And in Washington… Nicolle redefines the promise of The Ark

It’s no longer an Arc, and it is now re-nomenclaturized to The Rainline, and she did, IT!, on Deadline. Prisms everywhere are concerned, with good reason because light benders everywhere don’t know what is going to happen to future re-mastered copies of The Dark Side of The Moon.

Un–curve your enthusiasm

Un–curve your enthusiasm 🏛EFCEC32F-E42E-4FC2-B852-20C4B81B0419 🏚 FLOTUS has done, IT!, again. In the final stretch of the Presidential Election the executive housewife joined forces with vice-president Pence and together those two confiscated the Rainbow and took it upon themselves [to prescribe to the optical mirage] a  straightening re-programming therapy in an effort to pander to the undecided “Kentuky kluky” vote. The FO’ist to complaint were The IRISH arguing that the first housewife has no right to fuck with and Eye quotes, “fuck Mí Lucky Charms”.

After the break it’s Time for “Super Mansions of The Rich”, the leading magazine for American-style castles trends. In this edition, P.M. Joy reviews Melania’s new executive STOREfront awnings.

But FO’ist:

Vámonos pues a “La Chingada
y que
Chingue a su madre
Pancho Villa y sus Duarades
de La Sorbonne

And In Mexico, Jacoff (it’s prönounced Jacob) Soberoff is traveling to Palenque, in the former Guatemalan territory that the most piss-on guest at the Cemetery of Montparnasse¹ in France (off-course) confiscated from the Chapines² (no-less) in the same fashion that Andrew Jackson made of Texas (in 1836)  an independent republic and later, (in 1845) James KNOX Polk would recognized The Lone Star as the mostexceptional and pampered” state of “a more perfect” RACIST Union. Come along, Avi Velshi, it’s the end of the official Summer (pandemic) of 2020Yeah Buddy!

https ://history .state .gov /countries /texas

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/09/04 /viaja-amlo-a-su-finca-en-palenque-chiapas -7459.html

Issy, doña Mueller de AMLO, ‘íjese que en Los Hilos de Hawaii, las tangas de Sasha se cruzan con los hilos de la Tia Tati Clouthier, en Santa Qtarina, off–course, y por estos lares son las 11 horas (en los dos meridianos del reloj) aunque usted, marchantita, no lo crea.

Intermission — At The Drive–In

Almost En Vivo.
Via Stream connection from:
El Callejón de Exportación
La Chingada Mesa de Otay

oh, hey Hallie Jackson, what’s up? Please relay to SFC Hunt, that as a background, Autumn looks swell on her.

—2nd Lieutenant Jacob Soborof:
Trump’s Wall, meant to keep immigrants out, today is drawing Mexicans as a tourist attraction.
—Sgt. First Class Kasie Hunt:
(Whispers into a “hot mic“) Oh, my God*

* What 2nd Lt. Soborof failed to take into consideration are, of course, his troop leading procedures, this is typical in  Sit-Reps coming over the net from buck-lieutenants (this is why the French invented Non-Commissioned Officers) and why SFC Hunt’s whisper is a Field-Manual (FM) knee-jerk reaction of a Platoon Sergeant recognizing when a fucking “Louie” shots from the hip, or John Wayne’s a scene…

Que no te haga BoBo, Jacobo:
Dear, Frank Figliuzzi… you forgot to mention the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division [insert playback of Law & Order’s signature gavel sound*] on Kasie’s segment about the U.S. Senate not being aware, we [the staff] repeat Not Being Aware that a considerable detachment of U.S. Military personnel are “Deployed” in Central Africa (Chad), in order to safeguard Timbuktu.

… if 2nd Lt. Soborof would have properly analyzed his terrain, and study the geographical characteristics of the region’s Cazicazgo Institucionalizado (Context for Sarah Chayes follows) he would know that his interviewees where scouting the “wall” prototypes because the Hank-Rohn Casino Caliente enterprise, is probably running numbers into the current “$400,000 U.S. maximum” bids of what are probably going to become DRIVE-IN screens, or some fucking art exposition where projections of fallen heros are to be shown in some fucking State Sponsored fair, or gala… or something like that.

The Prospector at UTEP is not going to let me lie, and if the Wetlands on the Eastside were left alone, Adriana Goméz Licón will surely let me know; or not.  Anygüey, President George Bush (part 2) might have been a “great” president (as compared to the current Nimrod  at The White House, but the no fence—some fence conceptual map is not a new thing. Just ask former Border Patrol Czar and ex 16th Congressional Representative, Sivestre Reyes, because it was under his watch that immigrant deaths on the Arizona Desert happened. My take in 2007 was that those deaths that happened were in part because Mr. Silvestre was for leaving that section of the border, “unfenced” (source on that follows)… flip the hour glass and a Halliburton subsidiary, under contract from the 2nd George W. Bush administration, had no problem following the plan of not running the “fence” through golf courses in Texas, which happened to lie next to the International Border Delimiter; homeowners at the “Chihuahuita” Barrio in El Paso, TX, had to put up with an eye-sore “fence” through their backyard (reminiscent of the Berlin Wall), and protected Wetlands —be damned!— because the “fence” had to pass through that habitat… so in recap: desert death traps for immigrants and Golf Courses (because you know, it would be an eye-sore for golfers, NO FENCE; Historical housing and  Protected Wetlands on the other hand, FENCE THE FUCK OUT OF ‘EM!… 2nd Lt. Soborof, do you know what a “fencer” is? A “fencer” is nothing more than a huckster—much like the 5-time draft-dodging President of ours…”So Sad,” so sad that he is in charge of decorating a true hero, Sad, “So Sad.”

Frequency Hop:

Sad, Very Sad indeed. We [the staff] express our deepest symphaty to the veteran receiving the Nation’s Highest Decoration from the little grubby hands of the Fencer-in-ChiefSad, So Sad.

Sources from the Field reveal that the reason for the negligent ignorance from our elected officials (on the African Theater of Operations) is due in part because of all the “wah-güa-hua-wa-ua“, background noise of “a four-star” General defending his boss’ decision to make an untimely and most inappropriate cellular phone call, to a soldier’s widow… Hey, Donald, you should have tweeted your hypocrisy and it would have been more emphatic, ‘cus we [the land of opportunity and melting pots] know how you “operate.”

General Browkaw, we admire your work, but with regards to today’s edition of Cousin Joe’s Show, we [the staff] are on Mika’s side… Source and context follows.

* Frank Figliuzzy, you must be one of those people, who like Sarah Silverman [and my ex-significant other] can’t get their eyelids shut without that dang-on gavel hitting a judge’s wooden coaster.

Dear, Mr. F… without counting or taking into consideration the Soup Sandwich Foreign Policy on the Chadian passport restrictions, and the lack of observation drones in real time on the terrain of operations, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK that field forensics in Central Africa, —one month after the fact— is going to return, “finger prints from a dropped cell phone, or a shell casing—a tire track???” —_— Image capture is courtesy of Kasie Hunt, Forensic Field Fantasy is courtesy of Mr. F… “and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill,” Henry The Horse, on the other hand, died years ago; being castrated at a tender age, Henry was a once in a lifetime act, for he left no little Henrys to follow his act.

TimeStamp: 0000 hours (after mid’nite) CET.


Eric Holder guest stars on TRMS.

Sources follow; we are out of juice. Please Stand-by.