All over the world is 20 past the Old hour

This is a Jon Meachum intermission, with special guest Blue Sweater Guy

Hoy no hubo noticia.

Kickstart my heart, as Pam goes so will the Swede.

Por mientras, otra variedad de inconformes, al parecer relacionados con La Academia, tienen restringido en estos momentos de las Cinco de la tarde una parte del transporte público de la ciudad, el BUS–95 a la loma del monte de los mártires esta tapado. ISSY, neta que ni Asterix, con una Poción Mágica, te saca de ese apuro.

Kiss and Cry, baby—kiss and cry now playing at Studio 105.

Dear, Pam à Marseille, the following must be read in an Ingo Montoya’s voice:

Hello, my name is Ingo Montoya, you Helped kill my Mother, prepare to Die.

Yeah, when reached for comment, Tommy Lee could only say that he did her “for rock and roll.” Most of the time, the Girls, Girls, Girls, “batteur” de las baquetas du les pilons de cet poulet, said, « Eye don’t think that she knew the meaning of half the causes that she jumped feet–first into. » In these daze we now live in, and with Alice Paul on page 101 of Jon Meacham’s ‘Soul of America’ pointing at the gates of president Wilson, Tommy « baguettes » went on to say that “blondes say the darnest things”.

”Yeah,” Lee went on to add that after what the “AT RISK” nations of a rising ocean said to the POLES in Poland, it’s obvious that the Bay Watch bombshell has got a case of The Stockholm blues; she’s « sans aucun doute » been taken hostage by the Color Yellow de los Piolines®️ de París.

TimeStamp: Veinte para la Onda veranera de las Sirenas en El Sena —in present tense.

Pam… Walk This way… Walk Thai’s way, GÜEY!!!

So hush little baby,
don’t you cry.


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