Just Say No, and Eye quotes…

Nancy Reagan… and with That In Mind at the Vanderbilt Soulmeotics Laboratories, Ltd., heeeeeer’s Fernie:

Televisa presente.

Geo-Semiótica de los Derechos Humanos Revolucionar Humanismo @FBuenAbad

O como dice, B. A. Domínguez en El Alternativo de hoy,  “territorial semiotic consonance, i.e. geo-semiotics, in which the critical power of “Human Rights” is made visible in the territories and the need for a revolutionary humanist charter capable of revolutionizing humanism is also made visible.” What is the point of intelligent infrastructure built for a disconnected Third-World Epcot Center©️.

And, Cousin Joe, if Republicans in Missouri keep saying no to better choo-choo trains and best bridges you can thank Nancy Reagan’s contribution to the soul of America: just say no.

https ://www .businessinsider .fr /us /poll-americans-support-bidens-nontraditional-infrastructure-plan-cnbc-survey-2021-4

Por ejemplo, if someone points out:

— But, Mr. T, that pity that you feel for the foo’ with the crack pipe is a direct repercussion of the husband of that lady that you are exercising with.

you just, Say-No! — Stop it!… pass the biscuits, please.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/04/16 /cultura /gustavo-dudamel-nuevo-director-musical-de-la-opera-de-paris/

In Higher music… Somebody is going to be getting a lot of “bags o’shit” on the CDG/LAX 🛫shut-eye🛬.

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