tijuana it’s 10:15 pm on the PST, and so the “fucking gringos” are still celebrating Cinco de mayo, meanwhile, en el Cerro de las Campanas (o por algún campo militar por allí, el Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto just made a reference to military academy graduates about the “tolerance” of Benito Juárez so–called followers, “  the juaristas

Hey there, Lulu!!! Good to hear Ewe’s back in town, we the staff had our pila a bit low y, por si faltara menos, el “WordPress” nos está causando estragos al no querer subir y bajar, y pues como TÚ comprenderas, esa es una de las funciones principales de Fenster the CopyEditor, la función de subir y de bajar buscando la coma que se pegó o aquél participio que se colgó, en fin LuLu, ahora al instante como sopa de letras enmarañadas con ramen noodles, pues, regresamos a la digresión for Mr. Meachum in the context of Real Time with Bill Maher, Season 16 Episode 14.

<*/~~~—{ 👈👉 }—~~~\*>

So, yes (Mr. Meachum)… we [the staff] were trying to come up with the words to express how in the middle of what must have been three Super Bowl stadiums filled with thousands of Macron revelers, protesting on the streets of Paris (mind you) only just four days after the “Black bloc’s” took their “barbecue” celebration to a Renault dealership and a McDonald’s® near the Austerlitz train station during the May Day parade, we [the staff] suddenly realized that for the most part, the economy surrounding the march was open for business, sure, some businesses did close their doors but it was clear that it was only for the duration of the procession, the seafood bistros, and the water holes left their products on “ICE” sort of speak as the manifestation passed by their store fronts.

But as we [the staff] mentioned on the entry before, or on the one before that, it wasn’t until we felt the urge to take a piss and recharge the phone that we went ahead and noticed that ‘Chez McDo’ on Boulevard Richard Lenoir was all prepped up as if Hurricane “Antifa” was going to ‘knock’ at their branch, heck the retreat was reminiscent of the siege at The U.S. Embassy in a city that used to be called SAIGON, hell; we even went around the block in search of the recreation of the “Helivac” scene at 22 Gia Long Street in a city that is now called Ho Chi Minh City I mean even the company seal was removed.

Now Mr. Meachum, contrast that with what the Police Chief told Reuters about the projected anti-GUN VIOLENCE manifestations set for the NRA National Convention in Dallas, Texas and what you said to Bill’o about how American Hysteria History “fits and starts” tended to get better when the country realized that it was not the President, that it was not congress – but protest and resistance that saved the Angels that gave America the DEEPER SHADE of SOUL… any güey “Meach” hold that mother fucking thought, ‘cus we gonna go look for Ray Barreto because context is going to link all the way to el proceso de Tatiana and the thing that Chris Matthews wishes to know, but that he already doesn’t already know—or some hardball pitch like that.

So stick around, because when we return, we [the staff] return it’s the bottom of the Third and Fernando Valenzuela is on the mound, and he’s about to hurl some wicked screwballs en el próximo capítulo de esta digression, eh!