… later on C-Span 3

It’s Misread Quotes from the Very Soul of América, with Jon Meacham©️.

Season 1, Pilot episode (an Introduction)
To Hope, [bob, en Espagnol] Rather Than To Fear… or some First Look like that.

… y al regresar, The Clash.

TimeStamp: Out of The Blues, with Scaggs… 20 para las 12.

Two weeks before the clash between Nancy Pelosi and “darker elements”, Willie “motherfunking” Geist has the Morning Off. He’s off to Puerto Vallarta to take a “motherfucking” Siesta… oh, the humanity.

Still to come on DW… Ze German ChaNel
The Story of Icarus (from the Middle East)

A Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia tries to Fly Like an Eagle…
silly Sheik, princes can’t fly.
Assasination is a Republican trait…
Just ask Caesar, said Erdogan, the Turk.

For the RECORD: Fuck Florida, unless Florida votes BLUE. This is how my Grand’ma spoke.

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