Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part Tree 🌴


In local news, it’s worst than I could ever have imagined, to call this propaganda, it would send Disquaire They to the 1920s and an Alpes Maritimes Putsch.

Earlier today 🇨🇵 French President, Emmanuel Macron, tried to emulate his Mexican homologue by Walking Aux Champs Elysées and just inconspicuously bumping into Vichy’s Youth in front of la rue Montaigne (where Mika Brzezinski buys her un⁰menºtionable-bles) and those motherfuckers busted a cover of NOFX’s version of 🎶🎶🎶 Aux Champs Elysées 🥁.

Shortly after that spectacle, AMLO (Mexico’s president) contacted Mr. Macron to challenge his punk-ass to pull that stunt, like he did last year during his toy-soldier parade.

She Came on Planet Claire, she dropped from a B-fifty—Tú.

C’est ainsi qu’a été vécue la marche menée par AMLO à Mexico

https ://www.lefigaro .fr /politique /macron-entonne-des-chants-pyreneens-a-paris-peu-apres-son-allocution-20230418

Emmanuel Macron sings a Pyrenean song in Paris, shortly after his speech

By Dinah Cohen and Henri Versluys

https ://www .lemonde .fr /international /article /2023/04/18 /why-do-people-in-the-us-die-at-a-younger-age

For the politically correct at Pen Club France, back in my day at the Mount Baldy scholastic circuit Chuck Berry’s sweet little sixteens were called “disco bunnies”, south of the border, however, they were called “quinceañeras”. So don’t go correlating Playboy™ or The Bill Maher Show with them “wabbit ears” and, the emoji that puts a tridimensional Asterisk on The Soul of America (sin acento) on this Tuesday in Paris.

Las Estúpidas Calaveritas (ahora en Inglés)

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/04/17 /clarence-thomas-disclosures-harlan-crow-respect/

And, Mara Gay… you, Madam, is adorable, but please relay to Eugene that coloration does not translates to correlation, and in the world of Armando Guadiana en Coahuila del Nazas, all that Juan can do about it is try to keep a straight face and not laugh about Mickey Mouse®.

Here’s the twist, Jeannie Thomas is the “donor’s” hot-wife and JUSTICE THOMAS is the « bull » on youporn.


And, Katty Kay… never mind Jonathan La Mire, but have Eye told Ewe that you look great in green? Any how, M. I. C. KAY you, why? DeSantis is little a fucking mouse.

¡Y ahora tócame la de los aguacates!


Context from the American imaginary nostalgia of French art centers and pretentious vernissages in Montreuil-sous-Bois for the Benefit Of Le Pen Club de France…

What A Wonderful World 🎹

… In Paris, France, Tuesday’s anti-GONE but in Hilo, Hawaii, the Japs just took over Manchuria, and Korea Town at the WB Ranch is fucked, Domo Arigato, Mr. Robot, like a cat from Japan 🗾

Kirk Lazarus productions présents: FILM NOIR AT THE BEAUBOURG, The Soul of America-na as VIEWED by FREDDY CATS action figures for Sweet Little Sixteen, and Black young teens.


Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part Tú

It is Prime Rib in Hilo, Hawaii:

As you were, Güera…

Previously on, A New Edition (for Sophie Binet) SoFy, SoFy, Sofy, how many minutes did it take Jupiter to treat you like a patriarch who send sent your meal to the kids table, during a family reunion, or perhaps to Skid Road?

— What’s that, Mr. YourVain? Don’t speak out of turn you pretty son-of-a-bitch. Let The CGT figure this riddle out.

— Go on Ms. Binet, “who?”, as La Kerschovas with her wacky tobaccy on the introductory frame of this post said, to the Law Intern with a belt around her neck, “does Eye know in this VAST POLITICAL WASTELAND that would appreciate Bizet”, Melle. Binet? WHO, Ms. Binet—Who like Kerschovas appreciates Bizet. Answer the question.

Dépêche Toi, let’s go—Let’s GO.

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And, Kelly Covachita… En Once TV, “Pobres de Los Niños”

Breaking NEWS:

Disclaimer: Esto es un Simulacro de Tensión con “los enanitos verdes”…

https ://old .reddit .com /r /ThatsInsane/comments /td7ocf /ukraine_releases_edited_video_of_mock_attack_on/PARIS

LE BRANLY HAS LEFT THE QUAI… Palace de Justice à Saint–Ouen is Shattered.

The Mexican Army just bombed PANAME.

So, Kelly, the Putinescos are pulling a BORDERLINE NARRATIVE… coincidentally, this post is sponsored by El Jabón del Perro Agradecido y La GASOLINERIA de elDorado del Segundo Barrio, casi esquina con Concordia y las dunas del Poleo.

Fandanguillo de Turina.

And, Kelly CobiElla, (sorry about mispelling your name) anyhow, this is not a theme and any of THEE events described on this blog, even the one’s from that Old West Texas Town of El Paso, Ciudad Juárez and, Yavoriv — are entirely based on the Fictional Characters of the Original “South Park”, ese, called “El Chamizal”

En proceso n° 2367:

Our Gang — The Little Rascals… producto de El “Bienestar” de Ándres Manuel López Habra-Door.

Well, you’ve HO’id about “Alfalfa »… It’s Knot one of THOSE, this here is ‘Our Gang’ in Chiapas, and that’s PASTOJO in Bleu.

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /2022/03/11 /amlo-admite-que-escribio-comunicado-a-parlamento-europeo-no-pueden-faltarnos-al-respeto/

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /bleat

The following text was transliterated from BLEAT, which of course as Évry body knows is the sound that sheeps and goats make, —in English. For the Spanish TRANSLITERATION of this most important BÊLEMENT to the MEXICAN president just add an “ES” at the end of the BALIDO, as so: BLEATes.

“(¿Usted redactó este texto?) 
, en el viaje (a Chiapas). Con Jesús y otros compañeros”, 
reconoció AMLO.

https ://www .wordreference .com /es /translation .asp ?tranword =BALAR

Copia y Pasta³:
THE BIG PREMIERE, de gauche à droite, George ‘Spanky’ McFarland, Darla Hood, Robert Blake, (présenté comme Mickey Gubitosi), Shirley Coates, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, 1940.

³.~ https ://fr .alrm .pt /here-s-what-happened-kids-from-little-rascals -2020

MALOnna squeezes lunches from the little indian kids, from whom THAT MOTHERFUCKER drew the INSPIRATION to write his « Sheeple » manifesto to Strasbourg.