Later on The Thread of History: I’ve got the World on a String

TimeStamp: 01.29 in TOM Central Time,
casi esquina con Babylone, 75007.

Still to come: it’s misread lyrics at the BBC with Sessions Byrne. Synopsis, “Nevermind the Sex Pistols, and forget about Les Deplorables, here come The Incurables.”

Sin nickel no hay Les Paul
ni cuerdas para una Gibson…
The ballad of the Scottish doppelgänger.

News from les TOM’s (Territoire d’outre-mer de los franceçes), however, would put Turgot’s disciples at ease. Nickel extraction, it seems, will remain a part of the Frogs patrimony for years to come, or at least for the next 3 decades or so , when because of GLOBAL WARMING that part of the world will probably go the way of a recently disappeared tiny Japanese island named Esambe Hanakita Kojima, ruining with its future sunken demise the emerging South Korean “Honey Moon” tourism industry, which according to Wikipeadia is on the rise. Also on that same Wikipage, Did you know that it was the very French who went ahead and invented the concept of “Reservations”… and Sessions, we the staff are not talking about the kind of reservations that you might make arrangements for in order to propose to your significant other at a fancy restaurant; nope, not them kind of reservations, but the other kind of Reservations, such as the ones that once upon a time in the West [Wing] assigned a spot to live to the grandparents of “Idaho’s Hope”, Paulette Jordan 3️⃣… them kind of reservations.

Which begs the question: is there any place on this Blue Planet where the Frogs don’t have a marinade recipe for their legs… on the ground?


Los ingredientes:

1️⃣. Pg. 42, Chapter —ONE— of Jon Meacham’s The Soul of America: The Confidence of the Whole People.

2️⃣. Los Incurables… 42 rue Sèvres casi esquina con El Queso de Los Cuatro Hombres a un costado de Babilonia Famous Economists’ grave sites, N to Z.

Los Incurables de Babylone.

3️⃣. “Idaho’s hope” for better “French Fries”… Idaho’s Best. Paulette Jordan, via, Levin, Sam T, at The Guardian (from The U.K.) in Idaho.

Holy Maddow!!! She’s a night owl!!!

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