Previously… on a Cinco de mayo day

—So, Mr. Meachum, Trump time in The U.S. is not really the worst that the country has had it as far as partisan politics go, fair enough, but tell us, has the U.S. ever been chill? Will it ever be?

The flawed amendment, the fundamentalist folklore, and the freebooter PUTUS... the freebooter POTUS! freebooter as in a looting President of the United States, not freebooter PUTUS, because that’s fake Latin for the racket or the pillaging of The Executive Branch of the American government, eh!

For the record, this is a TimeShift entry on account that in Tijuana it’s 23:50 hundred hours in San Diego—naval units and military time, eh!

Los juaristas represores… previously on a Cinco de mayo for Macron: … in Tijuana it’s 10:15 pm on the PST, and so the “fucking gringos” are still celebrating Cinco de mayo, meanwhile, en el Cerro de las Campanas (o por algún campo militar por allí, el Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto just made a reference to military academy graduates about the “tolerance” of Benito Juárez so–called followers, “  the juaristas

Hey there, Lulu!!! Good to hear Ewe’s back in town, we the staff had our pila a bit low y, por si faltara menos, el “WordPress” nos está causando estragos al no querer subir y bajar, y pues como TÚ comprenderas, esa es una de las funciones principales de Fenster the CopyEditor, la función de subir y de bajar buscando la coma que se pegó o aquél participio que se colgó, en fin LuLu, ahora al instante como sopa de letras enmarañadas con ramen noodles, pues, regresamos a la digresión for Mr. Meachum in the context of Real Time with Bill Maher, Season 16 Episode 14.

<*/~~~—{ 👈👉 }—~~~\*>

So, yes (Mr. Meachum)… we [the staff] were trying to come up with the words to express how in the middle of what must have been three Super Bowl stadiums filled with thousands of Macron revelers, protesting on the streets of Paris (mind you) only just four days after the “Black bloc’s” took their “barbecue” celebration to a Renault dealership and a McDonald’s® near the Austerlitz train station during the May Day parade, we [the staff] suddenly realized that for the most part, the economy surrounding the march was open for business, sure, some businesses did close their doors but it was clear that it was only for the duration of the procession, the seafood bistros, and the water holes left their products on “ICE” sort of speak as the manifestation passed by their store fronts.

But as we [the staff] mentioned on the entry before, or on the one before that, it wasn’t until we felt the urge to take a piss and recharge the phone that we went ahead and noticed that ‘Chez McDo’ on Boulevard Richard Lenoir was all prepped up as if Hurricane “Antifa” was going to ‘knock’ at their branch, heck the retreat was reminiscent of the siege at The U.S. Embassy in a city that used to be called SAIGON, hell; we even went around the block in search of the recreation of the “Helivac” scene at 22 Gia Long Street in a city that is now called Ho Chi Minh City I mean even the company seal was removed.

Now Mr. Meachum, contrast that with what the Police Chief told Reuters about the projected anti-GUN VIOLENCE manifestations set for the NRA National Convention in Dallas, Texas and what you said to Bill’o about how American Hysteria History “fits and starts” tended to get better when the country realized that it was not the President, that it was not congress – but protest and resistance that saved the Angels that gave America the DEEPER SHADE of SOUL… any güey “Meach” hold that mother fucking thought, ‘cus we gonna go look for Ray Barreto because context is going to link all the way to el proceso de Tatiana and the thing that Chris Matthews wishes to know, but that he already doesn’t already know—or some hardball pitch like that.

So stick around, because when we return, we [the staff] return it’s the bottom of the Third and Fernando Valenzuela is on the mound, and he’s about to hurl some wicked screwballs en el próximo capítulo de esta digression, eh!



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